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Nicaragua frees 222 political prisoners, sends t

birdseye 2023-02-09 19:26:51 

Nicaragua frees 222 political prisoners, sends them to U.S.

In a move that may signal a desire for rapprochement with the United States, Nicaragua released 222 political prisoners, who are being flown to Washington. It was a stunning turn of events for the small Central American nation, which for the last 16 years has been ruled by Daniel Ortega, a former leftist Sandinista revolutionary who helped overthrow the country's right-wing dictatorship in the 1970s.


Brerzerk 2023-02-09 23:10:09 

In reply to birdseye
They want to make sure they get a good slice of the $950m in 'Kamala's Plan' to stem migration

maj 2023-02-10 00:40:01 

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How many Tony Montanas on the list

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birdseye 2023-02-10 03:15:18 

In reply to maj Ana Navarro one of the hosts on the VIEW is from Nicaragua – she is afraid to go back to visit for fear President Ortega may put her in jail

maj 2023-02-10 03:41:44 

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She better stay her fat ass in Miami, Reps would luv for her Turncoat ass to take a vaca there

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