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Comparing Oz defence with WI's vs SA

Hendra 2023-03-22 17:08:38 

Windies took the field like a ramshackled bunch of guys collected from the streets. who had no plan on how they would have defended the 260 runs.
The bowling was wayward for the most part, the fielding was piss poor, even the vice captain appeared as though he was not prepared to b on the playing field brecause of the multiplicity of school boy errors he committed.

The bowling was so shockingly poor that it was the worse bowling exhibition I'd ever seen by WI in a One Dayer. It was embarrassing but even more, i was painful to watch. It was obvious that two of the players in ODean Smith and Cariah, did not belong at that level because Either of them will singlehandedly lose a match for the team no matter how many runs the team has scored - they're that expensive with the ball.

Fast forward to the Oz match against India today. Given a target of 270 which was just 9 runs more than what WI scored, the Australian players came onto the field pumped and ready to fight for their country to the very end.
Except for Starc who had an off day, all the other bowlers were keyed in and gave nothing away. The fielders gave their full support by gobbling any catch that came their way and diving full length while stretching every sinew in them to save a run.I was like they were forever conscious that one run saved could b the difference victory and defeat. It was indeed la joy to watch the effort put in by every member of the team as they fought tooth and nail to achieve victory for their country - and Oh how well they did it!!

And I kept wondering (during the match) why is our team so sloppy; what is needed to get our guys to put on sa Oz-like performance like we saw today

PalsofMine 2023-03-22 19:41:21 

you have to conclude that playing for WI is not incentive enough for a lot of the guys. It is probably just viewed as a rest between professional leagues. I agree that it was an extremely forgettable performance ranking with our performance in the T20 World Series. I dont exepct much better in the upcoming T20 series as SA already has the measure of the team in white ball cricket.

Hendra 2023-03-23 00:44:53 

[b]In reply to PalsofMine[/b
It's now glaringly clear that when we win the off match, it's a fluke that happens when the other team is having an offday

hotarobin 2023-03-23 01:53:39 

In reply to Hendra

in other words SA lost the match...West Indies didn't win it!!

there is absolutely NOTHING, no bright spark, no hope for West Indies cricket at this point in time..

Chrissy 2023-03-23 12:15:10 

In reply to Hendra
Compare the stats of the players as well

Hendra 2023-03-24 01:06:20 

[b]In reply to hotarobin[/b
Its obvious why so many fans have lost interest in WI cricket. They will have to start winning with some consistency if local fans are to start returning to the stadia