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2nd ODI... West Indies vs S.A.

Onionman0 2023-03-18 10:40:35 

West Indies (Playing XI): Kyle Mayers, Brandon King, Shamarh Brooks, Shai Hope(w/c), Nicholas Pooran, Rovman Powell, Jason Holder, Odean Smith, Yannic Cariah, Akeal Hosein, Alzarri Joseph

South Africa (Playing XI): Quinton de Kock(w), Temba Bavuma(c), Ryan Rickelton, Tony de Zorzi, Rassie van der Dussen, Tristan Stubbs, Marco Jansen, Bjorn Fortuin, Gerald Coetzee, Lungi Ngidi, Tabraiz Shamsi

West Indies have won the toss and have opted to bat

mikesiva 2023-03-18 10:56:48 

In reply to Onionman0

South Africa giving several debuts.

doosra 2023-03-18 10:58:37 

In reply to mikesiva

They have some good young limited overs prospects

Surprised they didn't pick t20 guy...ummm yea name now come Donovan Ferreira

Might see him in the 20s

mikesiva 2023-03-18 11:02:43 

In reply to doosra

Reeza Hendricks also out injured.

The Saffers have had their fair share of injuries.

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 11:04:24 

This is our best opportunity to win a match in SA. Come on men, you can win this!

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 11:06:51 

So King is Hope according to cricinfo lol.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 11:14:18 

Nuff no balls and wides

Chrissy 2023-03-18 11:18:15 

Nice Brandon - four and again

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 11:18:48 

In reply to Chrissy

I didn't realise that we were playing 3 tests against SA. The team strangely enough looks different wink.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 11:22:53 

Mayer’s pulls one fi four 21/0 after 4

doosra 2023-03-18 11:22:58 

In reply to Windiesfan78

This is the real test team? smile

JamMack 2023-03-18 11:24:15 

Shamsi going to be a handful.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 11:26:17 

Up and over - lovely Mayers
26/0 after 5

Chrissy 2023-03-18 11:28:58 

Big Six and dat Kyle and now four

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 11:30:32 

In reply to doosra

Yup big grin, interesting move to open with King. Hope is batting at #4. King is more aggressive as an opener. So far so good.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 11:30:42 

Edgy fouurrrrr. Now
41/0 after 6

Chrissy 2023-03-18 11:31:12 

In reply to Windiesfan78
Very good move

Chrissy 2023-03-18 11:32:48 

Nice Brandon four more

Real good start dis

mikesiva 2023-03-18 11:37:03 

In reply to Chrissy

Windies 50 up in the eighth over.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 11:38:04 

Allyuh looking good

56/0 after 7:3

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 11:39:01 

In reply to Chrissy

Early days but so far I'm pleased with what I'm seeing. It allows us to make better use of the first powerplay. Hope can anchor the innings while one of the openers is already set.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 11:39:03 

In reply to mikesiva
Brandon was playing club cricket - see why

Siiiix now fi Mayers

Chrissy 2023-03-18 11:40:53 

Wide and 4- 18 from di over
66/0 from 8

mikesiva 2023-03-18 11:42:20 

In reply to Windiesfan78

Mayers gives away a good start.

Mayers c Rickelton b Fortuin for 36 (26)

WI 67-1

This isn't t20 cricket. You need to bat for longer.

WIForever 2023-03-18 11:43:12 

Friggin long hop straight to the man.

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 11:43:33 

In reply to mikesiva


Chrissy 2023-03-18 11:43:57 

Mayers gives it away 36- tek a look first nuh.

Discourse 2023-03-18 11:45:33 

In reply to mikesiva

Yep, this isn’t t20. Once they recognise that but good start tho.

Seechy 2023-03-18 11:47:07 

So Chase didn't make the team but Brooks did? lol

Seechy 2023-03-18 11:48:09 

In reply to Seechy

Now Brooky gone for quack quack!

mikesiva 2023-03-18 11:48:14 

In reply to Seechy

Brooks bowled by Coetzee for a duck!

West Indies 71-2

WIForever 2023-03-18 11:48:17 


LBW375 2023-03-18 11:48:34 

There goes Brooks

Giving away a good start

Seechy 2023-03-18 11:50:04 

In reply to LBW375

Let's see Hope does at 4 as skippers and gloveman. Pooran needs to stand up too.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 11:50:15 

In reply to LBW375
Quack quack - stewwwwwps

Chrissy 2023-03-18 11:51:10 

71/2 after 10

mikesiva 2023-03-18 11:51:35 

In reply to Seechy

Who's the better ODI gloveman? Hope or Pooran?

Genuine question.

King b Fortuin for 30 (29)

WI 71-3

Chrissy 2023-03-18 11:52:43 

King departs now
Four runs three wickets

WIForever 2023-03-18 11:53:15 

Proper shyte start.

LBW375 2023-03-18 11:53:57 

Excellent run rate, giving away wickets

None of them were wicket taking deliveries

They all got themselves out

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 11:55:45 

Typical West Indies, another day, same crap! After such a solid start we once again find ways to mess things up.

JamMack 2023-03-18 11:55:54 

King of collapse, WI team. No pun intended.

