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CLASS of 2016 has another one

Dukes 2023-03-24 16:30:26 

Congratulations to Tevin Imlach on scoring his maiden ton in first class cricket.Tevin who was in the World Cup winning WI Under 19 squad in 2016 is from my club DCC.
Imlach joins Shimron Hetmyer,Kacey Carty,Jyd Goolie and Keemo Paul who have done so before.Thus far 6 of those players from that squad have represented the full WI team in either red or white ball cricket,Alzharry Joseph,Keemo Paul,Chemar Holder,Kacey Carty,Obed McCoy and Shimron Hetmyer.
Tevin Imlach is on the radar of the CWI selectors having been selected last year to play two matches for WI A against Bangladesh.
Keep going young man.

BTW he is one of the fittest men in the Guyana squad with an insane yo-yo test result.

Onionman0 2023-03-24 16:38:02 

In reply to Dukes

Absolutely.... Congratulations..many more to come......Jyd Goolie is another one....but unfortunately, T & T hasn't given him proper opportunities....

Dukes 2023-03-24 16:40:10 

In reply to Onionman0

I was just about to add Goolie and also McCoy

TanteMerle 2023-03-24 16:44:41 

In reply to Dukes

Congrats to the yute.

I pray for his many fruitful returns.

WIfan26 2023-03-24 16:45:50 

In reply to Dukes

Indeed congrats Imlach!!!

Add Odean Smith to that list as well!!!

Hopefully Kallicharan and Stewart could come good one day as well!!!

Overthrow 2023-03-24 16:59:38 

Talent rising to the top. Many on this board have been advocating for Imlach, Carty and Anthanaze. Like Goolie, he has to score when he gets a start and more consistently. Make use of opportunities. Also needs to improve in the field, he appears to be slow in the field.

Windiesfan78 2023-03-24 17:09:44 

There is a reason why the 2016 team won the U19 Cricket World Cup. I remember Bish speaking highly of many of the players and about getting them into playing for the West Indies. It is always good to see the youth taking the next step. Congrats to him.

Massy 2023-03-24 17:35:15 

In reply to WIfan26

I’m baffled as to why Kirstin Kalicharran is not playing for Trinidad .
He was one of the stars during the 2016 World Cup winning squad .
He is a gifted batsman and a more than useful leg spinner / google bowler .
Can someone living in Trinidad please give us some update on him ?

doosra 2023-03-24 17:36:09 

In reply to Massy

he's not played a single FC match

strange indeed

what is the news from on the ground in TT

Massy 2023-03-24 17:55:36 

[b]In reply to Dukes[/
We currently we do not play enough red ball cricket
Since Covid, our players have had very limited red ball cricket
This year more red ball is being played hence a proliferation of promising young players .
WI cricket will improve shortly .
We however have to remove the current chairman of selectors
Dr Clive Lloyd said that Dr Haynes got the wrong job for he should have instead been the batting coach .