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Women’s football World Cup

Chrissy 2023-07-20 14:50:25 

Is off and running

nitro 2023-07-20 16:48:00 

Go Reggae Girlz! lol

Chrissy 2023-07-20 22:50:48 


birdseye 2023-07-21 02:17:06 

In reply to Chrissy

Jamaica Women's World Cup 2023 squad: Full team announced
With Manchester City's Bunny Shaw among their ranks, they certainly won't be lacking in the goals department, with the striker having bagged 55 times on the international stage in just 38 appearances. Should the Reggae Girlz hold out defensively, Shaw has the ability to pop up with a winner whenever needed. Don't rule them out just yet.
Jamaica are in World Cup Group F with France Brazil and Panama, their first World Cup fixture is against France on July 23 and below is their most recent 24-player team from April's friendlies, ahead of announcing their final World Cup

Link Text

mikesiva 2023-07-21 04:17:27 

In reply to Chrissy

New Zealand 1-0 Norway

Is that an upset?

Australia 1-0 Ireland
Canada 0-0 Nigeria

Halliwell 2023-07-21 07:30:56 

In reply to mikesiva

Very much an upset, NOR has a star studded line up
But alas like WI golden UB and dem, maybe was one World Cup too many and past their best

nitro 2023-07-21 10:55:33 

This is Jody Brown's world cup. cool
Good result Nigeria.

mikesiva 2023-07-22 11:03:58 

In reply to nitro

Canada 0-0 Nigeria
Philippines 0-2 Switzerland
Spain 3-0 Costa Rica
Japan 5-0 Zambia
England 1-0 Haiti

The Haitians had the Poms under quite a bit of pressure, but they weathered the storm, and it took a silly penalty to give them a narrow win.

camos 2023-07-22 11:11:10 

Haiti looks good against a good England.

Chrissy 2023-07-22 11:11:11 

USA v Vietnam 3-0

hubert 2023-07-22 11:18:33 

In reply to camos

Yes man. I watching..with just a bit more finish in the box, they would be more dangerous and the keeper
is wonderful keeping them in the game.

Yes, football takes over from cricket for now for ME. Been at it day and night.

big grin

hubert 2023-07-22 11:37:19 

England scrape thru with a 1-0..Haiti gave them some anxious moments and will
be no one's beaten stick going forward.

China Denmark next up on watch list. I am enjoying the women's game. It has come
a long way in a short time as World Cup entertainment.

CWWeekes 2023-07-22 11:47:53 

In reply to hubert

Been a fan since the 2011 edition when I was home sick.

Halliwell 2023-07-22 11:56:02 

In reply to hubert

Great effort by Haiti although an unfortunate result

Chrissy 2023-07-22 13:50:59 

What a rhatid goal dat fi Denmark although she did look offside.
Even di Commie lil shook up.

Chrissy 2023-07-22 13:55:38 

Denmark wins 1-0

hubert 2023-07-22 13:57:52 

In reply to CWWeekes

The women's games are rarely dull and pretty entertaining. Been a fan a long time.

hubert 2023-07-22 13:59:56 

In reply to Halliwell

Yes sir. Haiti ??? That country has the most problems of any in the world,I believe but
football has been a passion for them and both men and women are never to be counted out. Considering the
lack of resources and poverty , I marvel at what they have been able to produce.
Much to be admired there. Hope they continue to improve too.

hubert 2023-07-22 14:06:28 

In reply to Chrissy

Tough loss on China too but Denmark are deserving as they use a clear advantage ..height, to win this one.
I always like Asian teams and their constructive,lovely ball movement,boundless energy and
constructiveness on the field..(The Reggae Boyz should be watching and learning from them).
But the Koreans, Japanese,Chinese who will match any team with their ground game and cohesiveness,always
find themselves at a disadvantage in height as most opponents have much more tallet players who
always prove decisive against them in and around the 6 yard box.
That was some fine header to beat them too.
I was rooting for the Chinese women but it was not to be but they always pleasing to watch and are one
of the few countries to have a World Title to boot.
Love their play and hope they go far in this Tournament.


nitro 2023-07-22 16:32:24 

In reply to mikesiva

Haiti was good. If only they had the resources.

nitro 2023-07-22 17:53:38 

Meet Haiti's teenage sensation:

Link Text

“In Haiti, there are so many talents, not only in soccer, that just don't get a chance. I got that chance to be in an academy, but there are top players and top talents everywhere. It's important to try and put an eye on Haiti, to not miss out on so many talents. I hope that one day more people get the chance to get out of there.”

hubert 2023-07-22 18:15:20 

In reply to nitro
The Haitians deserve Special funding from FIFA..and no one I think would be against such.

nitro 2023-07-22 18:39:45 

In reply to hubert


camos 2023-07-22 19:14:55 

In reply to hubert

The Haitians deserve Special funding from FIFA..and no one I think would be against such.
just don't give Jack Warner the money to deliver.

Priapus 2023-07-22 19:57:37 

In reply to camos

just don't give Jack Warner the money to deliver.

DWL!! lol lol lol lol

hubert 2023-07-22 20:25:27 

In reply to camos

Man I just saw this ..been watching golf..Jack was my buddy


lol lol lol

Chrissy 2023-07-23 09:50:08 

In reply to hubert
Well put

Now leh we go Jamaica

Halliwell 2023-07-23 09:52:42 

In reply to Chrissy

This game shudda get its own thread
But anyhow- let’s go Reggae gyals!!!

Halliwell 2023-07-23 09:54:32 

In reply to Chrissy

France is me favourite Intl women’s side, while Tdad drag their slow asses into gear, but I am rooting against Les Bleus for the next couple hours lol

FanAttick 2023-07-23 09:55:17 

In reply to Chrissy

Jamaica Land We Love!!!!!

birdseye 2023-07-23 09:57:00 

In reply to FanAttick le we go Reggae Girls

hubert 2023-07-23 10:03:06 

In reply to FanAttick

Not when they playing in a black and white..where are the national colours. Hope France embarrass them

Halliwell 2023-07-23 10:04:14 

In reply to hubert

big grin big grin big grin

FanAttick 2023-07-23 10:14:06 

Bunny Shaw inna dem blow wow lol

Chrissy 2023-07-23 10:16:36 

In reply to FanAttick
Looks like their plan is to injure her tonight

Halliwell 2023-07-23 10:21:10 

In reply to Chrissy

GREAT start so far though!

Chrissy 2023-07-23 10:21:34 

In reply to hubert
Sure sounds like di fans are backing di Yard


Chrissy 2023-07-23 10:22:22 

In reply to Halliwell


Chrissy 2023-07-23 10:31:26 

30 minutes - leh we go girlz

Halliwell 2023-07-23 10:35:16 

In reply to Chrissy

Them French girls love Shaw too bad…all the hugging and grabbing lol

Chrissy 2023-07-23 10:35:41 

Come Yard stun dem with a goal

FanAttick 2023-07-23 10:40:42 

This Ref is terrible

Halliwell 2023-07-23 10:41:30 

In reply to FanAttick

close free kick!!!!

Halliwell 2023-07-23 10:42:01 

In reply to FanAttick

Yellow was justified but them French girls getting away with a lot

FanAttick 2023-07-23 10:51:46 

Tense close to the 1st half but the Reggae Girlz are holding their own despite a woeful Ref

Chrissy 2023-07-23 10:51:51 

Too much pressha in the last ten minutes.
0-0 at HT

FanAttick 2023-07-23 10:56:47 

In reply to Chrissy

Jody Brown is not having her best game..I would bring on Tiffany Cameron for her in the 2nd half…

nitro 2023-07-23 10:59:17 

In reply to FanAttick

Yeah, Jody seems to be struggling from the injury a few days ago. The lack of friendlies leading up to this is now impacting the players. The JFF is not doing its best with the Girlz.

nitro 2023-07-23 11:08:44 

In reply to hubert

Fifa rules required Adidas create a bright and dark tone jersey. Two 2 teams cannot play with light colored clothing.

Chrissy 2023-07-23 11:17:46 

Come allyuh pressha gwin buss pipe

Halliwell 2023-07-23 11:21:40 

In reply to Chrissy

Too close for comfort now
Ladies need to get back some of the first half intensity and concentration

FanAttick 2023-07-23 11:28:39 

In reply to nitro

Time to sub Jody

FanAttick 2023-07-23 11:31:06 

KiKi time

Chrissy 2023-07-23 11:31:34 

Keep fighting ladies! 70 minutes

Halliwell 2023-07-23 11:41:54 

Poor bunny
Kick dong whole evening

Chrissy 2023-07-23 11:47:22 

PHEW - a corner

Dis ref real poor- Bunny a dem bunny tonighht

Halliwell 2023-07-23 11:50:59 

Nervous nineties shock

Halliwell 2023-07-23 11:52:22 

Oh wow

FanAttick 2023-07-23 11:52:29 

Bo Bo last tiefing ref

Acid 2023-07-23 11:52:40 

How is that a 2nd yellow?????


Even Mark Clattenburg say no 2nd yellow

FanAttick 2023-07-23 11:54:14 

In reply to Acid

I blame the Coach…the ref is tief but he should have subbed Bunny

Halliwell 2023-07-23 11:55:25 

In reply to Acid

Them need to keep possession and stop lumping it back to FRA

Them plan to get the child send off and it worked

Acid 2023-07-23 11:57:15 

1 point on the table!

Solid game ladies!

Chrissy 2023-07-23 11:57:34 

Spencer is a boss keeper
#43 holds #5 at bay.
Dis draw is a major victory fi di Yard. lol lol lol lol

FanAttick 2023-07-23 11:57:38 

What a point!!!!! lol lol

Acid 2023-07-23 11:58:06 

In reply to Halliwell

They was playing in the dregs like Angus Eve coaching lol

FanAttick 2023-07-23 11:59:05 

Thats why Jamaica must go it alone lol lol

Halliwell 2023-07-23 11:59:08 

In reply to Acid

Angus and dem need to sharpen up
Still working off gmail addresses believe it or not

Halliwell 2023-07-23 11:59:15 

In reply to FanAttick

big grin

CWWeekes 2023-07-23 11:59:50 

Take a bow Reggae Girls. Proud a mi team.

hubert 2023-07-23 12:01:09 

In reply to nitro

So they could not get a uniform from gold,black and green ?
Nonsense...even he GK could have played in full green as the French GK had full yellow.

Does France colours conflict with Jamaica;s colours.?

CWWeekes 2023-07-23 12:02:03 

In reply to FanAttick

Point well made.
big grin big grin

FanAttick 2023-07-23 12:02:19 

In reply to hubert

Jamaica were the away team in this fixture ..they have a home and away kit game you will see the yellow and green

hubert 2023-07-23 12:04:13 

In reply to CWWeekes
The defence played better than their male counterparts and the real Blackwood showed up.
Should be playing for WI.

However Shaw's second yellow was a cheap on. They should appeal to the Presiding Rules
committee and get it overturned if possible.
Good result . All the more critical to have Shaw back without missing a game, if they can swing
that deal

hubert 2023-07-23 12:05:44 

In reply to FanAttick

Yes, But there is noting that says either kit must not include some combination
of the national colours.
I may wrong but i doubt it.

When I see another country playing without any of their national colours in a variation of prominence then I will believe.
You could see US in all white, England too, full red too, etc

Third world countries always on the banana side.

camos 2023-07-23 12:06:12 

That 17 year-old number 2 has a huge future!

FanAttick 2023-07-23 12:07:36 

In reply to hubert

Black is not a Jamaican color? lol

Den Den Blackwood was our best player

nitro 2023-07-23 12:07:43 

The Girlz survived! lol

Chrissy 2023-07-23 12:09:50 

In reply to hubert
I agree with you. I want di colours

FanAttick 2023-07-23 12:10:03 

In reply to nitro

Correction: France survived! lol

nitro 2023-07-23 12:10:27 

In reply to Chrissy

Agree. Spencer is very good.

camos 2023-07-23 12:10:57 

just realize I met Wiltshire, thought she had stopped playing.

camos 2023-07-23 12:10:57 

just realize I met Wiltshire, thought she had stopped playing.

FanAttick 2023-07-23 12:10:58 

In reply to camos

#2 is Washington

nitro 2023-07-23 12:11:09 

In reply to FanAttick

No problem, accepted.

hubert 2023-07-23 12:11:24 

In reply to FanAttick

Yes but why not yellow sock or yellow or green strip on the jersey instead of red
and why not yellow socks ?
That is forbidden. ?

camos 2023-07-23 12:11:37 

In reply to nitro That is Spurs keeper!

JoeGrine 2023-07-23 12:14:24 

SPENCER (GK) - 8.5
SPENCE (DM)- 9.0

Other random rankings
BROWN (LW) - 5.5
SWABY,A (CB) - 7.0
SWABY,C (CB) - 7.0
PRIMUS (M) - 6.0
SHAW (F) - 8.0
SAMSON (CDM) - 6.5


The right wing (#21) was poor. The substitute Soulan (#6) would not have made my squad much less first off the bench.
WASHINGTON (#2) - utilized her freshness to good effect. Not physically strong enough for this level but held her own. Clearly a heady player.

Halliwell 2023-07-23 12:15:35 

In reply to hubert

Wouldn’t JAM have had to approve the alternate kit?
Where is the problem? lol

camos 2023-07-23 12:15:40 

In reply to JoeGrine thoughts on #2?

nitro 2023-07-23 12:15:49 

In reply to camos
Yeah, the team is stacked with professionals. A good look for the team.

camos 2023-07-23 12:17:34 

In reply to FanAttick

#2 is Washington

Can you imagine her going back to high school next year with this experience! lol

nitro 2023-07-23 12:19:49 

In reply to hubert

The away kit is a black shirt and shorts with gold stripes on the shoulders, and sides of the shorts. The JFF and adidas logos are also gold. The jersey pays tribute to Jamaica's Rastafarian heritage with red, green, and gold stripes trimming the sleeves and collar.

Link Text

Chrissy 2023-07-23 12:20:33 

In reply to FanAttick

When you ready fi go it alone remember West Indies actually won our first World Cup lol lol lol

FanAttick 2023-07-23 12:20:39 

In reply to hubert

Red is a nod to the Rastafarian community lol

FanAttick 2023-07-23 12:21:34 

In reply to Chrissy

How many teams were in that World Cup?
Did West Indies have to qualify for that tournament?

Asking for a friend

camos 2023-07-23 12:26:52 

In reply to Chrissy

West Indies actually won our first World Cup lol lol lol
We are in the second straight,what about the West Indies?

lol matching strides with favorites!

Raggs 2023-07-23 12:27:39 

how many local girls are in the Jamaica World Cup squad ?

camos 2023-07-23 12:29:09 

In reply to Raggs quite a few started locally!
big grin

Raggs 2023-07-23 12:30:17 

In reply to camos

Brown and Shaw, name the others.

