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Super Bowl commercial watch

bdaTryangle 2023-02-13 15:36:59 

Anything memorable from this year's edition?

Drapsey 2023-02-13 16:21:18 

In reply to bdaTryangle

The Jesus ads.

bdaTryangle 2023-02-13 17:40:23 

In reply to Drapsey

I found that one super cringey. All the photos of conflict at protests in the US, then the message. Maybe it resonated with other viewers.

They had one with Diana Flores promoting women in (gridiron) football that I didn't see live but online today which I thought was well-executed.

Drapsey 2023-02-13 19:08:05 

In reply to bdaTryangle

Seriously, I liked the one about Temu. That's my favorite on-line vendor.