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An all-time great returns!!!

VIX 2023-05-24 22:46:49 

The most talented WI errrr..bowler since Ambrose is back!!

tek that haters! evil

WIfan26 2023-05-24 22:52:51 

In reply to VIX

Yayyyy hoping for the day that Sunil "P" Narine does the same and comes back for WI!!!

Maybe Sammy can get it done all we've gotten so far were WhatsApp messages from Pooran!!!

Brerzerk 2023-05-25 00:12:08 


XDFIX 2023-05-25 01:36:45 

Once a flinger always a flinger!

Narper 2023-05-25 19:25:14 

In reply to VIX
Shah Rukh Khan's TKR will surely snap him up AGAIN big grin