FanAttick 2023-07-23 12:30:20 

In reply to Raggs

Thats the beauty of Jamaica..our talent pool is deep and wide…we dont have to rely on local talent alone…
In the Reggae Girlz U21 squad there are a lot of talented home grown players so the future is bright either way

Raggs 2023-07-23 12:31:34 

In reply to FanAttick

in all forms of sport mek we travel alone...

camos 2023-07-23 12:34:29 

In reply to Raggs I think Swabys and one who plays in France. We have a lot of Jamaican kids in NJ, the top youth girls tournament is played in May about 10 minutes from my house.

nitro 2023-07-23 12:35:23 

In reply to Raggs

Meet our Proud Reggae Girlz

Link Text

camos 2023-07-23 12:40:52 

In reply to nitro thanks!

hubert 2023-07-23 12:44:40 

In reply to Halliwell

The Association submits Uniform. That was how I knew it back in the day.
Away colours were defaulted to White. Black..all black was the default
and regular ref's outfit.

But I know things have changed in all the world but some make no sense logical or otherwise.
The Girlz away outfit today was predominnately black.. could it not be Total Black ?

Could their away kit not be all green or all yellow(gold) ?

JoeGrine 2023-07-23 12:50:05 

In reply to camos

I did update

camos 2023-07-23 12:51:52 

In reply to JoeGrine saw that thanks!

nitro 2023-07-23 13:01:39 

In reply to camos

Blackwood (LB) player of the match.

camos 2023-07-23 13:05:29 

In reply to nitro

she was good, made some crucial intervention!

FanAttick 2023-07-23 13:17:26 

In reply to nitro

My player of the match ..Rebecca(what a princess!) and Drew Spence were also very good lol

By the way let me just say it right now - I love that Jamaica away kit!
I’ve got to get me one of those shirts…

I was in São Paulo a few weeks ago and they gifted me a Brazil shirt …Its a thing of beauty..but the Reggae Girlz kit reigns supreme lol

FanAttick 2023-07-23 13:38:25 

In reply to JoeGrine

Put some respect on my name lol

FanAttick7/23/23, 8:07:36 AM
In reply to hubert

Black is not a Jamaican color? lol

Den Den Blackwood was our best player

hubert 2023-07-23 14:27:48 

In reply to FanAttick

Den Den Blackwood .. Fan you are something else


mikesiva 2023-07-23 15:15:25 

In reply to hubert

Denmark 1-0 China
Sweden 2-1 South Africa
Netherlands 1-0 Portugal
Jamaica 0-0 France

nitro 2023-07-23 17:02:43 

Jamaica aimed to 'shock world' after France draw
Link Text

"We've had a really tough year. Personally and as a team we haven't prepared as much as I would have liked to for a World Cup. It shows you what this team is capable of."

Those words sum up the issue with leadership in general in Jamaica. Leaders in both public and private sectors are failing our people. When our people are properly equipped to succeed we can do amazing things. We see that when they migrate and blossom in their careers, even in hostile racial environments.

hubert 2023-07-23 17:08:18 

In reply to nitro

Very true my Friend. It is so evident and the Pols especially very quick to wrap themselves with
the flag when the Sports Teams achieve. They all need to do a lot more for the athletes
in every way including better and more quality facilities and increased funding to
build domestic talent pool and development to establish a good foundation for the future.

JoeGrine 2023-07-23 18:21:51 

In reply to nitro

Blackwood (LB) player of the match.

Blackwood was very good (she was almost my player of the game) but had two missed tackles. Drew Spence was simply outstanding. She has an engine that would not quit and her positioning to clog passing lanes is an underappreciated art that she is adept at.

Chrissy 2023-07-24 10:27:24 

Poor Morocco - murder by Germany
6-0 and there is still some time left.

Chrissy 2023-07-24 10:54:33 

Brazil v Panama coming up Group F

nitro 2023-07-24 10:59:31 

In reply to Chrissy
Saw the last 20 minutes. The Moroccans looked shell shock. Their debut against a big German team was always going to be tough.

camos 2023-07-24 11:10:09 

Brazil has some crisp touches!

FanAttick 2023-07-24 11:34:29 

In reply to camos

They dont look that impressive…the Reggae Girlz can take them out

Chrissy 2023-07-24 11:37:41 

In reply to FanAttick
Dem look damn good bro


The good news is that we should be able to beat Panama

Chrissy 2023-07-24 11:41:30 

Lovely finish
Flawless is right although this Panama defense is a joke. Brazil has had about 90% of possession.
A quality side dis.

Chrissy 2023-07-24 12:08:02 

Amazing - sublime goal

hubert 2023-07-24 12:10:10 

In reply to FanAttick

Having watched the first half, I tend to agree with you..they are efficient but not as
crisp or artistic as one expects of Brazilian teams plus they are not exploiting some obvious
deficiencies of he panama defence especially its right side.
They should have had a fedw more goals too.
But they will be much better against the Girlz especially as Shaw will be absent.

And yes, Jamaica should be able to open their defence as well.

Chrissy 2023-07-24 12:31:59 

Hat-trick. Ary Borges

camos 2023-07-24 12:32:20 

In reply to hubert Panama is soft, can't give away those unmarked headers!

Chrissy 2023-07-24 12:40:45 

In reply to camos

Panama is tres ordinary

hubert 2023-07-24 13:14:14 

In reply to camos

I expected better of them..but its ok...Just hope The Girlz keep their poise,focus and
improve their play when they meet the Brzail Lasses as they show good signs that they
can be more than a handful against anyone so far.
Shaw will be sorely missed tho...but I am encouraged and hopeful

FanAttick 2023-07-24 13:27:19 

In reply to hubert

Shaw will be available for the Brazil game
She will be suspended for the Panama game

birdseye 2023-07-24 17:16:16 

In reply to hubert I expected a more competitive game given their men team performance. I guess the logic( if men performs well) does not implies women

big grin

nitro 2023-07-24 17:48:33 

In reply to FanAttick

Panama defeated Paraguay to qualify. We split 2 recent friendlies with Paraguay so don't write off Panama against us.

hubert 2023-07-25 07:34:47 

In reply to FanAttick

Tks for correction... and as Nitro said, and I agree, Panama should not be written off.
Girlz gotta keep focus as mny surprises are always in store in WC.
Every team is a threat.

New Zealand just lost to Phillipines 1-0

mikesiva 2023-07-25 08:15:41 

In reply to hubert

Colombia 2-0 South Korea

I think that's an upset too, because the Koreans are usually pretty good in women's football.

Switzerland 0-0 Norway

mikesiva 2023-07-26 10:48:04 

In reply to nitro

Japan 2-0 Costa Rica
Spain 5-0 Zambia

Japan and Spain qualify for the KO stage with a match to play.

Chrissy 2023-07-26 13:29:36 

In reply to mikesiva

Canada leading Rep Ireland 2-1 2nd half

Halliwell 2023-07-26 13:38:04 

In reply to mikesiva

It’s the Js for me this World Cup

Jamaica, Japan and J’aime la France lol

hubert 2023-07-26 13:56:57 

In reply to mikesiva

Surprised too about that S. Korea result..But Spain really took it
out on Zambia today.
Canada is looking against Ireland. I expected a close game and
we could get it even with 2-1 to Canada now.

Chrissy 2023-07-26 15:08:57 

In reply to hubert
2-1 Canada

Kay 2023-07-26 21:54:11 

Canada's game was really lousy even though they win.

Brerzerk 2023-07-26 22:00:00 

In reply to hubert
Those Zambian ladies are the slowest Africans I have ever seen
plus the defense seems to think that all they have to do is run close to the attacker. No tackle.
Set play marking non-existent

hubert 2023-07-26 23:10:36 

In reply to Brerzerk

You noticed too...I was dismayed at their play and talk about slow ..their play was between slow and stop.
But it looks like they are pretty new to football and the coach was almost comatose too as he watched.
Let's hope they improve and develop but they have been the most awful team on show so far.

birdseye 2023-07-26 23:50:21 

In reply to Brerzerk Their coach looked rather lethargic himself, they probably got their vibes from him. Not impressive at all, and on some sports show, some commentator was talking about: lookout for the Zambians, they could surprise

Chrissy 2023-07-27 10:55:06 

Netuherlwnds looks good
1-1 against USA

Nigeria just scored so it’s 1-1 v Oz at the end if then1st half
Competitive game

Chrissy 2023-07-27 11:36:46 

Gwan Nigeria
3-1 - great goal

Dukes 2023-07-27 11:39:39 

In reply to Chrissy

check your e-mail

hubert 2023-07-27 11:40:02 

In reply to Chrissy
Just tuning in...this is a nice greeting /..that scoreline
Go Nigeria.. Matildas under pressure.

nitro 2023-07-27 12:09:40 

Super result for Nigeria!

JoeGrine 2023-07-27 13:17:00 

In reply to Chrissy

Netuherlwnds looks good
1-1 against USA

I haven't seen all the matches, however, the first half of Holland - USA was the best football I have seen by a team (Holland) all tourney.

mikesiva 2023-07-27 13:21:31 

In reply to JoeGrine

Nigeria 3-2 Australia
Portugal 2-0 Vietnam

Chrissy 2023-07-27 16:44:34 

In reply to JoeGrine
Agree Netherlands played lovely football.

Nigeria also played well,to beat OZ 3-2

nitro 2023-07-27 17:37:01 

In reply to Chrissy

You are a true sports fan. Think the Sunshine Girls can finally win a the netball world cup?

Brerzerk 2023-07-28 01:48:25 

2nd Argentine goal shouldn't have been. They fouled the Saffie girl and she was left writhing on the ground for about 2mins before ref stopped the play with Argies in possession. Then when play resumed it began with Saffies having to concede the ball.

Chrissy 2023-07-28 01:59:19 

In reply to nitro
You could say that - I grew up in sports and developed a few courses on the subject along the way. I’d love them to win but I’m not sure we have the depth - we have the talent but others have serious professional leagues.

Chrissy 2023-07-28 01:59:39 

In reply to Brerzerk
Some serious fouls going on bro

mikesiva 2023-07-28 08:22:43 

In reply to Chrissy

Argentina 2-2 South Africa

Chrissy 2023-07-28 09:48:16 

In reply to mikesiva

A real good draw for the Saffies

Chrissy 2023-07-28 10:31:23 

England 1 Denmark 0

Raggs 2023-07-28 10:38:27 

In reply to Chrissy

England was very poor.

Chrissy 2023-07-28 11:33:22 

In reply to Raggs

FanAttick 2023-07-28 12:52:37 

Haiti robbed

Chrissy 2023-07-28 12:57:16 

In reply to FanAttick
Dem rob demselves as well.
Corner - dis is it

Chrissy 2023-07-28 12:58:01 


newdread 2023-07-28 13:21:55 

In reply to FanAttick

It is the same every time...teams without major tournament "pedigree" get zero tight calls in their favour. Don't know if the bias is conscious or unconscious.... only that it exists!

Brerzerk 2023-07-28 13:27:02 

In reply to FanAttick
I was trying hard not to say anything. 500yrs of conditioning...nuff implicit and unconscious bias. Fouls quicker to call on some and harder to call 'gainst dem.
No different from research shows teachers punish black pikney more.Some think black pikney have greater pain thresh-hold. It is said some nurses dont believe black patients complaints. Anyway the whole tourney is being played rough. by all teams

ray 2023-07-28 14:01:41 

Big game tomorrow for the Jamaican women

Chrissy 2023-07-29 10:08:32 

Come on Brazil - today is the day to beat France

JoeGrine 2023-07-29 10:14:01 

In reply to Chrissy

Form chart says Brazil will beat us, so yes, we need Brazil to beat France, of course we absolutely have to beat Panama today.

FanAttick 2023-07-29 10:44:01 

France leading 1-0

I mentioned above that I’m not impressed with this Brazil team…If the Reggae Girlz beat Panama they have a good chance of advancing

Chrissy 2023-07-29 11:17:58 

1-1 lol lol

Chrissy 2023-07-29 11:20:33 

Brazil has never beaten France in a WC. Is today the day?

Chrissy 2023-07-29 11:21:44 

In reply to newdread
Correct is right

Chrissy 2023-07-29 11:34:19 

Brazil has a great keeper

Chrissy 2023-07-29 11:43:31 

France back in front- good goal.
Brazil’s defense has a major hole

Halliwell 2023-07-29 11:56:01 

In reply to Chrissy

Today isn’t the day that BRA gets FRA either lol

Chrissy 2023-07-29 11:59:25 

2-1 France
The most shocking thing about these two teams is that the French team reflects diversity.

JoeGrine 2023-07-29 12:08:13 

Definitely not the result Jamaica wanted, however, beat Panama (beating them by 4 goals would be great) and we are in a good position.

Chrissy 2023-07-29 12:12:10 

In reply to Halliwell

lol lol

hubert 2023-07-29 12:27:56 

In reply to Chrissy

Just woke up top hear the anthem...missed a lot over past couple days but
I am with the Girlz today especially as Brazil lost..nice opportunity to
make huge stride to round of 16.

Go Girlz win it for Shaw.


Chrissy 2023-07-29 12:31:40 

Leh we go Yard lol lol

Chrissy 2023-07-29 12:32:27 

In reply to hubert
Wish Ewart was here for this one.

hubert 2023-07-29 12:33:22 

In reply to Chrissy
You know it. Would be a blast for him

hubert 2023-07-29 12:46:15 

Connect your passes better,Girlz..U can do it/ Attack

Gotta get one in the net

hubert 2023-07-29 12:59:00 

Oh a to hit the street. evil

Acid 2023-07-29 13:16:57 

Free kick off the bar on the stroke of half time by Spence - keeper got a glove on it but ref says goal

camos 2023-07-29 13:21:31 

like the looks of things!

JoeGrine 2023-07-29 13:22:31 

1) poorly refereed game so far
2) (even if she scores today) Jody Brown has regressed beyond recognition.
3) (even if shes scores today) Trudi Carter has regressed to the point where she should not even be at the stadium.
4) Drew Spence is a general.
5) Our goalie seems a bit unnerved.

These are the type of games where the dominant team (Jamaica) makes a mistake and the lesser team (Panama) slips one in for the win. Let's hope this doesn't happen today.

Chrissy 2023-07-29 13:26:30 

Should be up by at least 3

Come on Yard

Chrissy 2023-07-29 13:44:43 


Lovely header dat Swaby lol lol

Acid 2023-07-29 13:49:15 

Goal by #17 Captain Swaby (Defender) off the corner!

Chrissy 2023-07-29 14:11:39 

Yard should have scored at least 5 by now

Chrissy 2023-07-29 14:20:45 

Penalty now
No penalty on review - bigstewwwps

Acid 2023-07-29 14:22:36 

That was a penalty!

Chrissy 2023-07-29 14:23:33 

In reply to Acid


Acid 2023-07-29 14:26:14 

That one was for Bunny Shaw!!!

Perth tends to be good for West Indians!!!

Chrissy 2023-07-29 14:27:25 

In reply to Acid

Fabulous Jamaica wins 1-0

FanAttick 2023-07-29 14:27:34 

In reply to Chrissy

Congrats Reggae Girlz lol
Drew Spence my Woman of the Match lol

ray 2023-07-29 14:27:38 

That was nail biting lol

JoeGrine 2023-07-29 14:39:19 

Congratulations Reggae Girls!

