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"With all due respect, Darren Sammy does not fit the job spec"

doosra 2023-05-14 21:07:45 

guess who seh suh big grin

With all due respect, Darren Sammy does not fit the job specification that is so organically required to take West Indies to international standards.
big grin

Halliwell 2023-05-14 21:10:12 

In reply to doosra

Ent Dukes the Great say CHECK THE REQUIREMENTS… lol

sudden 2023-05-14 21:25:58 

In reply to doosra

Shallow? big grin

Dukes 2023-05-15 00:53:32 

In reply to Halliwell

My friend U were wise to ignore that advice since CWI did just that.
They are good at forming Commissions and then promptly ignore the findings of said commission.

MAAN mek ah go and listen to the Cool Ruler and not tek on eediats like CWI

tops 2023-05-15 08:29:01 

In reply to doosra

"With all due respect, Darren Sammy does not fit the job spec"

guess who seh suh

I was going to say GangaFan, but it's too early to B mean. lol lol 😃

doosra 2023-05-15 11:49:58 

In reply to tops

big grin a clue - gf died years before that statement was made

SnoopDog 2023-05-15 16:08:46 

In reply to doosra

Scammy is eminently qualified.

He can clap and hide at the same time.

bobby 2023-05-15 17:14:39 

It really doesn't matter. Changing the Coach changes nothing. All the problems that have been discussed here over and over for years, still exist.
Anyone who believes that Darren Sammy has a magic wand, is delusional.

Drapsey 2023-05-15 17:22:27 

In reply to bobby

Anyone who believes that Darren Sammy has a magic wand, is delusional.

Or at best, Shallow.

Castled 2023-05-15 21:07:30 

In reply to SnoopDog

lol lol

doosra 2023-05-20 01:57:26 

have we thrown the 'job specs' out of the window?

WIfan26 2023-05-20 02:07:01 

In reply to doosra

have we thrown the 'job specs' out of the window?

I thought we did that when Reifer started batting at No. 3!!!

anandgb 2023-05-20 02:08:39 

In reply to doosra


doosra 2023-05-20 02:10:43 

In reply to WIfan26

i am hearing things like qualified people failed at it before so why not

big grin

WIfan26 2023-05-20 02:12:20 

In reply to doosra

Well nah deh same thing with Sammy sku** lol
lol lol lol lol

doosra 2023-05-20 02:20:50 

the job specs

WIfan26 2023-05-20 02:28:18 

In reply to doosra

See how anthonyp link nah work them man literally threw that shit out the window lol

doosra 2023-05-20 02:29:01 

In reply to WIfan26

i am sure it is archived somewhere

Wasp 2023-05-20 11:52:25 

In reply to doosra

Matchstick said so many moons ago with Sammy should not be persist with thread......but Sammy out last him n land 2 world cups

We have seen more talented players within Sammy time....yes I agree
Buy Sammy seems to have something different in his attitude towards cricket...for him it's been all about playing the game and not necessarily the fame that came with it..

His rise to the captaincy was pretty irregular and so has been his journey cricket

How it ends now one knows

People don't decide their futures..its is their habit that determine their future

Castled 2023-05-20 16:32:41 

In reply to doosra

have we thrown the 'job specs' out of the window?

Scammy countless picks defy logic from windies cappo to tie head thingy thingy in paki . Surprise he's only 39 he's been to copious rodeos. lol

Scammy..A hard man fi dead

doosra 2023-05-20 17:07:59 

Sammy was appointed 1 of 3 independent directors of CWI in 2021

Walco 2023-05-20 18:08:49 

In reply to doosra
I'm wondering who told Sammy to ignore the required job qualifications and apply for the CWI coaching job anyway. And how do all of the Level 3 coaches in the region who applied for and did not get the job feel? Ambrose comes to mind.

I wish Sammy well, but CWI did not do him any favors here. BTW, I happy Ottis did not take that job again smile

camos 2023-05-20 19:39:10 

In reply to Walco

I wish Sammy well, but CWI did not do him any favors here

Every move he makes will be second guessed, he will have overwhelming success or massive failures ,given the mix of things I suspect the latter.

Wasp 2023-05-20 20:36:43 

In reply to camos

Any man who don't fall in line will

All better be prepared

Chrissy 2023-05-20 21:19:33 

In reply to doosra
Have you noticed that I have had not one word to say re his appointment

Walco 2023-05-21 16:39:05 

In reply to Chrissy
Silence equals consent/approval? smile

sudden 2023-05-21 16:41:03 

In reply to Walco

big grin

TheTrail 2023-05-22 01:40:22 

You go, Sammy!!!

Is this the final nail in DM Bravo's "coffin"????

Wasn't this one of Skerritt's parting shots?

lol lol lol

Wally-1 2023-05-22 12:47:54 

In reply to doosra

guess who seh suh

Lol! I can surprisingly pull a Shaggy on this one, didn't realize that Shaggy could one day become a verb though.

In a nutshell, it wasn't me because you don't have to be a good player to become a great coach, matter of fact, Sammy is exceeding qualified at asking players to do the things he cannot do. As a result, we should give him a chance here.

natty_forever 2023-05-22 13:36:10 

Had enough qualifications, need results!

doosra 2023-05-25 13:20:56 

In reply to Halliwell

to be sure, it wasn't the good Dr. big grin

Walco 2023-05-25 13:45:41 

In reply to doosra

guess who seh suh

And yuh going after Courtesy here? Man doosie it come like you are the new message board archivist now smile

doosra 2023-05-25 13:52:28 

In reply to Walco

i am not going after anyone, Counsel big grin