WIForever 2023-03-18 11:55:59 

This Fontuin bowls pies.

doosra 2023-03-18 11:56:29 

In reply to WIForever

Bajans love pie big grin

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 11:58:59 

Time for Captain Hope to steady the ship before we float off course. big grin

Chrissy 2023-03-18 12:08:50 

98/3 after 14

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 12:09:18 

Question folks, is this a good batting pitch? I'm not watching the game.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 12:10:40 

In reply to Windiesfan78

Men have not been taught to play spin

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 12:11:27 

100 up in 14 overs, not bad at all if you forget about the wickets.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 12:11:30 

100 up- keep it up allyuh

velo 2023-03-18 12:11:36 

i'm not suprised you see what these people average brandon king averages early twenties and opening in a odi. brooks is hit and miss and mayers the same thing and powell is not any better. andy roberts is right to much hitters not enough batsmen

mikesiva 2023-03-18 12:11:55 

In reply to Windiesfan78

Looks like a very good batting strip.

Amateur running between the wicket from Hope and Pooran nearly resulted in a run out.

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 12:13:13 

In reply to Chrissy

Yup, one of this team's major problems. That's because a lot of our batters don't use their feet.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 12:13:47 

Fourrrrrr fi Hope from the free hit

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 12:14:34 

In reply to mikesiva

I figured so, hopefully we can still post a competitive score.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 12:20:43 

Fourrrrrr fi Hope
115/3 after 16

Chrissy 2023-03-18 12:28:06 

Fourrrrrrr fo Hope
50 partnership
Good going allyuh
127/3 after 18

LBW375 2023-03-18 12:29:53 

Hope look so good batting


I know he want to play test cricket, why can't he score consistently. Why can't his weaknesses get corrected ?

Chrissy 2023-03-18 12:30:45 

In reply to LBW375
I will never get it

Halliwell 2023-03-18 12:32:57 

Mark Nicolas can haul his tail! evil

Discourse 2023-03-18 12:40:26 

Nice six by hope off Shamsi

138/3 (20 ov)

Pooran is becoming reckless, still 30 to go guys.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 12:43:53 

In reply to Halliwell
Pretentious git - I detest him

148/3 after 22

Going well my side
Four more Nickypoo
152 now

Drapsey 2023-03-18 12:45:14 

Hold that pose, Czar Nichalos.

Looking good.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 12:45:58 

155/3 after 23

Discourse 2023-03-18 12:49:21 

Ok Pooran, that was sublime lol

shivnotout 2023-03-18 12:50:00 

In reply to Discourse

out Caught by van der Dussen!! Pooran c van der Dussen b Gerald Coetzee 39(41) [4s-5]

WI 157/4 (23.4)

Halliwell 2023-03-18 12:50:06 

In reply to Chrissy

NIcky throw way he wicket dey

MN like he see batsmen taking drinks breaks for the first time…stewwwps

Chrissy 2023-03-18 12:50:10 

Nickypoo gawn - good catch

WIForever 2023-03-18 12:50:46 

Go hard, get out Nicholas is out.
Nice 39. Middle period batting is his Achilles heel.

doosra 2023-03-18 12:51:38 

In reply to WIForever

Middle period batting is his Achilles heel.

you have to bat long to bat long...mek dat mek sense big grin

WIForever 2023-03-18 12:51:51 

Frustrating when you see a batsman set and nothing in the wicket.

Madmax 2023-03-18 12:53:25 

In reply to WIForever

That was on the cards for the last 10mins or so. He looked bored to the point of reckless. Men can’t concentrate for long periods, the constant diet of T20 has done irreversible damage to our players

doosra 2023-03-18 12:54:28 

In reply to Madmax

they do not know to bat long...3 dot balls is enough to make them bored

Chrissy 2023-03-18 12:58:30 

In reply to doosra

WIForever 2023-03-18 13:00:20 

Hope in the middle might be a good thing to temper and guide the ball smashers through the innings.

Drapsey 2023-03-18 13:03:25 

Now Sling switched to the PSL.


evil twisted twisted

Chrissy 2023-03-18 13:05:32 

Dropped Rovman gets a life - mek dem pay
172/4 from 27

Drapsey 2023-03-18 13:07:03 

In reply to Chrissy

At that scoring rate, that Rovman drop might be a good thing for the Saffies.

Madmax 2023-03-18 13:09:18 

In reply to doosra

Someone in here coined the phrase, mental midgets, how appropriate

Narper 2023-03-18 13:09:52 

WI 174/4 (2cool CRR: 6.21

Rovman Powell 7(15)
Shai Hope 47(54

Narper 2023-03-18 13:11:37 

666666666666666666666666666666666666666 Powell

WIForever 2023-03-18 13:12:49 

Rotate the strike Rovman.

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 13:15:20 

In reply to WIForever

I was just about to say this. The rotation of strike is a big problem for this team.

Narper 2023-03-18 13:18:32 

WI 184/4 (30) CRR: 6.13

Rovman Powell 13(23)
Shai Hope 49(5cool

Lungi Ngidi

Narper 2023-03-18 13:19:47 

Fortuin to Powell, FOUR, to deep backward point

Narper 2023-03-18 13:20:35 

Fortuin to Shai Hope, 1 run, strokes a tossed up delivery wide outside off to deep cover. Gets a single. Gets to his fifty. Has been a poised knock from him so far

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 13:21:30 

50 for Captain Hope, now to go for the big one. Come on lads, we should be looking to score over 300 runs!

Narper 2023-03-18 13:22:54 

WI 190/4 (31) CRR: 6.13

Shai Hope 50(60)
Rovman Powell 18(27)

Bjorn Fortuin

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 13:24:34 

Is Ngidi bowling that well? The run rate off his bowling is a miserly 3.60.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 13:27:38 

50 fi Cappo

Chrissy 2023-03-18 13:36:16 

200 up
Good going allyuh

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 13:37:13 

Run rate has fallen below 6 runs an over. Come on men, we need over 300 runs to be competitive.