Team Grades:
GK : Spencer (8/10) - dealt with what came her way.
LB : Blackwood (3/10)- from hero (game 1) to goat (today). She played terribly.
CB : A. Swaby (8.5/10) - marshalled the team well and scored our first World Cup winner. Frankly, she should retain the captaincy.
CB ; C. Swaby (7/10) - played well in tandem with her sister.
RB : Cameron (8/10) was outstanding in defense and made a few attacking forays including a shot on goal.
DM : Samson (5.5/10) - her typical "I am here you just won't notice me" effort.
CM : Spence (9/10) - GENERAL Spence!
M : Primus (6/10) - neither outstanding nor underwhelming. Took one good shot on frame.
LW : Brown (5/10) - only got that grade for her efforts in the second half. She has regressed.
F : McKenna (5.5/10) - somewhat ineffective but did track back on defense.
RW : Carter (4.5/10) - looked clumsy for the most part.
Credit the coach for remaining in an attacking mood, I would have gone the other way to preserve the victory.
Matthews - she started last game and disappointed, same result here.
Washington - the teenager made it to the big stage, she is neither physically nor mentally ready for the field. Let her sit and soak in the moments.

Cricket_101 2023-07-29 14:40:10 

Big congrats to the Reggae girls on their first WC win. The big stage is set against Brazil. Enjoy ur victory. big grin

buds 2023-07-29 14:44:50 

Ref denied us a clear penalty to possibly go up two nothing.

CWWeekes 2023-07-29 14:45:51 

Why was that hand ball not a penalty? The Panama player palmed the ball with raised hands.

JahJah 2023-07-29 14:51:58 

Just like that 2nd yellow vs Bunny, that non-penality is weird, fishy and all dat.

Very strange...

Halliwell 2023-07-29 14:57:47 

What a great result and hard fought at that!
Very very happy for them

Chrissy 2023-07-29 15:10:00 

In reply to JahJah
Nuff cussing on local radio.

JoeGrine 2023-07-29 15:10:34 

In reply to CWWeekes

Why was that hand ball not a penalty? The Panama player palmed the ball with raised hands.

It was more "ball to hand" than "hand to ball"

Chrissy 2023-07-29 15:10:49 

In reply to Halliwell
The result is good but the truth is that we should have had at least four and possibly five goals. The finishing is just not good enough.

camos 2023-07-29 15:20:40 

Please be prepared for even more bad calls against Brazil.

hubert 2023-07-29 15:29:48 

In reply to camos

Just got back and got caught up reading the comments. Thanks guys and Chrissy. I didn't miss anything
asI got the full picture.
Please be prepared for even more bad calls against Brazil.

That my friend is a GIVEN.and also my view.As a little 3rd world Team , anything marginal will be against us.
It is good that the Girlz got a victory, their first ever without Bunny.
Would be good if the two 3rd world coutries could off the upsets of the Year and beat both
France and Brazil allowing only one of them to go through.

Go for it Panama;;quite a few of you have some Jamaican heritage too.

Happy for the Girlz. You have made my day.Congrats...but the job aint done yet.


nitro 2023-07-29 16:28:00 

Good victory Reggae Girlz. Was unable to see but followed on radio. The Girlz will have to beat Brazil and the refs come match day.

FanAttick 2023-07-29 17:07:50 

In reply to nitro

The Group F Standings for the moment look sweet lol

analyst-kid 2023-07-29 17:09:28 

Very difficult to either draw or to beat this Brazil but I am hoping for Yard.

cricketmad 2023-07-29 17:31:34 

Even if they fail to advance there are good reasons to be proud of them. Drawing France ,and Brazil is always going to be a tough call.

CWWeekes 2023-07-29 17:36:59 

In reply to JoeGrine

Mr. Grine I am open to you further expanding on why per rules book that was not a hand ball. The player's arms were away from her body; raised like she was using her hands to prevent the ball from hitting her in the face. Were her arms in a so-called "natural position"? The game is now history but would hate for us to be at a disadvantage if it comes down to placings having to be decided by net goals difference and we lose out because of that non call.

JahJah 2023-07-29 17:48:35 

In reply to FanAttick

Woulda look sweeter if that penalty was given and converted. big grin

Ah well, group 3rd place coming up, unless we can be plucky and get lucky like against France.

JahJah 2023-07-29 17:49:30 

In reply to cricketmad


Brerzerk 2023-07-29 18:12:25 

In reply to JahJah
I think Bunny actually deserved that 1. Uneccesary, now she's gonna cost us hugely not being there vs Brazil

nitro 2023-07-29 20:20:04 

In reply to Brerzerk

Bunny will be there vs Brazil. She missed today's game.

birdseye 2023-07-29 21:33:04 

In reply to CWWeekes

Why was that hand ball not a penalty? The Panama player palmed the ball with raised hands.
I was surprised the ref changed her call, there was no clear and compelling error in her original call…I guess they think Jamaica is more of a threat to the establishment teams than Panama

JahJah 2023-07-29 21:41:16 

In reply to Brerzerk

Did you see the replay of the actual 'foul'?

That bit of acting and rolling around in agony would make Lebron blush!!

JoeGrine 2023-07-30 00:17:11 

While they will start as favorites against Jamaica, Brazil is not a well coached team and they lack defensive discipline.

camos 2023-07-30 00:41:42 

In reply to JoeGrine

all we need to do is don't let them score!

mikesiva 2023-07-30 07:03:03 

In reply to JahJah

Sweden 5-0 Italy

Back to their best?

Morocco 1-0 South Korea!

Great upset!

Chrissy 2023-07-30 09:48:54 

In reply to mikesiva
Big upset dat

Chrissy 2023-07-30 10:22:37 

Colombia sure held her own against Germany in this 1st half.

Chrissy 2023-07-30 10:51:47 

1-0 Colombia

CWWeekes 2023-07-30 10:53:14 

In reply to Chrissy

Columbia leads 1-0. Columbia holding their own, Great goal by their "little girl", very skillful player.

Chrissy 2023-07-30 11:04:38 

In reply to CWWeekes
Playing good football - they need another goal. Got to stop giving awayfree kicks

Chrissy 2023-07-30 11:19:18 

Penalty for Germany

Chrissy 2023-07-30 11:21:14 

Really stupid foul by the keeper

Chrissy 2023-07-30 11:29:47 

GOOAALll Colombia

The great upset- well deserved lol lol lol

hubert 2023-07-30 11:30:07 

In reply to Chrissy
Lovely header puts Colombia ahead 2-1 in dying moments..Lovely.

nitro 2023-07-30 11:30:42 

In reply to Chrissy

hubert 2023-07-30 11:30:50 

In reply to Chrissy

Absolutely..What a game. The Ref gonna give Germany more time now.
lol lol

Chrissy 2023-07-30 11:36:09 

COLOMBIA win lol lol

FanAttick 2023-07-30 11:37:33 

In reply to Chrissy

Brilliant lol

Chrissy 2023-07-30 11:40:55 

In reply to hubert
Great game but they have to ease up on di fouls

lol lol

CWWeekes 2023-07-30 11:44:27 

Linda!!! Linda!!!, Linda!!! - Pretty, Beautiful
-Remember that name-

FanAttick 2023-07-30 11:44:43 

In reply to Chrissy

What makes Linda’s effort even more special

cricketmad 2023-07-30 12:12:48 

In reply to FanAttick

Linda Dynamiteeee !

cricketmad 2023-07-30 12:15:04 

In reply to Chrissy

A little question for you Chrissy. Is there a sport you won't lose sleep to watch ?

Chrissy 2023-07-30 12:30:06 

In reply to FanAttick

hubert 2023-07-30 12:30:14 

In reply to Chrissy
For sure..the team seems young too and their enthusiasm and energy could be
what is causing so many fouls. But they play well and have the talent to
get to he last 8 on today's showing.

Of course the main concern for me is that they like other 3rd world
countries will not get favor in close calls on the field.

Chrissy 2023-07-30 12:32:15 

In reply to cricketmad
American football, baseball, rugby and nuff others.

Retirement can be fun - I alone control my schedule

lol lol

cricketmad 2023-07-30 13:02:56 

In reply to Chrissy

I am with you on American football, the game is all about brute force.As to retirement, as long as you are in good health it should be a time to full joy life.

Brerzerk 2023-07-30 13:37:27 

Colombia played a beautiful brand of soccer. Perhaps the best midfield, talented with flair

Chrissy 2023-07-30 14:18:02 

In reply to Brerzerk


imusic 2023-07-30 16:54:55 

Colombia vs Germany may have been the best game of womens football I’ve seen

Linda from Colombia is special

Link Text

nitro 2023-07-30 17:12:39 

In reply to Chrissy

Both Aussie and Kiwis could fail to advance from the group stage.

Chrissy 2023-07-30 18:37:10 

In reply to imusic
Lovely football - so happy for them

HumbleCalf 2023-07-30 19:03:13 

JoeGrine, what is your answer to CWWeekes' question?

I agree with you about ball to hand but Weekes has good question.

mikesiva 2023-07-30 20:01:04 

In reply to Chrissy

Final group matches

Group A

Norway 6-0 Philippines
Switzerland 0-0 New Zealand

Norway and Switzerland advance.

JoeGrine 2023-07-31 00:37:56 

In reply to HumbleCalf

I missed his post. "ball to hand"/"hand to ball" carries a lot of weight in these matters,

birdseye 2023-07-31 02:28:59 

In reply to imusic

Linda from Colombia is special
And she is only 18, that goal she scored will be talked about for a long while. Special is right.

camos 2023-07-31 02:44:49 

In reply to JoeGrine

"ball to hand"/"hand to ball" carries a lot of weight in these matters,
there used to be a distinction up to a few years ago, if the ball touches hand now, the only question is the position of the hand at the time of contact.

JahJah 2023-07-31 11:22:17 

And that's what you get for dragging out this Christine Sinclair love affair.
big grin

Chrissy 2023-07-31 12:01:56 

Nigeria through - should have scored against dis rucks Ireland side.

nitro 2023-07-31 13:34:30 

Congrats Nigeria!

FanAttick 2023-07-31 14:06:11 

In reply to Chrissy

Canada getting knocked out is bad news for Concacaf…

Our only hope lies with US and Jamaica..hopefully Haiti can sneak thru

The final positions will impact the number of slots allocated to each confederation for the 2027 World Cup

Chrissy 2023-07-31 14:42:07 

In reply to FanAttick
Canada took a rhatid beating.

Japan murdering Spain with three great goals

Chrissy 2023-07-31 15:44:56 

Unbeaten Japan win 4-0
Japan could go all the way

mikesiva 2023-07-31 16:20:00 

In reply to Chrissy

Australia 4-0 Canada
Nigeria 0-0 Ireland

Japan 4-0 Spain
Zambia 3-1 Costa Rica

Australia, Nigeria, Japan and Spain advance.

Jun Endo is an outstanding midfielder for Japan. She also has the same first name as my Japanese grand-daughter!
smile smile

imusic 2023-07-31 17:06:40 

In reply to JahJah

And that's what you get for dragging out this Christine Sinclair love affair.

Exactly. It became more about her and the other veterans “legacy” than about putting the best team out there.

They have good young players……smith, lacasse, viens, who got few minutes but whenever they came on, they injected spark and life.

imusic 2023-07-31 17:09:00 

In reply to mikesiva

Australia’s #9 is a handful

Plays the left wing like Robben. Similar running style too.

Jamaica’s left wing back is also explosive.

But the player who caught my footballing eye so far is Linda. Silky smooth

nitro 2023-07-31 17:17:46 

In reply to imusic

What are your thoughts on Haiti’s Melchie Dumornay?

Brerzerk 2023-08-01 07:31:27 

In reply to imusic
Linda is class, Colombia has nuff good players the Right-back is a stalwart the 2nd goalscorer good talent. What has really surprised me is while Japan is so good China, Vietnam and South Korea are all so very ordinary!!

Brerzerk 2023-08-01 08:49:22 

no longer a sport, Dutch should've stopped scoring after 5.
Vietnam has won only 1 ball because the tackled only once.
Instead the either run beside the dribbler or run around like 'mad ants'
Then they lose or give away every ball they get.

JahJah 2023-08-01 08:51:40 

In reply to Brerzerk

No. They should have stopped scoring once/if they get a message saying USA isn't going to too many past Portugal. It was 5 at half time. There was still time for the USA to open the floodgates seeing as though they were getting countless looks on Portugal, who haven't done anything of note.

The GD is 8 vs 3, as it is. You're suggesting 6 vs 3. What if the USA had scored 4?

imusic 2023-08-01 09:23:57 

US were the width of the post away from being eliminated.

The rest of the world sure has caught up. And the old top dogs are feeling it

Chrissy 2023-08-01 09:24:54 

In reply to JahJah
This USA team will not win the WC

imusic 2023-08-01 09:34:49 

In reply to nitro

What are your thoughts on Haiti’s Melchie Dumornay

I know she’s highly regarded and saw some highlights of her play pee tournament but haven’t seen any of Haiti’s games to date. Maybe tonight

JahJah 2023-08-01 09:49:26 

In reply to imusic

On a last minute shot, yes. Portugal's goal was under more fire but the USA's front line don't know where the back of the net is. The USA would have only themselves to blame for that.

JahJah 2023-08-01 09:49:57 

In reply to Chrissy

Hopefully not, but what was at stake was topping the group.

camos 2023-08-01 11:08:36 

In reply to imusic

The rest of the world sure has caught up

Europe has passed the US, I saw that coming last world cup when they played England, the women's leagues in Europe are better.

JoeGrine 2023-08-01 11:19:24 

In reply to camos

True and for my money, the Netherlands is looking real good.

camos 2023-08-01 11:40:32 

In reply to JoeGrineTheir passing and ball handling against US is the best I have seen in a women's game.

JoeGrine 2023-08-01 11:43:03 

In reply to camos

That game was an eye-opener for me for those very same reasons.

CWWeekes 2023-08-01 11:44:57 

Gotta love this Haitian Team. Played well entire tournament. Sad that they may exit without a win.

CWWeekes 2023-08-01 11:44:57 

Gotta love this Haitian Team. Played well entire tournament. Sad that they may exit without a win.

JahJah 2023-08-01 11:47:41 

Is this the same China side that beat Haiti, while only having 10 players?

Cuh dear.

hubert 2023-08-01 12:39:57 

In reply to JahJah

Here I am .late to the party as usual England leading 4-0 wow. Missed a lot of games and action even the US v Portugal.
Reports I got is that the US should have been on their way home.

Like the England team from what i am seeing. They really look good.

hubert 2023-08-01 12:40:59 

Wow..what a giveaway goal by China (GK)..phew they are very rattled.

Halliwell 2023-08-01 12:44:47 

In reply to hubert

Win percentages are such crap!!!
The score is 5:1
The minutes expended are 79
On a dynamic calculation, China still has a 0.2% chance of winning

Google have plenty sense but zero common sense lol

Chrissy 2023-08-01 12:45:14 

Another goal for Denmark
Dis done.

Chrissy 2023-08-01 12:46:39 

Goal may be disallowed

hubert 2023-08-01 12:48:23 

In reply to Halliwell

lol lol lol lol lol lol

Chrissy 2023-08-01 12:48:41 

Goal disallowed - big foul on keeper

hubert 2023-08-01 12:50:03 

In reply to camos

Netherlands. ? I share that view. They look the best so far from games that I have seen.

