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Congratulations West Indies and Captain Hope

Slipfeeler 2023-03-18 20:32:04 

Great win West Indies, this is a very welcomed victory, for trust me, fans could not take another loss. You know when WI mess up we talk badly about them and Hope has had his share of cussing. So, we have to congratulate the team whenever they play well and big up Hope for playing such a splendid and captain innings. Well done, if we could only get him to play that type of innings for the test team, we could reverse the team’s propensity to lose.

positiveg 2023-03-18 21:29:36 

In reply to Slipfeeler

Quite true.
Congrats to the team. WI couldn't take another loss.

Slipfeeler 2023-03-18 21:53:14 

In reply to positiveg

Big up Hope and team

lb 2023-03-19 00:03:48 

Good to finally see a WI team on an intl field w players who are selected on merit only. At least most played with an urgency of the now. Team selection is every thing. Only time will tell. Congratulations for this very small first step of improved selection and congratulations for being competitive from start to finish. Well done for a change. Again only time will tell.

Slipfeeler 2023-03-19 00:58:53 

In reply to lb

That’s true, every player made the team on their own merit, no passengers on this team, so we might be able to get similar results from a test team selected on merit and not off-field reasons.

rillo 2023-03-19 02:56:44 

In reply to Slipfeeler

Hope is far and above the best batter in WI team. Braithwaite is up there but Hope is our hope if he is consistently picked by CWI on the test team at #3. The current
3-5 IS NOT consistent enough to help the openers.

Massy 2023-03-19 04:07:27 

In reply to rillo

Yes, Hope and Braithwaite are undoubtedly WI best batsmen.
However , despite Hope’s suspect to pace bowling they continue to bat him at the pivotal No 3 position. I said here repeated times that Hope should bat no higher than No 5 in Tests .
If Hope is to bat at No 5 he will not only be WI premier Test batsman but like in ODI one of the World’s best Test batsmen .
It is up to to the WI selectors to reinstate Hope in the WI Test team batting no higher than No 5.

Slipfeeler 2023-03-19 13:23:11 

In reply to Massy

I must concede, it seems that Hope has matured since his early test cricket struggles and should be considered for reintroduction into the test set up, maybe also adding allrounder Keemo, to assist our winless test team. Also, if we could get Tage to step up his game, with both he and Hope playing anchoring roles, similar to the one Hope played yesterday. Then this would certainly augment any West Indies runs total as a team and increase our chances of winning any test match, assuming the remaining batsmen and our bowlers also step up consistently.

Slipfeeler 2023-03-19 13:28:19 

With that been said, you know Slippy has to point out that while there seems to be recent upward batting trend performances from Hope and Braithwaite but in terms of actual test batting statistics, Bonner is still West Indies best batsman and he needs to return to the test team.

velo 2023-03-19 14:34:37 

In reply to Slipfeeler

big grin big grinthe man can't even mek 20 for jamaica

Slipfeeler 2023-03-19 18:56:45 

I was waiting for you to point that out and I will gladly point out to you that Bonner has a higher test average than his regional average, that’s because some players excel in test and international cricket than regionals, so I am not surprised by his regional showing. There are many regional bullies who cannot buy any runs in test cricket, there is a long list of such players.
big grin big grin big grin