Drapsey 2023-03-18 13:38:01 

The Saffies' plan is simple. Just keep Rovman on strike.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 13:38:19 

Big six dat Shai
211/4 after 35

Narper 2023-03-18 13:39:09 

Fortuin to Shai Hope, SIX, a little pause, waits on it, gets hold of the tossed up delivery and gets it over cover for a sixer. Such a fine hit

Chrissy 2023-03-18 13:39:46 

Siiix. fi Rovman and another

Narper 2023-03-18 13:40:14 

Ngidi to Powell, SIX, ho ho ho! That's brutal power on show. Was a short ball, Powell slams that off a forehand over long-off. A muscular flat-batted wham
Ngidi to Powell, SIX, and goes again, result the same. He is taking fences out of the equation. Was a fuller

Discourse 2023-03-18 13:43:22 

In reply to Chrissy

My word! t20 now start. lol

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 13:43:53 

This is more like it, enough of these 3 and 4 run overs!

Chrissy 2023-03-18 13:48:23 

236/4 after 37

Chrissy 2023-03-18 13:51:53 

Rovman gawn

Looks like 39 is a bad number today lol

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 13:52:05 

In reply to Chrissy

237/5, chopped on 4 short of 50 for Powell. That's an unfortunate end to his innings when he just started to get going.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 13:55:42 

239/5 after 38

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 13:57:13 

In reply to Chrissy

Truth is our line up has batting down to the last man. Still in a decent position to get over 300 runs.

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 14:01:57 

There are far too many dot balls at this stage of the game. We need to learn how to rotate the strike better.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 14:02:56 

242/5 after 40

Chrissy 2023-03-18 14:10:34 

250 up
Come allyuh I want 320

Chrissy 2023-03-18 14:11:43 

Siiiiiiix - lovely Shai

Narper 2023-03-18 14:12:03 

Fortuin to Shai Hope, SIX, to long-on

Narper 2023-03-18 14:12:58 

WI 262/5 (43) CRR: 6.09

Shai Hope 81(94)
Jason Holder 12(16)

Partnership: 25(34)

Chrissy 2023-03-18 14:13:10 

262/5 after 43

Chrissy 2023-03-18 14:14:21 

Siiiiiiix more fi Shai

Narper 2023-03-18 14:15:36 

Ngidi to Shai Hope, SIX, off-pace and the length delivery is in the slot, Shai Hope gets forward and lofts high and over long-off, again clears the fence

Chrissy 2023-03-18 14:15:54 

Four wides

Narper 2023-03-18 14:16:29 

Ngidi to Holder, 5 wides .horror delivery that. Way down leg and de Kock barely threatened to move too

tops 2023-03-18 14:18:41 

Thanks alyuh for the scores.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 14:21:09 

Holder out lbw

Narper 2023-03-18 14:22:16 

Shamsi to Holder, out Lbw!! Slower and turns in to the off-stump, Holder tries to reverse-sweep and is hit ont he left arm. South Africa have reviewed this for LBW. And what do we have here? It's three reds and Holder has to go. What a good review. It is arm before wicket. Similar to Sachin v McGrath in Adelaide 99. This is a regulation leggie which turns in and Holder is hit on the arm, and it's not bouncing too high to miss the stumps. Shamsi and the others are thrilled.

Holder lbw b Shamsi 15(20) [4s-1]

number09 2023-03-18 14:25:13 

why, why, why? holder

Chrissy 2023-03-18 14:26:50 

288/6 after 45
Come on Shai - mad dem
We are winning dis one

Narper 2023-03-18 14:27:09 

Shamsi to Shai Hope, SIX, in the slot as Shamsi tosses it up outside off and Shai Hope gets forward to launch this straight down the ground

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 14:27:17 

Just got back to check the score, 282/6 with 5 more overs to go isn't too shabby. We should be looking for 315 to 320 at the very least.

shivnotout 2023-03-18 14:27:40 

In reply to Narper

holder out ABW

It is arm before wicket. Similar to Sachin v McGrath in Adelaide 99.


camos 2023-03-18 14:27:40 

Hosein more likely than Smith or we dont need too many runs?

Chrissy 2023-03-18 14:27:52 

Hosein gawn

Narper 2023-03-18 14:28:17 

In reply to Chrissy

We are winning dis one

Depend on de Kock...if he stands up is trouble big grin

Narper 2023-03-18 14:28:35 

Gawn !!!!!!!!!!
Given out LBW and Akeal Hosein reviews.

Marco Jansen to Akeal Hosein, out Lbw!! Perfect yorker and it tails in to miss the bat and lands flush on the left boot. Given out LBW and Akeal Hosein takes the review. No bat and three reds. South Africa keep taking wickets.

Akeal Hosein lbw b Marco Jansen 2(4)

JOJO 2023-03-18 14:30:44 

big grin Something wrong with ball-tracking. There is no way one would expect the ball to straighten to that extent based on the angle of delivery.

Discourse 2023-03-18 14:32:18 

In reply to JOJO

That ball tracking was manipulated surely.

Narper 2023-03-18 14:32:38 

In reply to JOJO
That was crazy....