FanAttick 2023-08-01 12:57:26 

In reply to Chrissy

That Yardie young lady Lauren James. What a player! lol

nitro 2023-08-01 13:06:23 

In reply to FanAttick

Yardie Lauren James just missed the perfect hat trick. 2 goals and 3 assists.

Halliwell 2023-08-01 13:22:52 

In reply to FanAttick

Her story and the dad remind me of King Richard Williams big grin

mikesiva 2023-08-01 13:26:34 

In reply to JoeGrine

Me too! After watching the USA against Portugal, I can't see them winning this year.

USA 0-0 Portugal
Netherlands 7-0 Philippines

England 6-1 China
Denmark 2-0 Haiti

JahJah 2023-08-01 13:53:09 

In reply to nitro

Yardie Lauren James just missed the perfect hat trick. 2 goals and 3 assists.

She is Dominican and Grenadian...and of course White English.

She's Reece James' little sister.

They aren't Yardies.

nitro 2023-08-01 14:05:24 

In reply to JahJah

Oh, Simon Preston seems to have gotten this wrong then. Sorry.

Chrissy 2023-08-01 15:22:19 

In reply to hubert'Japan also looks very good and they have won it before. England doesn't look too bad either.
The dark horse is Colombia for me

JahJah 2023-08-01 15:29:11 

In reply to nitro

Maybe the other info could be wrong as well. Who knows...

birdseye 2023-08-01 16:15:18 

The USA new coach don’t inspire me at all….what is his claim to fame--- he shows zero (0) emotions. How can you lead a sports team without emotions? His resistance to substation is ridiculous – the team needs a coach, period!

Kay 2023-08-01 16:28:52 

Japan did not concede a goal in the first round while scoring 11 with Hinata leading all scorers with 4 goals.

I like their chances ...

JoeGrine 2023-08-01 16:41:10 

So, come tomorrow morning. the biggest game in the history of Caribbean football will take place. Never before has a football team from the region (men or women) gotten to the door of the second round on the global level.

Wishing them well.


birdseye 2023-08-01 16:44:05 

In reply to Kay They are good, you would think their size would be a handicap, they prove its not. They are quick, fit, agile, skilled, and they know where the goal is

hubert 2023-08-01 16:46:28 

In reply to FanAttick

Did not know James is of a Yardie mold.
She is good too. knows how to score


analyst-kid 2023-08-01 18:33:48 

In reply to JoeGrine

Against a Brazil team that HAS to win and is quite capable of scoring goals.

Tough task.

JoeGrine 2023-08-01 18:49:10 

In reply to analyst-kid

Brazil is not a well-coached team and they lack defensive discipline. They have a much better collection of individual talent than Jamaica does and that could make the difference.
Simpson and Spence in the middle will be key.

Brerzerk 2023-08-02 04:09:09 

In reply to JoeGrine
11 fi most ah unnuh 3am fi mi
Win lose or draw this is a game I gotta see. Nap Time

hubert 2023-08-02 05:45:00 

In reply to JoeGrine

The Girlz could pull it off too. As long as they don't allow Brazil to score first .
If they can do that they will frustrate this particular Brazil team which seem to be easily flustered
as they are not as cohesive as they are traditionally.

Their individual skills are there and with all to play for they will be coming at the Girlz with all they have.
But if the Girlz defence and midfield play stand firm and competitive ,they could create history.

I really expect the Girlz to step up as Shaw will make a difference.

I am up early as I don't wanna miss a minute of this one with history beckoning.

hubert 2023-08-02 06:30:11 

In reply to Chrissy

Colombia looks great. I like them.Good choice as dark horse and they certainly could be more than that. Like the
composition of the team which is pretty youthful and energetic with good skills set and their win over Germany was one for the ages.
And then there is that young star Linda!! Linda!! Linda !! to quote poster CWWEEKES

mikesiva 2023-08-02 09:12:39 

In reply to hubert

Sweden 2-0 Argentina

Could the Swedes knock out the Americans in the round of 16?

South Africa 3-2 Italy!!!

The Saffers advance....

JahJah 2023-08-02 09:14:40 

In reply to mikesiva

Thank goodness RSA didn't blow the lead again, and so Italy join their descendants Argentina.

Hopefully Jamaica can take heart from that result, but Brazil is no Italy.

At least girls got 4 more points than the last time. wink

Chrissy 2023-08-02 09:55:33 

Leh we go Jamaica!

Chrissy 2023-08-02 09:56:23 

In reply to mikesiva
Good win dat

hubert 2023-08-02 09:59:22 

In reply to mikesiva

Yes sah. I like it Saffies did wel..

BUT Girlz time now..

Lets go Girlz...

hubert 2023-08-02 10:15:45 

C'mon Girlz ,keep the ball upfield and look for Shaw,,stop playing ball back toward defence
and GK too often.
Limit Brazil's possessions fo pete' sake.

Brerzerk 2023-08-02 10:21:15 

This os like boxing where the lower ranked guy haa to do something dramatic to win a round. Every call against Yard. Dem lick wi dung and nutt'n

hubert 2023-08-02 10:25:16 

come defence clear the ball from your PA and do with authority...come on.

hubert 2023-08-02 10:26:35 

In reply to Brerzerk

We expect that..but the Girlz gotta keep the ball from their PA..Brzail having too much possessions in Jamaica's half.
Possession disparity way too much.

Chrissy 2023-08-02 10:28:39 

In reply to hubert

Oh my come allyuh possession

hubert 2023-08-02 10:30:54 

Cheap yellow card on Matthews there.

Chrissy 2023-08-02 10:37:09 

In reply to hubert
We need to find a goal - looking a little better now

hubert 2023-08-02 10:41:32 

In reply to Chrissy

GK Spence saving the day so far..get to keep the ball more in the Brazil half to give them
some pressure..they will panic.

Chrissy 2023-08-02 10:49:31 

0-0 well kept out my side

Chrissy 2023-08-02 10:50:07 

In reply to hubert
Becky is a boss.

FanAttick 2023-08-02 10:50:38 

In reply to Chrissy

Nice….keep fighting my Girlz lol

JoeGrine 2023-08-02 10:52:06 

Spencer - good so far
A. Swaby - stop being offensively aggressive, we need you in the defense.
Spence - GENERAL
Brown - love the defensive help
Simpson - rock solid
Matthews - why take that ridiculous yellow card?

hubert 2023-08-02 10:53:53 

ok...0-0 at the half..good for Girlz..but they have to lessen Brazil's possessions
in 2nd half especially in their own area..Girlz mid fielders have to step up big time
also as they are ceding to much room for the Brazilians...
Bunny gotta get more balls and be more active as she can draw away two defenders and give room
to her other attacking forward Spence.

We need a goal.

Brerzerk 2023-08-02 10:54:12 

We haven't tested their goalie even once. Find a way to win and keep 50/50 balls

JoeGrine 2023-08-02 10:57:28 

Girlz mid fielders have to step up big time
also as they are ceding to much room for the Brazilians...

The midfielders (Spence/Simpson) are doing a great job defensively. Offensively, we have to settle for counter attacks. We cannot open up the middle to Brazil, Primus is the only midfielder we can have concentrating primarily on offense.

Yes, we give up the early middle 3rd to Brazil when they attack, however, credit Jamaica, they are keeping shape in the final third of defense which is where Spence and Simpson comes in.

We have to settle for counter attacks to sneak a goal.

hubert 2023-08-02 10:57:57 

In reply to Brerzerk

That's what we want..Shaw has to get some more active and get
assist from midfield which is giving to much room for the Brazilians as
possession is vital in order to pressure the Marta's team.

hubert 2023-08-02 11:00:09 

In reply to JoeGrine
Hard o counter attack when offensive players are involved too much in defence..
But coach Lorne maybe thinking more of a draw.

JoeGrine 2023-08-02 11:02:20 

In reply to hubert

I agree with that, however, remember, if you don't score on my team, we cannot lose. You have to think defense first Hubert.

We all want goals, but first defend and counter.

hubert 2023-08-02 11:06:10 

In reply to JoeGrine

No disagreement here but we cannot afford to rely on defence all game...Shaw must be active and taking shots and so far. nada
Brazil has to have defending to do and they do not have to so far.

hubert 2023-08-02 11:10:18 

That';s a bit more like least Bunny looked more active and that one v One should have
borne more danger///

hubert 2023-08-02 11:16:15 

If Bunny not fit..get her outa there

hubert 2023-08-02 11:21:47 

Looking much better Girlz..make Brazil do some defending.That will also shorten the game for you if you looking a draw.
Play football.

CWWeekes 2023-08-02 11:31:00 

Keep unoo fingers crossed. Just put through a call to my St. Thomas sciance-man.

Chrissy 2023-08-02 11:39:13 

In reply to CWWeekes

lol lol
Brazil. A,es three changes now

hubert 2023-08-02 11:41:18 

In reply to Chrissy

Oh Bunny...You had it to have glory....phew...

Brerzerk 2023-08-02 11:42:01 

In reply to hubert
Push dem Yaad!

hubert 2023-08-02 11:42:51 

Yes Girlz,,,contend for the ball exert some pressure on Brazil and you got this..
Brazil does not like to defend..force them to do so..

hubert 2023-08-02 11:43:38 

In reply to Brerzerk

That was a great chance for Bunny...oh man I saw Sweet16 when she broke through..


Halliwell 2023-08-02 11:45:12 

In reply to hubert

Not long now… big grin

Chrissy 2023-08-02 11:49:47 

Four minutes my girlz lol

cricketmad 2023-08-02 11:49:48 

In reply to Halliwell

Mi struggling to hold mih nerves.

Halliwell 2023-08-02 11:52:49 

In reply to cricketmad

Same here
That wasn’t clever by the attacker
Shudda pass to bunny

Chrissy 2023-08-02 11:53:18 

Becky saves it

To di group round

Chrissy 2023-08-02 11:53:41 


Brerzerk 2023-08-02 11:54:32 

In reply to hubert
Push dem Yaad!

Halliwell 2023-08-02 11:54:50 

Jamaica crying
Brasil crying
I crying smile

FanAttick 2023-08-02 11:54:54 

In reply to Chrissy


Brerzerk 2023-08-02 11:55:04 

Golden Reggae Ladies

Brerzerk 2023-08-02 11:55:23 

In reply to Brerzerk

hubert 2023-08-02 11:56:30 

YES YES YES YES Girlz Did it///
History Goalless draw and the sweet 16 is next...

A more active second half does it....
Congrats Lorne and Girlz.

GK Spencer hats off to you...w If you come to Philly, Look me up..I got your reward. smile

hubert 2023-08-02 11:57:05 

In reply to Halliwell

I gonna cry

cricketmad 2023-08-02 11:57:10 

Go Girlz ! Unuh mek mih glad bag buss !

JahJah 2023-08-02 11:59:35 

In reply to FanAttick


Time to go it alone, ent.

JahJah 2023-08-02 12:00:01 

Plucky and lucky. Fortune favours the brave. big grin

hubert 2023-08-02 12:00:17 

For this achievement all those GIRLZ must get OD...
yuh hear me holiness and Babsy ...yuh hear me...and this October too...
yuh hear me...and include the coaching staff too.

Oh happy day..A first. smile !

FanAttick 2023-08-02 12:00:28 

In reply to hubert

Every single member of the squad and coaching staff should be awarded the Order of Jamaica for this monumental accomplishment lol

hubert 2023-08-02 12:00:51 

In reply to JahJah

They were brave

smile smile smile

birdseye 2023-08-02 12:01:04 

In reply to cricketmad yes sa - mine too

FanAttick 2023-08-02 12:01:11 

In reply to hubert

Great minds think alike lol

hubert 2023-08-02 12:01:32 

In reply to FanAttick

You and Me always on the same page even if a minute late

lol lol lol lol lol

Brerzerk 2023-08-02 12:01:40 

In reply to JahJah
No, not yet Ms. Blackwood dedicating this one to our Brother Courtesy 1st. He was cheering

culpepperboy 2023-08-02 12:02:03 

Well done, proud colony of Culpepper Island! cool

JoeGrine 2023-08-02 12:03:17 

Congratulations Team Jamaica and Lorne Donaldson (and staff):

GK - Spencer (10) - clean sheet
RB - Wilthsire (8 ) - held off the waves of Brazilian attack which was primarily down her flank.
CB - A. Swaby (10.5) - player of the game. She has grown in the center back position.
CB - C. Swaby (9) - bravely defended despite ailments.
LB - Blackwood (7) - rebounded well from a disastrous game against Panama.
CDM - Simpson (8.5) - seldom seen but so effective.
CM - Spence (8.5) - GENERAL
AM - Primus (6) - not much attacks from her but helped team keep defensive shape.
RW - Matthews (5) - really a 4 but have to be generous today.
F - Shaw (6.5) - her presence kept the Brazil defense honest. Was poor with most of her touches.
LW - Brown (8 ) - was excellent in helping defensively.
Cameron (6.5) - excellent move by Donaldson to sub out Matthews for the defensive help Cameron provided.
Washington (5) - dumb move by Donaldson.

CWWeekes 2023-08-02 12:05:42 

Man so emotional right now. I could shed tears of joy.

Wait, mi St. Thomas sciance-man calling back. Seh a him do it. Want J$500,000.

The "little rock" that keeps on punching above it's weight inspite of the odds.

hubert 2023-08-02 12:07:11 

In reply to CWWeekes

We owe you and him. But pay won't come soon.

lol lol

cricketmad 2023-08-02 12:08:06 

We managed to finish the group with a clean sheet.

hubert 2023-08-02 12:08:25 

In reply to JoeGrine
Agree with your ratings...Bunny woke up late


ray 2023-08-02 12:08:39 

Congrats Jamaica!!!
I got up early to watch cool

Chrissy 2023-08-02 12:09:01 

Thank you Marley family and Cedella in particular

cricketmad 2023-08-02 12:09:32 

In reply to Chrissy

Check your blood pressure.

Chrissy 2023-08-02 12:10:30 

In reply to JoeGrine
Great ratings as always

Brerzerk 2023-08-02 12:11:17 

Can we become real giant-killer with sup'n in the back of the net next match?

CWWeekes 2023-08-02 12:13:47 

In reply to hubert

Might have to start a Go-Fund-Me. Don't want him guzzoo me.
big grin big grin

hubert 2023-08-02 12:14:22 

In reply to Chrissy
Yes ,Cedella deserve all the plaudits possible.

hubert 2023-08-02 12:18:02 

In reply to ray

I been up since 1 A.M to catch all the games
Gotta get some shut eye now but too energized now


JoeGrine 2023-08-02 12:18:10 

In reply to Chrissy

Great ratings as always

Thanks! From the look of things, injury management will be crucial leading into Tuesday.

camos 2023-08-02 12:18:11 

congrats girls! big grin big grin big grin big grin

JoeGrine 2023-08-02 12:19:56 

In reply to Chrissy

Thank you Marley family and Cedella in particular

Can you say that in all caps please!

JahJah 2023-08-02 12:21:56 

In reply to JoeGrine

LB - Blackwood (7) - rebounded well from a disastrous game against France.

Do you mean Panama? Wasn't she player of the match against France?

