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Cavalier players robbed at Sabina Park

FanAttick 2023-05-27 02:19:58 

Thieves robbed them of their belongings from their dressing room during a football match currently in progress


Tonight’s Lynk Cup final was a loss in more than one way for Cavalier, who were beaten 2-0 by Portmore United at Sabina Park, after their changing room was broken into and valuables stolen.

The Rudolph Speid-coached team returned to their dressing room at the half-time break to find the room ransacked and valuables missing, including phones, money, footwear and car keys.

Cavalier trailed 1-0 at half time, courtesy of a Chevaughn Walsh goal in the 35th minute.
Cavalier’s loss was sealed in the second half with Lamar Walker’s 63rd-minute strike.
Portmore took home a cash prize of $1.65 million, while Cavalier received $1,450,000.

birdseye 2023-05-27 02:46:16 

In reply to FanAttick Wow! that's all i can say

Headley 2023-05-27 02:47:16 

In reply to FanAttick

Happens too often at Bina changing rooms to be chance.

The guys at the carpark across the road will take your 4 tyres and kindly leave your car on blocks.

nitro 2023-05-27 03:27:28 

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Brerzerk 2023-05-27 04:19:55 

Cry-worthy, so shameful

Chrissy 2023-05-27 12:22:04 

Why are the cameras only on for cricket?
Where is the security?

Crime in dis place is everywhere these days while di biggest criminals give demselves a 214% pay raise.