Narper 2023-03-18 14:33:47 

Marco Jansen to Shai Hope, 2 runs, short ball, at the hips, Shai Hope looks to pull and mistimes it fine to fine leg for a couple of runs. That was not controlled. Moves to 97

Narper 2023-03-18 14:34:49 

WI 292/7 (46) CRR: 6.35

Shai Hope 98(102)
Odean Smith 1(2

Chrissy 2023-03-18 14:35:52 

Stewwwwps Smith gawn

Narper 2023-03-18 14:36:07 

Shamsi to Odean Smith, THATS OUT!! Bowled!!

Shamsi to Odean Smith, out Bowled!! Tossed up ball, the batter misses the line of the ball and has been clean bowled. He ended up playing the shot a little too early to be clean bowled. That's another important strike for SA.

Odean Smith b Shamsi 1(3)

Narper 2023-03-18 14:38:48 

TON for Hope

Shamsi to Shai Hope, 1 run, and the skipper gets a ton! Buffalo Park is up and applauding. That was dragged short and pulled down to deep square for a single

Shai Hope 100[104

Chrissy 2023-03-18 14:38:56 

Great ton dat Shai- mad dem.
Come now we want 320

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 14:39:37 

In reply to shivnotout

I was wondering about this, first time I heard about arm before wicket.

Narper 2023-03-18 14:40:41 

WI 295/8 (47) CRR: 6.28

Alzarri Joseph 1(3)
Shai Hope 100(104)

Tabraiz Shamsi

Chrissy 2023-03-18 14:40:48 

300 up with a six from Shai

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 14:40:49 

Excellent knock from the skipper! 100 for Hope, well played captain!

Narper 2023-03-18 14:41:20 

Marco Jansen to Shai Hope, SIX, wow! This man has a wide array of shots. Was a length delivery, the batter backs away and lofts it to the left of the man at deep cover. A terrific inside out hit

300 up !!!!

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 14:41:37 


velo 2023-03-18 14:41:58 

There is always hope

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 14:42:44 

We need to ensure that we bat out the 50 overs.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 14:43:06 

Highest score for us in RSA
We are going to win dis

Narper 2023-03-18 14:43:57 

Marco Jansen to Alzarri Joseph, FOUR, to third man

Chrissy 2023-03-18 14:44:14 

310/8 after 48

Narper 2023-03-18 14:44:50 

WI 310/8 (4cool CRR: 6.46

Alzarri Joseph 5(5)
Shai Hope 111(10cool

Marco Jansen

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 14:46:08 

12 more runs should be the least in these final overs. COME ON LADS!

Narper 2023-03-18 14:46:20 


Shamsi to Alzarri Joseph, SIX, to deep mid-wicket

Narper 2023-03-18 14:48:43 

WI 319/8 (49) CRR: 6.51

Alzarri Joseph 12(9)
Shai Hope 113(110)

Tabraiz Shamsi

Narper 2023-03-18 14:49:38 

Lungi Ngidi [9.0-0-60-0] is back into the attack
Ngidi to Shai Hope, 2 runs, to long-off
Ngidi to Shai Hope, 2 runs, to long-off

Narper 2023-03-18 14:51:50 


Ngidi to Shai Hope, SIX, to long-on

Chrissy 2023-03-18 14:52:20 

Excellent my side- Aunty Chris is delighted 335 is more than I expected. lol lol lol

Narper 2023-03-18 14:52:37 


Ngidi to Shai Hope, FOUR, to deep backward point

Narper 2023-03-18 14:53:11 

WI 335/8 (50) CRR: 6.7

Shai Hope 128(115)
Alzarri Joseph 13(10)

Lungi Ngidi 10 0 76 0
Marco Jansen 10 1 77 1
Gerald Coetzee 10 0 57 3
Bjorn Fortuin 10 0 57 2
Tabraiz Shamsi 10 0 62 2

Narper 2023-03-18 15:01:53 

Shai Hope:
Decent score. Was a bit slow out there. I found it was difficult to start. I feel our bowlers have the ability to defend. I have the belief in myself. Regardless of my position. I feel if you can bat, can bat anywhere. I am just trusting my skills.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 15:45:13 

Stop dis crap bowling now

Drapsey 2023-03-18 15:48:14 

AlJo is bowling fast. cool

tops 2023-03-18 15:58:42 

In reply to Chrissy
Score pls?

topgear 2023-03-18 16:04:28 

In reply to tops

SA 76/1 from 8.4. deKock LBW (Umpires Call).

Chrissy 2023-03-18 16:04:38 

In reply to tops\\Di Koch gawn lbw

WICFan 2023-03-18 16:05:28 

In reply to Chrissy


Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 16:05:57 

Mayers gets the big fish De Kock lbw. 76/1

Narper 2023-03-18 16:12:41 

RSA 78/1 (10.1) CRR: 7.67 REQ: 6.48
South Africa need 258 runs

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 16:14:24 

If we can get Bavuma out cheaply and then take the next 8 cheaply we win this big grin.

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 16:20:01 

90/1 after 12 overs.

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 16:25:06 

97/1 after 13. Please West Indies, I beg of you, win this game for the fans. Don't let this record score be in vain.

Narper 2023-03-18 16:26:12 

Akeal Hosein to Rickelton, SIX, just enough! Rickelton gets away. He comes down the track and slogs across the line, more height than distance, Pooran at deep mid-wicket takes it but he has already stepped on the cushion with the ball in hand, tries to lob the ball back in, fails there as well

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 16:27:22 

105/1 after 14.

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 16:29:28 

50 for Bavuma with that 6 off Mayers. We need this man out!