Drapsey 2023-08-02 12:21:58 

The Brazilians must've been confused with the Girlz clad in what is usually their colors.

Soccer-Jamaica knock out Brazil, reach last 16 of World Cup

Ok, just trying to make our Brazil friends feel better. wink

JoeGrine 2023-08-02 12:22:41 

If there is a Team of the first round 11 or squad then surely the following Jamaicans deserve a look:

GK : Rebecca Spencer
CB : Allison Swaby
M : Drew Spence

nitro 2023-08-02 12:23:38 


JoeGrine 2023-08-02 12:24:18 

In reply to JahJah

Do you mean Panama? Wasn't she player of the match against France?

Its a Rum Shop and Jamaica just created history. Gimme a bligh no?

Corrected big grin

bedydread 2023-08-02 12:27:36 

In reply to JoeGrine

Nice analysis Grine, just don’t come near my wife big grin big grin big grin

Spence is my girl, I like your assessment General indeed, I only wished she had more pace.

camos 2023-08-02 12:32:38 

In reply to JoeGrine

If there is a Team of the first round 11 or squad then surely the following Jamaicans deserve a look:

GK : Rebecca Spencer
CB : Allison Swaby
M : Drew Spence

Blackwood has to be there, two solid games against France and Brazil.

JoeGrine 2023-08-02 12:35:06 

In reply to bedydread

Nice analysis Grine, just don’t come near my wife

To think I might know you from mutual high school association...a so u a hangle mi? Then again Maas Joe always get that. big grin

Acid 2023-08-02 12:35:51 

Top, top good feeling!

Chrissy 2023-08-02 12:43:33 

Allabout Becky
lol lol

nitro 2023-08-02 12:51:39 

In reply to Chrissy

Becky is a Top a Top keeper.

Brerzerk 2023-08-02 14:29:54 

In reply to camos
To me as solid as Alison is Blackwood seems to be the leader of the defence. Reads the game well seems to be the organizer of the back barking out "instruction" running off the ball and almost always in a good spot to thwart an attack whether on her flank or not

Castled 2023-08-02 14:46:24 

Massive congratulations Yardies.

Neutralizing Brazil in footie at any level by a little nation is a miracle. 3 mil v 250 mil.

Historically Jamaica's talent pool in sports (including the UB40's in multiple disciplines) and culture is awesome. Yard always punches above its weight. Small but tallawah!lol

Somehow someway Jamaica has to raise its game on crime, violence and politics then it truly becomes a marvel of modern society.

Chrissy 2023-08-02 14:52:10 

In reply to Castled
Nice post

hubert 2023-08-02 14:57:04 

In reply to Castled

Somehow someway Jamaica has to raise its game on crime, violence and politics then it truly becomes a marvel of modern society.

Could not have said it better. Thanks a million and more

JahJah 2023-08-02 15:20:57 

In reply to JoeGrine

Arrite boss. big grin

nitro 2023-08-02 15:50:24 

Brazil FA sent the Reggae Girlz congrats on IG. Class.

nitro 2023-08-02 15:52:10 

In reply to Castled

Well said.

birdseye 2023-08-02 15:52:19 

In reply to JoeGrine

F - Shaw (6.5) - her presence kept the Brazil defense honest. Was poor with most of her touches.
She seems easily winded today, like she was not in the best of fitness. I have watched her play for Man City when she looked awesome and quick….anyway great results.

Brerzerk 2023-08-02 16:02:09 

In reply to Chrissy

No, not just nice...very, very nice
lol lol lol

nitro 2023-08-02 16:04:46 

In reply to birdseye

She said on a live IG chat this morning that she "sick bad" and was in bed last 2 days.

She had a live IG chat with Arsenal legend Ian Wright (a Yardie) as well. Said he was there.

birdseye 2023-08-02 16:39:55 

In reply to nitro Interesting --- she was just not the Bunny I been accustom to seeing, she was nowhere near her first match against France. Hope she gets well, the knockouts will be tougher. The goalie is boss, the players fought like hell….i'll be rooting them on all the way

HumbleCalf 2023-08-02 16:47:52 

Congratulations to the Girlz, to the Coach and coaching staff. And thanks to the Ms. Marley. Well done!

Who's next! big grin big grin

Is it Colombia?

Brerzerk 2023-08-02 16:54:47 

Let's spare a thought for thegame Panamanians and the plucky Saffies who sent Italy home. If Saffies could find more speed and tighten the back, they could be prety worthy contenders

Drapsey 2023-08-02 17:42:30 

Brazil's reaction to the tourney's exit.

Dozens dead as police carry out raids in Brazil amid crackdown on criminals

FanAttick 2023-08-02 19:42:35 

In reply to nitro

2 Yardie Legends lol

nitro 2023-08-02 21:12:29 

In reply to FanAttick

Yeah, we big, bad and wi broad...Heavy D

Scar 2023-08-02 21:23:38 

Congrats n order! Now start scoring some goals to help the cause since is knock out time now. They need to go next round to get some financial stability. Hope fully they get lucky like Argentina and break the WC record for regular penalties given and for most penalty shootouts to win the cup. Dais a hope from me. big grin

cumberland 2023-08-02 21:28:44 

In reply to Chrissy

Thank you Marley family and Cedella in particular

Was very pleased to hear of the support this family has been giving Team Jamaica! Respeck!

cumberland 2023-08-02 21:30:07 

In reply to HumbleCalf

Yes! Columbia next. Ticklish clash!

cumberland 2023-08-02 21:34:47 

You have to respect the defensive paradigm the JA women have brought so far. It's all well and good to want offense. For that you have to open up and the more seasoned teams will expose you and cut you up. Counterattack ball has to sharpen up. So far the philosophy holding. Fine tune and go forward! Excellent JA. What a fillip for the women's game in the Caribbean!

Brerzerk 2023-08-02 22:22:55 

In reply to cumberland
Torn, Columbia can pierce Yard's defense France did but the luck was with us and deservedly because they were gallant

Chrissy 2023-08-02 22:47:12 

In reply to Brerzerk
Colombia is a dark horse but we held France and Brazil at bay.
Hopefully we score a goal,or,two,or take,it to penalties and get lucky.

Chrissy 2023-08-03 00:24:07 

Allyuh want England or Nigeria? lol wink

nitro 2023-08-03 02:17:47 

In reply to Chrissy

England. More fire in Becky's belly!

HumbleCalf 2023-08-03 05:12:11 

In reply to Chrissy

I will take England along the way, but I really want the US or Japan, preferably the US...more publicity for our Girlz.

Yuhzimi big grin big grin big grin

Chrissy 2023-08-03 10:48:06 

Penalty for Morocco

Chrissy 2023-08-03 10:50:43 

Saved but rebound goes in.
1-0 and it’s half-time

Chrissy 2023-08-03 10:53:12 

In reply to HumbleCalf
Japan is the best side this year -no sah- want them out.

lol lol

Chrissy 2023-08-03 11:50:18 

Is Germany heading home?

nitro 2023-08-03 12:05:39 

In reply to Chrissy

The Germans are going


Chrissy 2023-08-03 12:06:10 

Morocco win
Germany draw - Germany out
Colombia and Morocco are through

Chrissy 2023-08-03 12:06:48 

In reply to nitro
Freaking wow!

Chrissy 2023-08-03 12:08:02 

JA v Colombia
Morocco v France

Roundof 16

mikesiva 2023-08-03 13:11:38 

In reply to Chrissy

Morocco 1-0 Colombia
South Korea 1-1 Germany

Wow indeed!

ray 2023-08-03 13:31:08 

In reply to mikesiva
Did not expect Germany to not go thru...kudos to Morocco

Brerzerk 2023-08-03 14:01:50 

In reply to ray
The team that is truly playing The Beautiful Game didn't make it.
Colombia actually played better than Morocco except the kid made that
mistake in the box re the penalty. Colombia would've given Yard a tough time.
Coach n team would've been focusing on defense but that match would've been
Colombia's midfield vs ours and their 3 would've run our five to the ground.

Brerzerk 2023-08-03 14:04:17 

In reply to mikesiva
Wow not keeping up, thought Colombia was out, they gonna give us chubble

camos 2023-08-03 14:32:36 

In reply to Brerzerk
Colombia was smart ,get a reality check before the knock out stage.

HumbleCalf 2023-08-05 05:38:21 

Spain killing Switzerland

Spain 4, Switzerland 0, but the official score is 3-1

mikesiva 2023-08-05 06:57:04 

In reply to HumbleCalf

Spain 5-1 Switzerland final score

HumbleCalf 2023-08-05 08:18:35 

In reply to mikesiva
More fun, Norway 1, Japan 0…but the official score is Japan 1, Norway 0

HumbleCalf 2023-08-05 08:22:01 

1-1 even though Norway scored both goals

Chrissy 2023-08-05 09:29:34 

In reply to HumbleCalf
2-1 Japan

Chrissy 2023-08-05 09:41:12 

Beautiful goal Japan 3-1
Japan look really good

hubert 2023-08-05 09:49:39 

In reply to Chrissy

They look really speedy and well coordinated ..
will be fabulous game if they meet Sweden next., Don't think the USA can match u[
with them.

Chrissy 2023-08-05 09:56:41 

Excellent win for the 2011 champions

Chrissy 2023-08-05 10:00:02 

In reply to hubert
Reminds me of their 2011 team

hubert 2023-08-05 10:36:22 

In reply to Chrissy

Yes. I loved that Team. This one could win it all again although they
are in the tougher draw with possibly Sweden and Netherlands who look
awesome too,to overcome.

We are in for some fabulous games. Women's Football has really become Special treat.

JoeGrine 2023-08-05 10:40:45 

As of now, Netherlands and Japan appear to be the two best teams.

camos 2023-08-05 11:09:30 

Have being waiting for this, Swiss defense had more holes than Swiss cheese! lol

Chrissy 2023-08-05 11:29:22 

In reply to JoeGrine
Agree - not a fan of anything English, but they also look good.
Sadly for us Colombia could be the dark horse.

JoeGrine 2023-08-05 12:05:47 

In reply to Chrissy

Yes, the English look extremely well coached. Somehow, I like our chance against them IF we can get by Colombia.

Chrissy 2023-08-05 12:22:39 

In reply to JoeGrine
That would be fabulous

Halliwell 2023-08-05 14:22:57 

What a performance by the Japanese
Joy to watch

My horses still in it! big grin

Chrissy 2023-08-05 14:42:10 

In reply to Halliwell

Kay 2023-08-05 15:09:10 

In reply to Chrissy

Goal #5 for Hinata, in the lead again over Popp .....

Chrissy 2023-08-05 15:40:08 

In reply to Kay
Japan look really good

Halliwell 2023-08-05 18:09:19 

In reply to Chrissy

The stuff in this World Cup makes your heart lift

It’s not the traditional powerhouses and it’s not the folks that have all the best facilities and structure behind them that are the talk of the town

Sure maybe England or USA may lift the trophy, and I get that Japan has already won this, but that 3rd World football story, even the immigrants on the France team, that gets you every time

Chrissy 2023-08-05 19:46:11 

In reply to Halliwell

Agree with you - the other thing I look at is how much more diverse the French team and other teams from Europe are than than the Brazilian team for example.
The football is great but the socio-economic and political dynamics are just as interesting.

Chrissy 2023-08-05 23:25:18 

Don’t forget South Africa v Netherlands is on tonight 10.00pm Eastern Caribbean 9.00pm Yard

Brerzerk 2023-08-06 01:58:24 

In reply to Chrissy
That Saffie Anthem, white part included. What a "hymn!"

Brerzerk 2023-08-06 02:00:51 

In reply to Chrissy
Taking the field today-is this the 1st RSA XI of any sport ever without a white person?

Brerzerk 2023-08-06 02:55:58 

Although 1 down RSA has played better than expected. Needs to delay some passes just a tad to make better decisions

HumbleCalf 2023-08-06 03:26:42 

Come on SA get 1, you’ve beautiful in spurts. Talent is there

HumbleCalf 2023-08-06 03:32:25 

That was pooor from the SA keeper

Brerzerk 2023-08-06 03:33:08 

Wow, what a giveaway: goalie wow

Brerzerk 2023-08-06 04:05:26 

In reply to Brerzerk
Good game of football SA is better than I 1st thought

hubert 2023-08-06 05:35:09 

In reply to Brerzerk

Interesting question. As far as women yes,but it is likely that this happened many times with the men's game.
While the whites dominated cricket and rugby in the bad old days of apartheid, football was basically owned by
the Blacks. The whites did not seem to mind too much apparently as football was not treated the same as cricket or rugby
as FIFA did not operate the same as the ICC.

When the country changed from its racism based culture, blacks were the majority of the team if not totally, and a few even made
it to the rugby Springboks team too.

Could be an interesting thing to research tho. Was strange seeing only black women representing tonight.
And they played pretty good too considering they were up against a big time football team in the Netherlands.
Parity is coming to the International Women's game at a faster clip than the Men's.

KTom 2023-08-06 07:15:45 

So they didn't kill the Boers.

hubert 2023-08-06 07:42:04 

In reply to KTom


I am up waiting for the USA game , their likely exit and the subsequent mourning and excuses from sea to shining sea.


FanAttick 2023-08-06 08:03:24 

In reply to hubert

USA, USA, USA!!! lol
I’m backing my adopted country all the way

FanAttick 2023-08-06 09:38:45 

In reply to hubert

The Swedes under siege lol

Chrissy 2023-08-06 09:48:46 

In reply to FanAttick
But it’s still 0-0 at halftime


FanAttick 2023-08-06 09:53:58 

In reply to Chrissy

Dont worry - Trinity Rodman will take care of business in the 2nd half lol

Halliwell 2023-08-06 10:05:16 

In reply to FanAttick

Is she Jamaican? My daughter was saying that but I wasn’t sure
She has impressed this half

Chrissy 2023-08-06 10:05:27 

In reply to FanAttick
If this comes down to penalties Sweden will win

FanAttick 2023-08-06 10:14:04 

In reply to Halliwell

No she’s Dennis Rodman’s daughter

Halliwell 2023-08-06 10:24:08 

In reply to FanAttick

Ah now come to tell you I just see that on Wiki

Chrissy 2023-08-06 10:47:52 

No matter how this ends, Sweden has the best keeper in the tournament

hubert 2023-08-06 11:01:08 

In reply to Chrissy

Isn't she fabulous ? Now I can't help but root for the USA.. Can't take it to hear all the excuses or the
grief if they don't go through ,,they have played better this game


hubert 2023-08-06 11:01:43 

In reply to FanAttick

Yes US has stepped up this game but can they keep it up in extra time ?

hubert 2023-08-06 11:12:51 

In reply to Chrissy

I don't like the idea of penalties.I think Sweden may have the advantage here.

hubert 2023-08-06 11:27:23 

Penalty kickers coming in as subs...Is there a Brandi Chastain or two ?

FanAttick 2023-08-06 11:29:25 

In reply to hubert

Who will hold their nerves?

Chrissy 2023-08-06 11:30:17 

Penalty kick time lol

hubert 2023-08-06 11:32:28 

In reply to FanAttick
Very nervous about the shootout. The way these women play, I don't have much
confidence at all.
They will be up against an excellent GK.
Hope they do it. If they muff this. the players will be
crucified especially the one who misses if they lose.

