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Emir 2023-02-12 00:35:26 

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camos 2023-02-12 01:18:10 

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Dukes 2023-02-12 01:35:02 

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The ‘comfortable dwellings’ were called ‘logies,’ the dwellings recently vacated by slaves.

I remembered the term Logie so I went searching and found THIS

Emir 2023-02-12 05:44:15 

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Nice article.

maj 2023-02-12 15:30:22 

That's a $5000 apartment in!!

camos 2023-02-12 16:13:53 

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That's a $5000 apartment in!!

Man you are still bitter because you can't afford NYC! lol

Master_Blaster 2023-02-12 16:14:20 

Let's see who gets the last laugh you old racist, miserable prick.

In 3 , 5, 10 yrs.

BTW those houses of 600sq feet with enough land are 25k With two bedrooms bath, kitchen living room. They are starter homes for low income people v who owns nothing right now. They can then use it as collateral to apply for a loan to expand their homes or start a business.

But nuff alyuh so myopic and shortsighted that you cant see beyond your own prejudice

camos 2023-02-12 16:26:18 

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The site preparation is poor, we should try to avoid building new ghettos as housing solution.

maj 2023-02-12 19:51:43 

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Yeah that's closets are bigger than most NYC