Narper 2023-03-18 16:29:45 

Mayers to Bavuma, SIX, what a shot. Full outside off, Bavuma just lofts through the line and over extra-cover, sails away, fifty too for Bavuma

Narper 2023-03-18 16:30:29 

Mayers to Bavuma, FOUR, to backward square leg

Narper 2023-03-18 16:31:04 

RSA 116/1 (15) CRR: 7.73 REQ: 6.29
South Africa need 220 runs

Temba Bavuma 54(51)
Ryan Rickelton 12(13)

Kyle Mayers

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 16:33:47 

No reviews left, we are at the mercy of the umpires.

Narper 2023-03-18 16:35:50 

Akeal Hosein to Bavuma, FOUR, tossed up and Bavuma sees the flight and slogsweeps it to the deep mid-wicket fence, one bounce over the ropes

Narper 2023-03-18 16:36:06 

RSA 123/1 (16) CRR: 7.69 REQ: 6.26
South Africa need 213 runs

Temba Bavuma 59(55)
Ryan Rickelton 14(15)

Akeal Hosein

Narper 2023-03-18 16:40:19 

Yannic Cariah, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

Given out LBW. Rickelton reviews.

Cariah to Rickelton, out Lbw!! Good start for Cariah and West Indies. He gets Rickelton first ball. Nicely tossed up leggie on the stumps, hint of turn in, Rickelton gets forward to drive and misses, is hit on the back leg and the review is wasted as it is three reds. West Indies fight back with that wicket.

Rickelton lbw b Cariah 14(16) [6s-1]

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 16:41:18 

123/1 after 16. Current run rate, 7.68. If we cannot consistently get wickets and bowl out SA, this match is over cry.

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 16:43:01 

In reply to Narper


Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 16:44:26 


Narper 2023-03-18 16:45:48 

Cariah to de Zorzi, FOUR, oof! So unlucky Cariah there, it skids on from a good length and de Zorzi goes on the back foot to cut, the thick inside-edge runs away to the fine-leg fence. So easily could have dragged it back on and also so close to clipping pad first in front of all three

Narper 2023-03-18 16:48:32 

RSA 130/2 (17) CRR: 7.65 REQ: 6.24

South Africa need 206 runs

Temba Bavuma 60(57)
Tony de Zorzi 6(3)

Yannic Cariah

Courtesy 2023-03-18 16:49:28 

De real diabetes into the attack...Odean Smith.

big grin

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 16:50:15 

In reply to Courtesy

OD = runs truck

Narper 2023-03-18 16:54:23 

Odean Smith to de Zorzi, FOUR, slower ball and well down leg, short fine-leg was inside, de Zorzi sweeps it away to the fine-leg fence
Odean Smith to Bavuma, no ball, 1 run, short outside off, Bavuma forehands the cut wide of mid-off for one, Odean Smith has overstepped

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 16:55:44 

In reply to Narper

STUPSE!!!!!! Someone needs to work with OD on bowling a consistent line.

Drapsey 2023-03-18 16:56:25 

In reply to Narper

Odean Smith to de Zorzi, FOUR, slower ball and well down leg, short fine-leg was inside, de Zorzi sweeps it away to the fine-leg fence

Dem make it sound like Odean is a spin bowler. cool

Narper 2023-03-18 16:56:37 

Cariah to Bavuma, FOUR, lovely improvisation! Bends down, takes it on and reverse paddles the ball down past short third for a four

Drapsey 2023-03-18 16:58:02 

In reply to Courtesy

De real diabetes into the attack...Odean Smith.

Would be much better if they give Rovman a bowl.

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 16:59:02 

SA in the driver's seat. Unless there is a collapse, this done!

Narper 2023-03-18 16:59:10 

Cariah to Bavuma, FOUR, and slammed away for a four. Bad ball as Cariah missed the mark and Bavuma sent it aerially over short fine for a four. Was well hit over the infield

Narper 2023-03-18 16:59:49 

RSA 148/2 (19) CRR: 7.79 REQ: 6.06
South Africa need 188 runs

Temba Bavuma 70(64)
Tony de Zorzi 11(9)

Yannic Cariah

Narper 2023-03-18 17:04:10 

Odean Smith to Bavuma, SIX, is there a spring in his bat or what? Wow! That was pitched up, Bavuma gets under it and slams it on the up. Didn't hold back and that went well over the fence. The pint sized man means business

Narper 2023-03-18 17:04:29 

RSA 158/2 (20) CRR: 7.9 REQ: 5.93
South Africa need 178 runs

Temba Bavuma 77(67)
Tony de Zorzi 13(12)

Odean Smith

Narper 2023-03-18 17:05:41 

Cariah to de Zorzi, FOUR, drop kicks it over cover! Lovely shot by de Zorzi as he got hold of the delivery before putting it away

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 17:07:04 

We need a miracle to win this. 336 is being chased down with ease.

Drapsey 2023-03-18 17:09:07 

In reply to Narper

Let me finish ball 20.2 for you.