FanAttick 2023-08-06 11:38:44 

In reply to hubert

Swede missed
Rapinoe follows suit lol
Saved by US

hubert 2023-08-06 11:40:44 

In reply to FanAttick

If Sweden miss this one, USA wins.
No it is 3-3..after the 5. This is drama.

Chrissy 2023-08-06 11:41:05 

Four missed penalties

FanAttick 2023-08-06 11:41:14 

In reply to hubert

Wow…nerves lol

Chrissy 2023-08-06 11:41:25 

Here comes sudden death

FanAttick 2023-08-06 11:41:44 

In reply to Chrissy

All square
All square again

hubert 2023-08-06 11:41:58 

In reply to FanAttick

Yes.Tied again 4-4 Nerves for sure

FanAttick 2023-08-06 11:43:48 

In reply to hubert

USA misses

FanAttick 2023-08-06 11:44:43 

In reply to hubert

Saved? lol

Chrissy 2023-08-06 11:45:01 

Sweden wins

FanAttick 2023-08-06 11:45:03 

In reply to Chrissy

Sweden wins
Reggae Girls are the last Concacaf team standing!

hubert 2023-08-06 11:45:48 

In reply to FanAttick
Man...Rapinoe, Smith and Ohara will never live this down...Sweden outplayed and then behind on kicks,
come back to win 5-4...
Winning shot is by inches..grand attempted save by USA GK and she also scored ...tough night.

What sorrow for the women. I hope the country don't crucify them.

Chrissy 2023-08-06 11:46:16 

I told allyuh up thread- if this comes down to penalties Sweden wins

FanAttick 2023-08-06 11:46:54 

In reply to hubert

The Anti-Woke mob will have a field day..

Concacaf’s last hope rests on the shoulders of Bunny Shaw and the Reggae Girls

hubert 2023-08-06 11:48:09 

In reply to Chrissy

I called that..I was also not confident.

hubert 2023-08-06 11:49:47 

In reply to FanAttick

I hope Bunny is fit and ready..YARD has to save the Region. the sunshine Girls
can do it and get to last 8..They gotta ..I will be on the knees my Friend.

smile smile

nitro 2023-08-06 11:50:54 

Poor penalties but the Swedish goalie made the difference. Hush Sophie.

Chrissy 2023-08-06 11:51:21 

In reply to hubert
Sometimes one more game is one too many Rapinoe should have been left on the bench

Chrissy 2023-08-06 11:52:35 

In reply to FanAttick
Yep re the anti-woke posse

jahmekyah 2023-08-06 11:55:12 

Not surprise the USA lost. Rapinoe better days are behind her.

JoeGrine 2023-08-06 11:56:46 

Easily one of the best display of Women World Cup goalkeeping I have ever seen.

hubert 2023-08-06 11:56:51 

In reply to Chrissy
Oh sure. Shocked that she even made the squad. She is long pass her best. That told me
that the squad was lacking solid player or two for her to make the squad.

In the end,the USA did not have a Brandi Chastain to convert one needed penalty. smile

The coach did not inspire much confidence all tournament.I think he will be the first
casualty in a shakeup.

hubert 2023-08-06 11:58:04 

In reply to JoeGrine

Sweden's GK is perhaps the best I have seen in the Women's game,
The USA's Scurry was great too back in the day.

JoeGrine 2023-08-06 12:09:31 

In reply to hubert

Agree on Scurry. Nadine Angerer of Germany is the only other that I would put in that company.

camos 2023-08-06 12:10:51 

The Europeans have taken over, tougher leagues will always produce the better players.

Maispwi 2023-08-06 12:13:44 

Cudn have happened to a better team. Dey and dere commies too nuff

Halliwell 2023-08-06 12:22:17 

Well what a great day!!! big grin

Drapsey 2023-08-06 12:30:20 

Could this be why they lost?

USWNT Players Remain Largely Silent Again During National Anthem

Several members of the United States Women's National Team (USWNT) have again remained silent as the national anthem played before a FIFA Women's World Cup game on Sunday.

They were seen not singing along as "The Star-Spangled Banner" played before their World Cup clash against Sweden.

Come in Sangvoid.

Where is Sangvoid anyway?

hubert 2023-08-06 12:34:45 

In reply to camos
That is the reality. USA League has got to get much better and tougher as the Europeans
are not slowing down but getting better and better with their solid foundation.
The Asian countries are getting there but they do not have a collective of very good league to compare
CONCACAF has a lot to do for the women's game to reach high level. Far more resources need
to grace CONCACAF in the Women's Game if progress need to be made and maintained.

Kay 2023-08-06 15:29:15 

Well Rapinoe and O'Hara are no spring chicken. Fresh younger legs needed...

Courtesy 2023-08-06 15:41:05 

Six!!! Too sraight...too sweet.

big grin

Brerzerk 2023-08-06 16:02:52 

In reply to Drapsey
Megyn Kelly was wishing for this loss. Reminds 9f the ole British racist who called the TV channel to wish thevsame on Rashford n CO.

Chrissy 2023-08-07 07:23:22 

Leh we go Nigeria - dat would mad all,of Hengland lol lol

Chrissy 2023-08-07 08:05:32 

Big rhatid dive dat Pommie - no penalty
Go Nigeria

Halliwell 2023-08-07 08:06:21 

In reply to Chrissy

No freaking penalty
Who cares what the bbc comms say

You can’t touch someone’s back and they go flying in a somersault!!! rolleyes rolleyes

Chrissy 2023-08-07 08:24:10 

Half time - Nigeria definitely had the better half.
Give thanks fi di VAR system or di ref would have given di Pommies a penalty.
Gwan Nigeria.

Chrissy 2023-08-07 08:25:17 

In reply to Halliwell
She needs a pool and a new sport - diving.


Brerzerk 2023-08-07 08:25:27 

In reply to Chrissy

lol lol lol
Sweet mi how the Eagles holding strong you see

Chrissy 2023-08-07 08:28:45 

In reply to Brerzerk
Although I een sure which would be easier if we mek di QFs


Halliwell 2023-08-07 08:51:47 

In reply to Chrissy

Triple somersault with 2 tucks and a pike!

Have to listen to the rest in the car…I gawn lol

Brerzerk 2023-08-07 08:58:25 

In reply to Halliwell
Sweet to see that little Nigerian girl si inspired by her country-women. 2am here
Drive safely

Brerzerk 2023-08-07 09:06:03 

In reply to Chrissy

What a save!!

FanAttick 2023-08-07 09:16:46 

In reply to Chrissy

Oops. Lauren gets a red card

Chrissy 2023-08-07 09:16:54 

Good -she literally stepped on her back -foolish James

Brerzerk 2023-08-07 09:18:28 

In reply to Chrissy
Keep wondering if really on purpose!

Chrissy 2023-08-07 09:20:14 

Come Nigeria - just one goal now will do it

Chrissy 2023-08-07 09:21:03 

In reply to Brerzerk
It was deliberate - I called it before VAR

Chrissy 2023-08-07 09:25:49 

Extra time coming up

Brerzerk 2023-08-07 09:36:14 

In reply to Chrissy
No penalty?? Sgi shub har dung

Chrissy 2023-08-07 09:38:54 

Nigeria has a finishing problem

Chrissy 2023-08-07 09:39:36 

In reply to Brerzerk

Chrissy 2023-08-07 09:41:29 

Another foul gawn a begging

Chrissy 2023-08-07 09:57:33 

Come on Nigeria

nitro 2023-08-07 10:02:24 

Nigeria needs to score.

Chrissy 2023-08-07 10:05:01 

In reply to nitro
They lack finishing power

Chrissy 2023-08-07 10:06:58 

Penalty kicks coming up

FanAttick 2023-08-07 10:07:21 

In reply to Chrissy

Penalties lol

Chrissy 2023-08-07 10:14:19 

England miss

Chrissy 2023-08-07 10:15:41 

Desire misses too lol

Chrissy 2023-08-07 10:16:31 

1-0 Poms

Chrissy 2023-08-07 10:18:11 

2-0 Poms

Chrissy 2023-08-07 10:19:06 


Chrissy 2023-08-07 10:19:56 

3-1 Poms

Chrissy 2023-08-07 10:20:45 


FanAttick 2023-08-07 10:21:57 

In reply to Chrissy

The pommies dodged a bullet
Well played Nigeria

Chrissy 2023-08-07 10:22:25 

England win 4-2 on PKs
Sadly, Nigeria does not have finishing power.
Hard loss

nitro 2023-08-07 10:24:03 

Lucky English.

Chrissy 2023-08-07 10:29:18 

In reply to FanAttick
A good team but Nigeria need some folks who can score goals.
Too many chances missed in regulation time.

Chrissy 2023-08-07 10:31:48 

Australia v Denmark now
Denmark should win dis one

nitro 2023-08-07 10:35:55 

In reply to Chrissy

They have good goal scorers. They were too anxious.

Chrissy 2023-08-07 11:09:01 

In reply to nitro
OZ in front and looking stronger now

hubert 2023-08-07 11:22:56 

In reply to Chrissy

You summed it up right..missed the first half but Nigeria should have put at least one in the net.
They had England under control..the PKs shootout was predictable..European teams work had on that
and almost always come out on top in shootouts.

The Matildas looking good now and earned that goal advantage.
Gotta cheer for them as the host country too ..they embrace the Yard's colours.

lol lol lol lol

Chrissy 2023-08-07 11:59:22 

2-0. OZ

Chrissy 2023-08-07 12:01:13 

In reply to hubert
OZ got dis one- I thought the Danes would win this one.
Sadly they lack imagination and are easy to read.

hubert 2023-08-07 12:08:21 

In reply to Chrissy
Looks like it. I also thought the Danes would take it. But the Matildas came out strong
and have not ceded anything to them.

hubert 2023-08-07 12:24:31 

In reply to hubert
Congrats Matildas...You could be seeing the Girlz down the road

Chrissy 2023-08-07 12:26:12 

2-0 0Z

FanAttick 2023-08-07 12:27:08 

In reply to Chrissy

The kangaroos are through to the round of 8

Chrissy 2023-08-07 12:27:47 

Two to go tomorrow
Let’s go Yard
JA v Colombia and Morocco v France

nitro 2023-08-07 12:57:15 

In reply to hubert

Yeah, Jamaica received a lot of support from the Aussie fans in their games so far. Apparently it has been so off the field as well.

FanAttick 2023-08-07 15:07:55 

In reply to nitro

This is who our Yardie Lauren James stepped on lol

Drapsey 2023-08-07 15:30:54 

In reply to FanAttick

The Brits are getting ready to disown her, like the Canadians did with sprinter Ben Johnson.

2023 WWC: FIFA bans Lauren James for rest of tournament after red card

Brerzerk 2023-08-07 15:42:06 

In reply to Drapsey
What a class act this young lady! Brains, beauty,skill, enough brawns and more.
The Nigerians aren't scoring because they are used to an easier game. Lose the ball too often because of badly calculated passes then don't finish when chances are there. Vs weaker opponents those passes would reach the intended player rather than being intercepted.

Halliwell 2023-08-07 16:58:42 

In reply to Brerzerk

Thanks for the nice wishes

Ah don’t know what else England could have given NIG except an own goal
What an opportunity not taken

nitro 2023-08-07 17:44:16 

In reply to FanAttick

Ahh boy. Did not expect that from our Lauren at all.
That is one bright, talented lady.

big grin

nitro 2023-08-07 17:48:14 

In reply to Drapsey

Yeah and this British-Nigerian knows too well, so she switched:

Nigeria star Ashleigh Plumptre turned down England call-up after her sister faced racism
Link Text

Brerzerk 2023-08-07 18:21:52 

In reply to nitro
You kno I was marking her 9/10...only one "bad" pass. Decisive in defense , knew how to support attack. Seemed a notch above about 7-8 of her team-mates

HumbleCalf 2023-08-07 18:24:37 

In reply to FanAttick

Facting Yardies, always one step away from disgraceful behavior. big grin

Upgrade the ban to life!

Chrissy 2023-08-07 19:32:07 

In reply to Drapsey
Saw it live more than once - the ref was way too soft. VAR stepped - dat was ignorance- she literally stomped on her back - a blatant violent offense

FanAttick 2023-08-07 19:57:11 

In reply to HumbleCalf

Lauren made a juvenile error. Temporary insanity due to the frustration of being locked down the entire game. She will rise again…..
Meanwhile the Yardie UB40s dont learn…. There is no real glory in representing England. The racists are coming after her in droves. Luckily England advanced otherwise she would have been drawn and quartered. lol

Time for all expat Yardies to throw their lot in with the Reggae Girlz and Boyz..

hubert 2023-08-07 20:01:23 

In reply to Drapsey

lol lol lol lol lol

Halliwell 2023-08-07 20:02:42 

In reply to FanAttick

Commentary immediately cut her adrift.

I dont hear them calling other ‘types’ of players double stupid.

But “stupid stupid Lauren” was an earful
“Possibly let herself and her country down; it’s left to be seen in the remaining minutes”
So knives were sharpened

She not out of the woods yet; she better hope they lift the cup and the best she can hope for is that “we did it without the overrated Lauren J”

Link Text

HumbleCalf 2023-08-07 20:10:02 

In reply to FanAttick

Asking this quietly and rhetorically...Yuh tink she woulda step pon a White girl suh

nitro 2023-08-07 22:38:56 

In reply to FanAttick

Time for all expat Yardies to throw their lot in with the Reggae Girlz and Boyz..

Time Come!

nitro 2023-08-07 22:40:20 

In reply to Halliwell

Honestly, they still beat Beckham for his moment of madness. So no hope for Lauren.

nitro 2023-08-07 23:29:51 

In reply to FanAttick

Over 30 U15 players from the UK sorting out their passports already to try out for the team.
Even more from the USA.

As long as we develop our local football and the JFF don't mess up with the finances, Jamaica will be a powerhouse in the global game in the next 5 years. Men and Women.

nitro 2023-08-07 23:51:02 

France vs Morocco
Link Text

Morocco coach Reynald Pedros is eyeing a shock win over a France team he "knows perfectly" in the last 16 of the 2023 Fifa Women's World Cup.

nitro 2023-08-07 23:53:06 

Colombia vs Jamaica
Link Text

Key stats
This is Colombia's second time in the last 16 of the Women's World Cup, having also made the first knockout round on debut since 2015.
Jamaica are the first Caribbean nation to play in the knockout stages of a Fifa World Cup - male or female - since Cuba in 1938.
The Reggae Girlz are only the third side from the Concacaf region to reach the Women's World Cup knockouts, after USA and Canada.
These two sides are the last remaining representatives from their respective federations (Colombia from Conmebol, Jamaica from Concacaf) at this World Cup.
Jamaica did not concede in any of their three group games. In 2019, making their Women's World Cup debut, they conceded 12 goals in three matches.

Chrissy 2023-08-08 00:30:37 

In reply to nitro

Hope we can pull this off - a hard but not impossible task.

JoeGrine 2023-08-08 05:41:49 

In reply to nitro

Over 30 U15 players from the UK sorting out their passports already to try out for the team.
Even more from the USA

Even without these additions, if you look at the age of our current squad, the 2027 World Cup could be a special one for Jamaica.

Brerzerk 2023-08-08 08:21:09 

Some crappy pSsing from spence

Chrissy 2023-08-08 08:31:18 

Pressha- come allyuh we need a goal.
Calm down Blackwood.

Chrissy 2023-08-08 08:41:42 

Yellow card fi Swaby
Calm down allyuh

Brerzerk 2023-08-08 08:43:47 

In reply to Chrissy
Terrible call not a card dat

Halliwell 2023-08-08 08:45:19 

In reply to brerzerk & Chrissy

Nervous times

Brerzerk 2023-08-08 08:51:28 

In reply to Chrissy
Terrible call not a card dat

Chrissy 2023-08-08 08:51:56 

0-0 end of 1st half.

We need a goal.

hubert 2023-08-08 08:54:57 

Girlz can't keep possession for more then one pass..building pressure on themselves.
Maybe Brown and Shaw should shift roles. Latter is not the threat she should be.
Can't see where a goal will come from the Girlz.

Brerzerk 2023-08-08 08:55:01 

They “balled”us our center back and central mid-fielder are having tough games

hubert 2023-08-08 08:59:14 

In reply to Brerzerk

Enttire defence backs are having big problems,..Wiltshire seems clueless .
Linda is always a threat but Ramirez is the one they have to control and they are not
doing that.. Spence is having a tough go as well..midfield needs to step up.

CWWeekes 2023-08-08 09:00:54 

Have faith people. Mi sciance-man friend from St. Thomas seh we have this. Him not patriotic though; don't work for free. Had to promise him my next pawdna draw.

Brerzerk 2023-08-08 09:09:01 

Shaw looks so frustrated

hubert 2023-08-08 09:12:02 

In reply to Brerzerk

Shaw is small when the occasion is big.

Dis done...1-0 Colombia

Brerzerk 2023-08-08 09:12:35 

Too easy keep the ball

Chrissy 2023-08-08 09:13:10 

Colombia score- good goal.
Fight back allyuh

Brerzerk 2023-08-08 09:28:15 

Giving the ball away even more than Zambia now

Halliwell 2023-08-08 09:28:47 

In reply to Chrissy

Ok I need Shaw to show what a big player she is

And I very much dislike that Colombian forward - punk

Chrissy 2023-08-08 09:29:53 

Come allyuh just one goal

Chrissy 2023-08-08 09:30:47 

In reply to Halliwell
Agree - she has a chance now

Da-Vincy 2023-08-08 09:35:53 

In reply to hubert

Surprised at how slow Shaw appears. Is this the way she normally plays?

Chrissy 2023-08-08 09:42:46 

Almost- Drew

Chrissy 2023-08-08 09:49:40 

Five minutes allyuh

Brerzerk 2023-08-08 09:50:38 

In reply to Chrissy
So close the we were saved by the upright

Brerzerk 2023-08-08 09:52:42 

Lose or give ball away to much was always an uphill task though could’ve still done better but no shame

hubert 2023-08-08 09:56:39 

In reply to Da-Vincy

Not impressed with her at International level.

Chrissy 2023-08-08 09:58:07 

Well done my side - if anyone had told me we would make final 16, I would have laughed. Lots of work to do.
Hope Colombia beat dem Pommies.

hubert 2023-08-08 09:59:31 

In reply to Brerzerk
No shame at all...Girlz must be commended for what they have achieved.
Huge progress and history making campaign..but the flaws and shortcomings are evident and
can be worked out with the appropriate support and resources.

Good going Girlz.Proud of you all.You overachieved.

CWWeekes 2023-08-08 10:04:54 

To quote the commentator:
"Jamaica has come a far way to reach this stage"

A win would have been out of this world. But the girls can hold their heads up. Who can truly say they expected us to get this far.

JoeGrine 2023-08-08 10:07:21 

GK : Spencer (8 ) - my Jamaican player of the tourney. Hoping Leah Brooks can soak up some knowledge for the future.
LB : Blackwood (4) - has fallen off to her mean since Game 1.
CB : A. Swaby (7) - very steady while being aggressive.
CB : C. Swaby (8.5) - silently growing into a world class center back. Vies with Spencer for our player of the tourney.
RB : Wiltshire (5) - had her hands full with Caicedo and actually held her own.
LM : Carter (3) - .....I will be nice so just notice her grade.
CM : Spence (4.5) - her worse game of the tourney.
CM : Simpson (5) - her usual steady but unspectacular self.
RM : Brown (6) - for me her best game but should have been more aggressive with that goalmouth 1/2 chance.
F : Shaw (6.5) - did not live up to her billing and was a tad unselfish late in the game.
F : van Zanten (6.5) - surprised she was subbed out. She was good defensively and showed some offensive nous.

CM : Primus (5) - clogged the middle but wayward in her passes.
RM : Cameron (7) - should have replaced Carter early in the first half.
McNamara/Simmonds/Matthews - not on long enough for consideration.

Coach - Donaldson and his staff should be retained. He needs to drop his football infatuation with Washington. She is a talent but not ready.
Captaincy - Shaw doesn't have the temperament or the nuances to be captain. Outfit A. Swaby or Spencer with the captain's armband. Shaw spent more time gesticulating negatively to her teammates yet visibly missing when it was time to protest her teammate's yellow cards.
Colombia - decent team but they are so dramatic I thought I was watching men's football.

FanAttick 2023-08-08 10:18:03 

In reply to Chrissy

Well done indeed. They competed well. I would question the team selection in this game…I would have started with Matthews and Bunny Shaw and would have started Tiffany Cameron instead of Trudy Carter…

JahJah 2023-08-08 10:22:29 

In reply to JoeGrine

GK : Spencer (8 ) - my Jamaican player of the tourney. Hoping Leah Brooks can soak up some knowledge for the future.

Wait. Is Schneider done at just 23? I'd have thought Brooks had more waiting to do.

nitro 2023-08-08 10:25:33 

Good World Cup Girlz. They exceeded my expectations. This is why we must choose our best available players all the time.

JoeGrine 2023-08-08 10:26:59 

In reply to JahJah

Show the them man who said Schneider is done. I want to have a word with him.

As for me, I was speaking to the youth of Brooks.

JoeGrine 2023-08-08 10:28:43 

In reply to nitro

It is far easier to choose our best available players for the Reggae Girlz. For the Reggae Boyz, not so easy......transfer fees change the narrative.

For example, nary a word said about "English rejects" when it comes to the ladies. big grin big grin big grin big grin

camos 2023-08-08 10:31:48 

In reply to JoeGrine

LB : Blackwood (4) - has fallen off to her mean since Game 1.

Not as good as previous games but not that low, probably will benefit the most from this tournament.

Chrissy 2023-08-08 10:53:33 

In reply to JoeGrine
Agree - I found Bunny to be over-rated at this level- seems petulant and moody.

Morocco v France now

camos 2023-08-08 10:58:54 

In reply to Chrissy

Agree - I found Bunny to be over-rated at this level- seems petulant and moody.
Our opponents din't think so, there was always three defendants on her, that is a lot of respect. That freed up Brown who did not capitalize on that.

JahJah 2023-08-08 11:05:14 

In reply to JoeGrine

Doh mind me. Just here to keep the grindsman honest. big grin

Chrissy 2023-08-08 11:21:05 

2-0 France

Chrissy 2023-08-08 11:24:33 

3-0 France

Halliwell 2023-08-08 11:25:44 

Terrible by Bunny
With that reputation you got score at least 1

JahJah 2023-08-08 11:48:59 

In reply to Halliwell

2 World Cups. No goals. We scored one more than the last time. By a centre-back at that.

We're allergic to goals.

Chrissy 2023-08-08 11:54:23 

So three of the eight QF teams are non-Western European teams - Colombia, Japan and Australia.

hubert 2023-08-08 12:08:31 

In reply to Halliwell

Can't recall her taking a shot either..or making a good attempt even from
distance. When the occasion is big you expect big players to show up big.

She did not; expected much more from her but the team's defending stance
did not created much by way of attacks when it could have mattered.

If they were more inclined to offensive plays then Shaw could have been as a
decoy with two or three defenders on her sometimes and give opportunity to other
offensive players to do something.
But the midfield players were more centered on strengthening the defence .
Worked for a while but when goals are needed in KO stage, the midfield has to assert
itself in goal getting with good passes.
The Girlz will be much better going forward. They know now what they have to do
but the support on every level must be forthcoming and commitment to the cause
fortified by the JFF and all stakeholders.

The Girl have made huge leap and gain International attention compared to four years ago.
I love what I see and the future should be better.

Halliwell 2023-08-08 12:08:39 

In reply to JahJah

Haiti scored 2 when they went WC in ‘74.
Haiti women ‘23: zero
We didn’t score any in Germany ‘06.


JoeGrine 2023-08-08 12:43:15 

In reply to JahJah

But Sir, desptite my name, I am quite honest.

JoeGrine 2023-08-08 12:45:52 

In reply to hubert

Hubert, Shaw did take a few shots on goal. I do agree with you though that if you are billed as a "star" you must show up when the lights are on. For me, her play today was not among top 3 Jamaicans.

JoeGrine 2023-08-08 12:47:13 

In reply to Chrissy

Agree - I found Bunny to be over-rated at this level- seems petulant and moody.

These are not traits befitting a captain.

We need a rethink on our Men's and Women's team captains.

Chrissy 2023-08-08 12:53:12 

By the way this is one lovely thread thanks to all of you -only Ewart is missing wink
France 4 Morocco 0

nitro 2023-08-08 13:30:27 

In reply to Chrissy

Thanks to you Driver...don't stop at all big grin

nitro 2023-08-08 13:34:42 

In reply to JoeGrine

I can understand your concern with Bunny as cappo but what is the issue with Blake?

cricketmad 2023-08-08 13:40:49 

In reply to nitro

The Girlz punched above their weight, and showed that with a little tweaking they are capable of competing on the big stage against top teams. Once again big up unuself.

birdseye 2023-08-08 13:47:24 

In reply to JoeGrine Was talking to a friend in Jamaica during the match and he pointed out that the only match we won was the one that Bunny did not play…. Take that for what its worth.

nitro 2023-08-08 13:53:56 

In reply to birdseye
Let's be honest, that was by far our weakest opponent.

Bunny' presence helped against the stronger teams due to her threat and drew 2 or 3 players to her.

Chrissy 2023-08-08 14:00:47 

In reply to nitro
True re Panama - still I don't know who should be cappo but Bunny did not inspire confidence.
Given how recently these complete strangers were thrown together, they did remarkably well.

birdseye 2023-08-08 14:03:32 

In reply to nitro

Bunny' presence helped against the stronger teams due to her threat and drew 2 or 3 players to her.
True, but that also created a log jam in the goal area which limited our ability to score goals…. She was not more than mediocre in the series, she used her chest to trap balls and couldn’t control the ball then, I don’t know, there was too much emphasis on her and she did not deliver a thing.

camos 2023-08-08 14:16:54 

In reply to birdseyeI don’t know, there was too much emphasis on her and she did not deliver a thing.

Coach needed to make the adjustment, if she draws 3 defenders the other forwards should do the scoring. With the exception of one game Brown seems much too slow on the left.

nitro 2023-08-08 14:20:14 

In reply to camos
Correct. I expected more from Jody. Even expected her to be a star. Her injury just before the tournament may have played a part.

JoeGrine 2023-08-08 14:44:11 

In reply to nitro

I can understand your concern with Bunny as cappo but what is the issue with Blake?

Your utterances as a captain carries weight. Mr. Andre Blake's -we dont want foreigners coming in when we near qualify, we have enough already - among other utterances are divisive and disgusting.

In a laughable act of hypocrisy, he recently became a US Citizen.

Just for the record, he is, for my money, the best goalkeeper we ever had.

JoeGrine 2023-08-08 14:46:33 

In reply to birdseye

True, but that also created a log jam in the goal area which limited our ability to score goals….

Lorne should have moved her wide as in all likelihood Colombia would have at least doubled her thus creating space for Van Zanten (who should not have been substituted) and the others.

JoeGrine 2023-08-08 14:47:39 

In reply to Chrissy

True re Panama - still I don't know who should be cappo but Bunny did not inspire confidence.

A. Swaby did an admirable job as stand-in captain for the Panama game. Let Swaby or Spencer be the captain.

nitro 2023-08-08 15:12:36 

In reply to JoeGrine

Oh, yeah. I remember those remarks.

hubert 2023-08-08 15:37:41 

In reply to JoeGrine

That would have been a capital move to put her outside. Agree with you totally.
..A little adjustment or two would have been welcomed.
But is so it go

jahmekyah 2023-08-08 16:28:30 

Bunny seemed to have lot of the hood in her

birdseye 2023-08-08 17:19:11 

In reply to camos

Coach needed to make the adjustment,
You are 100% correct; he needed to move her further away from goal to open up some space around the goal. She also wasn’t playing with any joy --- Linda Caicedo, that’s a young player with talent who also play with a lot of joy and enjoyment, whether she makes a good play or loses the ball. Bunny played like she expected differential treatment.. it’s the world cup, but go out there and enjoy it, it may be once in a lifetime opportunity, show that you are enjoying it, express yourself, win, lose or draw

birdseye 2023-08-08 17:19:29 


Brerzerk 2023-08-08 18:50:44 

In reply to Chrissy
I love sports and this group and this thread of astute analysts make it so much more fun. To, think I had one inbox convo with Ewart and guess what it was about sports. He’ll always be missed

HumbleCalf 2023-08-08 19:20:03 

In reply to JoeGrine

You think Blake is better than the great Clive “Spiderman” Wedderburn from STETHS

nitro 2023-08-08 21:47:33 

In reply to HumbleCalf

What is the highest level Spiderman played at?

HumbleCalf 2023-08-09 02:02:41 

In reply to nitro
The great Spiderman represented Reno in Westmoreland and represented Jamaica in a host of international matches. In those days the US could not spell football and did have any MLS

JoeGrine 2023-08-09 10:02:55 

In reply to HumbleCalf

You think Blake is better than the great Clive “Spiderman” Wedderburn from STETHS

"Clivey" remains for me a top 3 high school goalkeeper that I saw, the other two being Alvin Clarke (Corn) and Michael Reid (TT).

"Clivey" never played much at the post high school level and would not be in my top 10 Jamaican goalies. My top 5 being:

*= he was not Jamaican born.

JahJah 2023-08-09 12:12:04 

In reply to JoeGrine

No Miller??

camos 2023-08-09 12:33:34 

In reply to JoeGrine

Morgan from Boy's Town, think he was a spinner for Jamaica also?

JoeGrine 2023-08-09 12:41:07 

In reply to camos

"Respic" Morgan was a decent 'keeper. Didn't care much for him after he did an uncouth act on an opposing player one night while Boy's Town was being outplayed.

JoeGrine 2023-08-09 12:47:07 

[b]In reply to JahJah

No Miller??

Now you are asking me to produce a top 10. Here goes....

1. Blake
2. Edwards
3. Murphy
4. Constantine*
5. Ricketts
6. Lawrence
7. Barrett
8. Miller
9. Lucas
10. Black

JahJah 2023-08-09 15:07:57 

In reply to JoeGrine

Barrett, seriously? Is that a nostalgia pick though?