20.2 Cariah to de Zorzi, FOUR runs
Sliced over extra cover! Full ball outside off again, as he clears his front leg and goes aerial on the off side

Narper 2023-03-18 17:11:44 

Odean Smith to de Zorzi, FOUR, short, again, the batter eats into it. Slashes it past point and the crowd goes delirious as well. The man at point and sweeper cover were rendered impotent

Narper 2023-03-18 17:12:31 

Partnership: 51(37)

Odean Smith

Narper 2023-03-18 17:13:50 

Cariah to Bavuma, FOUR, that's a free meal of a delivery and Bavuma gobbles it down with a pull past short fine. That was dragged down

Drapsey 2023-03-18 17:14:14 


Narper 2023-03-18 17:15:09 

RSA 179/2 (23) CRR: 7.78 REQ: 5.81
South Africa need 157 runs

Temba Bavuma 87(7cool
Tony de Zorzi 24(19)

Yannic Cariah

Courtesy 2023-03-18 17:16:05 

Let me know when De Real Diabetes is out of the attack.

big grin

Drapsey 2023-03-18 17:17:12 

In reply to Courtesy

AlJo has replaced Odean.

Say thanks.

WIForever 2023-03-18 17:17:15 

Wood left right and center.

WIForever 2023-03-18 17:18:07 

Odean Smith is picked for his batting. He is a food truck to anyone with a bat.

Narper 2023-03-18 17:19:09 

RSA 182/2 (24) CRR: 7.58 REQ: 5.92
South Africa need 154 runs

Narper 2023-03-18 17:20:40 

Akeal Hosein [3.0-0-25-0] is back into the attack
Akeal Hosein to de Zorzi, 1 run, tossed up delivery, outside off, slapped down into the off-side for a single

Narper 2023-03-18 17:22:16 

Akeal Hosein to de Zorzi, out Bowled!! Well tossed up, the batter looks to clip it and misses. The ball slams into the sticks. Third one down. That's a huge blow and a needless one against the run of play. He was beaten in flight. The batter was drawn into a clip but just didn't cover the line of the bal

de Zorzi b Akeal Hosein 27(26) [4s-4]

Chrissy 2023-03-18 17:23:01 

In reply to Narper

Nice lol

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 17:23:01 

184/3, we need 7 more wickets and fast.

Narper 2023-03-18 17:24:31 

RSA 184/3 (24.4) CRR: 7.46 REQ: 6

South Africa need 152 runs

Temba Bavuma *89 [81

Rassie van der Dussen comes to the crease

Narper 2023-03-18 17:30:19 

RSA 190/3 (26) CRR: 7.31 REQ: 6.08
South Africa need 146 runs

Narper 2023-03-18 17:31:56 

Akeal Hosein to van der Dussen, FOUR, to deep backward point

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 17:33:09 

335 runs scored and the SA team is picking them off without breaking a sweat. Well above the run rate required with 7 wickets in hand. When will W.I be able to beat SA in South Africa?

Narper 2023-03-18 17:36:07 

RSA 198/3 (27) CRR: 7.33 REQ: 6
South Africa need 138 runs

emba Bavuma 95(85)
Rassie van der Dussen 8(10)

Akeal Hosein

doosra 2023-03-18 17:37:29 

look at Bavuma rotating

Chrissy 2023-03-18 17:39:13 

Gawn Al]o ct Brooks
Four down

Narper 2023-03-18 17:39:52 


Alzarri Joseph to van der Dussen, out Caught by Shamarh Brooks!! Banged in short, the batter looks to pull, gets a top-edge and has been taken at fine leg. Good take as he took a few backward paces to gobble that. Was banged in and van der Dussen was bever ready to pull it.

van der Dussen c Shamarh Brooks b Alzarri Joseph 8(11) [4s-1]

Narper 2023-03-18 17:41:19 

RSA 200/4 (27.3) CRR: 7.27 REQ: 6.04
South Africa need 136 runs

Temba Bavuma 96(86)

Tristan Stubbs, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Last 5 overs: 25 runs, 2 wkts

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 17:41:55 

200/4, Bavuma is still there unfortunately.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 17:47:53 

205/4 after 29

Narper 2023-03-18 17:48:41 

RSA 205/4 (29) CRR: 7.07 REQ: 6.24
South Africa need 131 runs

ristan Stubbs 3(7)
Temba Bavuma 98(89)

Akeal Hosein

Narper 2023-03-18 17:51:05 

Odean Smith to Tristan Stubbs, out Caught by Shai Hope!! The short ball has another victim. That was a short ball, the batter is too early into the shot and gets a massive top-edge. Tristan Stubbs is gutted. Wasn't a great ball but the batter is gone. He instantly put his head down and started walking

Tristan Stubbs c Shai Hope b Odean Smith 6(10)

Chrissy 2023-03-18 17:51:19 

Odean strikes'FIve down

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 17:52:41 

210/5, Bavuma is still there. He needs to go!!!!!

WIForever 2023-03-18 17:53:55 

So much tata this Odean bowls.

Narper 2023-03-18 17:54:07 

Odean Smith to Marco Jansen, FOUR, short ball, gets the thick edge and it flies down to third man for a four. That flew fine for Marco Jansen to get off the mark

Chrissy 2023-03-18 17:54:37 

Ton fi Temba. Tek a bow.

Narper 2023-03-18 17:55:26 

Akeal Hosein to Bavuma, 1 run, flatter one, outside off and punched into the off-side for a single! A 100 for Temba. A knock laden with class.

Temba Bavuma 100[92

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 17:55:49 

100 for Buvuma, the man is class.

Narper 2023-03-18 17:57:07 

Akeal Hosein to Marco Jansen, FOUR, and goes for the reverse. Gets it fine and the ball

camos 2023-03-18 17:57:52 

very critical stage need a wicket before 30 more is added.

Discourse 2023-03-18 17:58:22 

2 on trot against we.

Narper 2023-03-18 17:58:42 

RSA 221/5 (31) CRR: 7.13 REQ: 6.05
South Africa need 115 runs

Marco Jansen 10(6)
Temba Bavuma 100(92)

Akeal Hosein

Narper 2023-03-18 18:02:03 

Odean Smith to Marco Jansen, FOUR, to deep mid-wicket

velo 2023-03-18 18:03:25 

Smith does bowl rubbish he does just run up and bowl no plan

Chrissy 2023-03-18 18:05:45 

Wicked my side

We winning dis

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 18:06:14 


Chrissy 2023-03-18 18:08:03 

Seven down

WIForever 2023-03-18 18:08:14 

Shithound smith giggles on mis field. Geez.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 18:08:32 

In reply to Windiesfan78
Leff Bavuma - get di rest - this is ours

Narper 2023-03-18 18:08:34 

Akeal Hosein to Marco Jansen, out Caught by Powell!! A checked drive finds the man at long-on. The shot was baffling again. The batter danced down, never got to the pitch of the ball to find the man in the deep. Akeal Hosein gets them a vital wicket as SA are dented once again with their skipper losing out on another mate. The batter also didn't go full throttle as he never reached the pitch of the ball. Poor shot selection costs SA, again.

Marco Jansen c Powell b Akeal Hosein 17(14) [4s-3]

Narper 2023-03-18 18:09:03 

Now, Fortuin seems to be out stumpe
Akeal Hosein to Fortuin, out Stumped!! His shoulders dropped. There was a look of resignation on his face as the bails were whipped and he was right. He is out stumped. That was a tossed up delivery, turned away and beat the batter in flight. The keeper did the rest as the back foot never made it back in time. Akeal Hosein has his third

Fortuin st Shai Hope b Akeal Hosein 1(2)

RSA 231/7 (33) CRR: 7 REQ: 6.18

Chrissy 2023-03-18 18:09:26 


Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 18:09:45 

In reply to Chrissy

I want to believe we can but I don't trust our team.

Chrissy 2023-03-18 18:10:21 

We will not lose this series for the first time in 31 years

Come on my side lol lol

Chrissy 2023-03-18 18:10:46 

In reply to Windiesfan78
Dis done - they need 104 - we need three wickets - done, done done

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 18:10:57 

231/7, Bavuma is STILL there!

Narper 2023-03-18 18:12:49 

Jason Holder [5.0-1-26-0] is back into the attack
Holder to Bavuma, FOUR, has he decided to go for it? Bavuma slams the pull and sends it away from deep mid for a four. That was a poor ball and Bavuma hasn't put a foot wrong tonight

camos 2023-03-18 18:14:28 

In reply to Chrissy

you getting one right!

big grin

Chrissy 2023-03-18 18:16:17 

Run out

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 18:17:12 

In reply to camos

Until Bavuma is out I still think SA will win this.

Narper 2023-03-18 18:17:18 

OUT !!!!!!!!!!!
Holder to Bavuma, out Gerald Coetzee Run Out!! 1 run completed. This is poor cricket from SA. This time by the skipper himself. Gerald Coetzee is gone! Why did they need the second? Bavuma could have had the strike for the next over with a single. The non-striker also didn't ground his bat in. That didn't help either. SA have imploded. Windies now I feel would find it very hard to lose it from here. A quick finish might be on the cards as well. Unsmart cricket from the skipper this time.

Gerald Coetzee run out (Akeal Hosein/Odean Smith) 1(3)

WIForever 2023-03-18 18:17:34 

Well done Odean. I take it back. big grin big grin big grin

Chrissy 2023-03-18 18:17:48 

In reply to camos
Eight down
An important one. Bro a 336 chase on dis ground een happening.
Finally after 31 years we will not lose a 50 over series against RSA

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 18:18:11 

238/8, Bavuma is still there.

Narper 2023-03-18 18:19:14 

RSA 238/8 (34) CRR: 7 REQ: 6.12
South Africa need 98 runs

WIForever 2023-03-18 18:21:16 

Geez Ravi.

WIForever 2023-03-18 18:21:36 

Dropped. Akeal not happy.

Narper 2023-03-18 18:22:35 

Akeal Hosein to Bavuma, 1 run, and dropped! The man at deep mid got to it to his right and the ball bounced out of his hands. Just like some hot popcorn. Hard hands didn't help. They get a single only. That was tossed up, Bavuma went for the slog sweep and the man in the deep dropped it

Was dat Powell?

Narper 2023-03-18 18:23:39 

RSA 240/8 (35) CRR: 6.86 REQ: 6.4
South Africa need 96 runs in 90 balls

Lungi Ngidi 1(5)
Temba Bavuma 109(9cool

Akeal Hosein

Narper 2023-03-18 18:25:08 

Holder to Bavuma, SIX, short ball and hammered! Stood up tall and got hold of it to pull it over the square leg region for a sixer. Again the timing was superb. His highest ODI score now

JOJO 2023-03-18 18:26:38 

How could you be trying so hard to lose a game? Gosh!

Narper 2023-03-18 18:28:07 

RSA 252/8 (36) CRR: 7 REQ: 6
South Africa need 84 runs in 84 balls

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 18:28:36 

In reply to JOJO

This game is far from over, Bavuma is STILL there!

Narper 2023-03-18 18:30:39 

Akeal Hosein to Ngidi, whoa! Where did that come from Mr. Lungi? That was well tossed up and Ngidi swiped it across the line off the meat of the bat over deep mid. Clean hitting

Narper 2023-03-18 18:32:09 

RSA 259/8 (37) CRR: 7 REQ: 5.92

South Africa need 77 runs in 78 balls

Lungi Ngidi 8(11)
Temba Bavuma 120(104

Akeal Hosein

sudden 2023-03-18 18:33:11 

In reply to JOJO

More like sweet ass WI bowlers and dropsie fielders still there

Narper 2023-03-18 18:33:22 

Alzarri Joseph [6.0-0-47-1] is back into the attack
Alzarri Joseph to Bavuma, no run

Narper 2023-03-18 18:37:18 

RSA 260/8 (3cool CRR: 6.84 REQ: 6.33
South Africa need 76 runs in 72 balls

Lungi Ngidi 8(14)
Temba Bavuma 121(107)

Alzarri Joseph

Narper 2023-03-18 18:38:01 

Yannic Cariah [4.0-0-29-1] is back into the attack
Cariah to Bavuma, SIX, to long-onand down the ground for a sixer. Whatta superb hit. His batting has been pristine and so has been his timing. That was tossed up and Bavuma went down the ground

Cariah to Bavuma, SIX,his running might be questionable but his batting continues to be supreme. The bowler drops it short this tim

Cariah to Bavuma, SIX, to deep mid-wicket

Narper 2023-03-18 18:41:03 

RSA 278/8 (39) CRR: 7.13 REQ: 5.27
South Africa need 58 runs in 66 balls

Temba Bavuma 139(113)
Lungi Ngidi 8(14)

Yannic Cariah

Chrissy 2023-03-18 18:41:04 

Finish dis off allyuh - NOW

velo 2023-03-18 18:41:23 

Geez no way

Drapsey 2023-03-18 18:41:28 

Come on Captain Hope, you need to bowl out Odean.

Narper 2023-03-18 18:47:39 

Kyle Mayers [5.0-0-36-1] is back into the attack
Mayers to Bavuma, 1 run, backs away and chops the ball down into the off-side for a single as that was a length delivery outside off

WIForever 2023-03-18 18:49:20 

Ngidi looking like a proper bat.

Narper 2023-03-18 18:51:08 

RSA 286/8 (41) CRR: 6.98 REQ: 5.56
South Africa need 50 runs in 54 balls

Lungi Ngidi 11(22)
Temba Bavuma 144(117)

Kyle Mayers

Chrissy 2023-03-18 18:52:04 

Bavuma gawn - dis done lol lol lol

LBW375 2023-03-18 18:52:13 

Almost gave it away

Narper 2023-03-18 18:52:50 

Alzarri Joseph to Bavuma, out Caught by Shai Hope!! Temba 'Valiant' Bavuma is gone. The short ball has done it. Bavuma almost tried to snatch a win but it is a pity it won't be happening with his departure. The ONE MAN SHOW is over. Was a short ball, slower, down leg, the tennis ball like bounce induces the edge and the keeper takes it easily. The leap of joy from Alzarri Joseph says it all.

Bavuma c Shai Hope b Alzarri Joseph 144(11cool [4s-11 6s-7]

Narper 2023-03-18 18:55:52 

Alzarri Joseph to Shamsi, out Caught by Shai Hope!!

Shamsi c Shai Hope b Alzarri Joseph 0(2)

Narper 2023-03-18 18:56:06 

WI 335/8 (50)
RSA 287 (41.4) CRR: 6.89

West Indies won by 48 runs

Fall of Wickets
76-1 (Quinton de Kock, 8.4), 123-2 (Ryan Rickelton, 16.1), 184-3 (Tony de Zorzi, 24.4), 200-4 (Rassie van der Dussen, 27.3), 210-5 (Tristan Stubbs, 29.5), 229-6 (Marco Jansen, 32.3), 231-7 (Bjorn Fortuin, 32.6), 238-8 (Gerald Coetzee, 34), 287-9 (Temba Bavuma, 41.2), 287-10 (Tabraiz Shamsi, 41.4)

Alzarri Joseph 8.4 0 53 3
Jason Holder 7 1 45 0
Kyle Mayers 6 0 40 1
keal Hosein 10 0 59 3
Yannic Cariah 5 0 47 1
Odean Smith 5 0 40 1

Chrissy 2023-03-18 18:56:28 

Fabulous win my side lol lol

WIForever 2023-03-18 18:56:34 

Congrats WI.

WIForever 2023-03-18 18:58:44 

We can’t lose the series!

Overthrow 2023-03-18 18:59:06 

Well done WI. With batting performing, the bowlers can sustain and win for us. Thought Powell would cost us the game dropping a regulation catch.

Narper 2023-03-18 19:00:40 

In reply to Overthrow

I saw you in the pav....yuh tiefing a quick post here big grin

Congrats Asst coach

nat 2023-03-18 19:01:43 

omg finally a win cool

Overthrow 2023-03-18 19:24:16 

In reply to Narper

If I was in the pavilion, I woulda lash Powell with tamarind rod.

Mustwin 2023-03-18 19:55:08 

Great job!!!

Windiesfan78 2023-03-18 22:14:07 

This win felt like we won a major tournament. Congrats W.I on beating SA on their home soil in how many years. Even if we lose the next match, we can't lose the series. Any chance of a washout on Tuesday? lol

Chrissy 2023-03-18 22:34:01 

In reply to nat
Not just a win - we can’t lose the series - first time against the Saffies since 1992.
Now can we win it?

Cricket_101 2023-03-19 02:04:39 

Congrats boys… Nice win.