From what I saw, Miller was criminally underrated.

hubert 2023-08-09 15:18:20 

In reply to JoeGrine

I missed those shots...shots at goal or on goal saved or tame, feeble or strong or wide or ...attempts ?
Will have to replay the games.

JoeGrine 2023-08-09 16:05:33 

In reply to JahJah

Barrett, seriously? Is that a nostalgia pick though?

In the history of Jamaican football, there are only two net-minders who have tended goal at the highest level, namely, Barrett and Lawrence.

It is the latter who I think is grossly underrated and so I move him up one notch. What I saw of Miller, he was quite steady but I cannot displace anyone above him to put him there.

JahJah 2023-08-09 16:45:14 

In reply to JoeGrine

Yes Lawrence was underrated.

I saw Miller drag a garbage team (Syrianska FC) from D2 in Sweden into the top flight there. Also saw him put in some spectacular performances for Jamaica. Well, I guess just outside the top 5 may be fair.

Brerzerk 2023-08-09 16:49:36 

In reply to JoeGrine
Remind me who was the goalie from Harbor View '80's I believe.
I'd say he was the 1st in the line of top-class modern Yard goalies.
Cyan imagine I 'figat' the man name considering I actually knew him...brain fade.

jacksprat 2023-08-09 18:26:40 

One of the most encouraging legacies of this historic run in this FIFA World Cup is that no one questioned the loyalty, commitment and "Jamaicanness" of the players despite the vast majority being born and raised in the Diaspora. This a good sign of the ideal of a Jamaica without borders where the Diaspora is seen as an equal and indispensable part of the country.

Or is it that success tends to paper over these latent tensions and schisms?

Brerzerk 2023-08-09 19:02:15 

In reply to jacksprat
All conquering WI side anyone? hardly a complaint about pics except the Yagga n Kalli dropped too soon, Bachus pick and Cozier-led Logie/Best debate.
Succes 'quiat mout'

imusic 2023-08-09 19:03:51 

In reply to jacksprat

Or is it that success tends to paper over these latent tensions and schisms?


imusic 2023-08-09 19:05:44 

In reply to Brerzerk

All conquering WI side anyone? hardly a complaint about pics except the Yagga n Kalli dropped too soon, Bachus pick and Cozier-led Logie/Best debate.
Succes 'quiat mout'

Very few questioned why Keith “Binary Man” Arthurton kept getting selected ahead of Brian Lara in the Vivian Richards led WI team either.

camos 2023-08-09 20:11:10 

What about Murry replacing Desmond Lewis after 87 series average?

Brerzerk 2023-08-09 20:56:59 

In reply to camos
New Skippy Lloyd needed a steady-headed and experienced Murray as VC. To not take Dessie as reserve was almost criminal.
What happened is that it coincided with WICB's unofficial thrust to get 'Islanders' into the team so Findlay got the nod.
The official argument was Findlay was a much better keeper and Lewis was only used at home as a stop-gap opener. To hell
with the fact he made the team as a #7!!!

lol lol

Chrissy 2023-08-09 23:17:07 

Best World Cup Cartoon Ever

Brerzerk 2023-08-09 23:41:41 

By the way every time I hear or see someone blaming Blackwood for the loss to Colombia i "bringle" The attack began on a throw not intercepted mind you but actually thrown to an opponent.

Chrissy 2023-08-09 23:52:40 

In reply to jacksprat
A profound point

camos 2023-08-09 23:55:47 

In reply to Brerzerk she was goal side of the person she was marking but not close enough, that was the team's leading goal scorer. there is no room for mistake in defense.

nitro 2023-08-10 00:14:15 

In reply to jacksprat

Very good post.

birdseye 2023-08-10 02:31:02 

In reply to Chrissy That’s fantastically hilarious, a genius meme

big grin big grin big grin

birdseye 2023-08-10 02:36:04 

In reply to camos That was a colossal mistake, how can that player not be marked? I kind of thought she was offside, or maybe I was just wishing, but there was no official check, at least non displayed.

Brerzerk 2023-08-10 05:26:15 

In reply to birdseye
she wasn't offside Blackie misjudged the floated ball

JoeGrine 2023-08-10 05:35:36 

In reply to Brerzerk

Remind me who was the goalie from Harbor View '80's I believe.
I'd say he was the 1st in the line of top-class modern Yard goalies.

Not aware of any top Harbour View goalies in that era beyond "DV" Hayles and "Jubby" Jones. Memory not what it once was.

JoeGrine 2023-08-10 05:42:59 

In reply to jacksprat

One of the most encouraging legacies of this historic run in this FIFA World Cup is that no one questioned the loyalty, commitment and "Jamaicanness" of the players despite the vast majority being born and raised in the Diaspora. This a good sign of the ideal of a Jamaica without borders where the Diaspora is seen as an equal and indispensable part of the country.

I spoke on this earlier, the reason it is not being questioned has to do with one thing and it is absolutely not the historic run. Note the success did not come until the tourney started so it could not be the historic run which kept the detractors quiet as we did not anticipate this outcome.

Most of the cry about "English rejects" come from those in Jamaica who are affiliated with men's clubs. The more diaspora players on the team, the less likelihood of a local player being seen and getting sold off to a foreign team to make dollars from transfer fees. Thís is not a major factor in women's soccer, as of now. The local clubs and their spokespersons want to use the men's program as a showcase of local talent to sell, not to qualify for tourneys. If i can get local player from Club Y on the team and he gets seen then my club gets paid and I can "eat a food", if we qualify so be it. There has to be a cultural shift from using the national team to market players to bringing in marketing experts into the local clubs to create revenue streams and let the national team serve national interest.

If Rebecca Spencer and Drew Spence were men they would be labeled "English rejects", as is, they are treasured parts of a historic run.

Carvel Stewart of Harbour View in his pre-election speech has made it quite clear he wants a "Jamaican " team that locals can enjoy! Need I say more.

JoeGrine 2023-08-10 05:49:55 

In reply to Brerzerk

By the way every time I hear or see someone blaming Blackwood for the loss to Colombia i "bringle" The attack began on a throw not intercepted mind you but actually thrown to an opponent.

The failure to intercept a throw-in was not as crucial as the failure by Blackwood to properly account for the player she was expected to mark. To compound matters, she totally misjudged the flight of the ball. It was Blackwood's fault.

JahJah 2023-08-10 08:57:31 

In reply to imusic

No, not really that. They were here 4 years ago and got beaten every single game, and most of the team were foreign born as well. The result, not much was said. They never reached that far up until that point, or even looked close to it with just a bunch of local players.

But glad to see this is pretty much the depth of your involvement here. wink

JahJah 2023-08-10 09:00:18 

In reply to Chrissy

Not really. See above.

Further, it's the federation that people should focus their ire on.

nitro 2023-08-10 12:14:04 

In reply to JoeGrine

The fact is players with quality do not need the national team to gain contracts overseas. Renaldo Cephas, Leon Bailey and Dujuan Richards are a few examples.

The JPL matches have good coverage, players can be assessed without being seen internationally. What the JFF needs to do is use the technology that allows rating sites such as Sofascore to generate data on players. The JPL is a higher league than the Macedonia league yet our players are leaving the JPL to go there as their performance data is captured.

Brerzerk 2023-08-10 16:16:29 

In reply to JoeGrine
hahahahahahahahahaha, I actually forgot Donovan Hayles! Time n age is a you know what. We both used to drop off pickney same time in the mornings.
By that time he was coaching I believe

JoeGrine 2023-08-10 17:09:45 

In reply to nitro

They won't listen to you and me, the "eat a food" mentality limits vision.

Chrissy 2023-08-10 17:45:41 

In reply to JoeGrine
And some men ‘eat a lot of food’


hubert 2023-08-10 23:50:36 

In reply to JahJah

Further, it's the federation that people should focus their ire on

Absolutely. Nuff said.

hubert 2023-08-10 23:58:59 

Netherlands v Spain in the first QF in about one hour.
Have admired Dutch football since he days of Johan Cruyff and the 'Total Football'
pattern they paraded in the 1974 World Cup.
The women have not reached that level but have shown themselves to be one of the top teams
in this WC and have made themselves heavy favourites to get to the final.

However I have a nagging feeling that Spain will upset them in the QF.
Hope the game lives up to high expectations.

I also like Japan over Sweden
Colombia over England and
France over Australia.

Would love to see Colombia and Japan final

Chrissy 2023-08-11 00:37:08 

In reply to hubert
Getting ready to watch
Netherlands - the Brazil of Europe without the wins


Chrissy 2023-08-11 01:55:28 

Spain had lots of chances.

JoeGrine 2023-08-11 02:01:45 

In reply to Chrissy

Shockingly, they are totally outplaying Holland.

Chrissy 2023-08-11 02:18:05 

In reply to JoeGrine
I really am surprised

Chrissy 2023-08-11 02:24:01 


Priapus 2023-08-11 02:26:02 

How was that not a penalty?
Ebony was pushed in the back.

FanAttick 2023-08-11 03:04:03 

In reply to Chrissy

Extra Time

Priapus 2023-08-11 03:36:44 

Beerenstyn misses , Paraluelo doesn't. 2-1 to Spain.

FanAttick 2023-08-11 03:46:00 

In reply to Chrissy

Spain advances. Dutch missed too many opportunities

Priapus 2023-08-11 03:46:23 

Viva Espana.

Priapus 2023-08-11 03:46:53 

In reply to FanAttick

Spain deserved to win. They were the better team.

Brerzerk 2023-08-11 03:47:24 

Berenstein cost the Dutch you cannot get two easy goal-mouth chances and not got on target. The girl who ran on to the cross and try to boot it in should've buried a diving header.

Castled 2023-08-11 04:16:33 

In reply to Brerzerk

More like 3 sitters her finishing was atrocious. With her pace and power, she should make goalies stretch and scamper. She reminds I and I of Lukaku.

Chrissy 2023-08-11 09:30:12 

Sweden 2-1

Chrissy 2023-08-11 09:47:19 

In reply to FanAttick
Well Sweden beat both the USA and Japan.
Could be their year

hubert 2023-08-11 10:23:09 

In reply to Chrissy

Yes it could be..they deserve this win as their domination of the first half was
unbelievable..Japan did come back and could have evened the score but they were
reduced to mediocre in the first 45.
That missed spot kick made a big difference to the outcome.
Still a good game and the Swedes look good.
So the two teams that played the most beautiful soccer, Netherlands and Japan are out.
Such is the sport and I am backing your dark horse Colombia to take out the Brits .
Would make my day if they get to the semis..
Would not like to see an all European semis


KTom 2023-08-11 10:32:52 

Europeans have an unfair advantage - our lesbians are clearly superior to the rest of the world's cis-women.

Chrissy 2023-08-11 14:58:46 

Let’s go Colombia!

Brerzerk 2023-08-11 16:31:47 

In reply to KTom

Now why di R..H... you had to come on such a beautiful thread with yuh 'nasiniss?'
Dis time my attempt at ignoring your corrupted mind failed. Be gone n leff us alone to enjoy
The Best Women's Football WC to date.

Halliwell 2023-08-11 16:53:55 

Ohhh Japan!!!!! sad

JahJah 2023-08-11 22:01:01 

After Beerensteyn go to the media and talk about big mouth Americans she couldn't deposit nuttn inna di gaping big goal mouth? confused

Talking about - Yes, Bye

Shoulda probably shut hers until after the tournament but alas.

XDFIX 2023-08-11 22:31:49 

Colombia gonna pose some problems for the Brits

Chrissy 2023-08-12 02:08:40 

In reply to Brerzerk
You have time


Chrissy 2023-08-12 02:09:04 

In reply to XDFIX
Hope they win


Halliwell 2023-08-12 07:42:24 

Wow what a terrible mistake
But great team recovery shock

Chrissy 2023-08-12 09:05:06 

In reply to Halliwell
Still no goal

Chrissy 2023-08-12 09:38:07 

Penalty kicks here we go

Chrissy 2023-08-12 10:01:45 

PHEW di Matildas win

hubert 2023-08-12 10:01:57 

In reply to Chrissy

Matildas do it 10th round ...Oh happy days in Brisbane.

big grin big grin

C'mon Colombia .It's your turn . Take out the Brits /

JahJah 2023-08-12 10:06:36 

The pattern is emerging. The tournament is 'lightening' out. Will it continue?

Let's see.

Chrissy 2023-08-12 10:19:11 

Let’s go Colombia!

Chrissy 2023-08-12 10:20:53 

In reply to hubert
Sure hope so

Halliwell 2023-08-12 10:23:37 

In reply to Chrissy

Well, if you good and you don’t score in the game these things bound to happen
Oz had some good chances in the game too

Sad sad for Renaud and Diame
Feel sorry for Basha and the last French girl that missed

hubert 2023-08-12 10:24:11 

In reply to Chrissy

That's your Dark horse from the start. I followed suit. Hope it happens, Love me some linda

KTom 2023-08-12 10:27:34 

I promise to watch more women's football if they only play penalty shoot-outs.

nitro 2023-08-12 10:28:31 

Sorry France. Let's go Colombia!

Chrissy 2023-08-12 10:35:43 

In reply to hubert
They play real nice positive football

Chrissy 2023-08-12 10:46:27 

Pass di ball Linda - yuh looking good as always

Chrissy 2023-08-12 11:17:23 


What a strike- magnificent Santos
lol lol lol

Halliwell 2023-08-12 11:17:40 

In reply to Chrissy


me house full of visitors supporting ‘ the nex team’
Me and my daughter with muted celebrations lol lol lol

hubert 2023-08-12 11:17:48 

Yes...Colombia scores..what niceness this

Chrissy 2023-08-12 11:20:10 

In reply to Halliwell

lol lol lol

nitro 2023-08-12 11:20:15 

Lovely strike!

Chrissy 2023-08-12 11:21:37 

In reply to nitro
A fabulous goal

Di English commies in pain now


Chrissy 2023-08-12 11:24:03 

What di
Poms level - goalkeeper error - lost it
1-1 half time

hubert 2023-08-12 11:25:21 

In reply to Chrissy

Helluva error by GK...they gotta recover and come back out with
confidence as they can beat these Brits.

Halliwell 2023-08-12 11:27:14 

In reply to Chrissy


Terrible error

But playing better

Chrissy 2023-08-12 11:57:07 

Damn Poms lead 2-1

Halliwell 2023-08-12 11:58:19 

Dis done

Come on West Indies!!!

hubert 2023-08-12 11:58:56 

In reply to Chrissy

Tough..Time to put Linda at CF..Get her off the wing and look for a PK if she threatens the center backs.

Chrissy 2023-08-12 12:09:11 

In reply to hubert
Agree - also there are problems in midfield
Losing two valuable players may have done them in.
Come Linda

hubert 2023-08-12 12:11:40 

In reply to Chrissy
Coach needs to make adjustment..they cannot pull her down around the PA.
She is wasted on the wing at this point in the game.She needs to be fed the ball inside and threaten the central defenders.
Got to look for a goal.

Chrissy 2023-08-12 12:33:14 

Pommies win. - go OZ

Halliwell 2023-08-12 12:35:03 

In reply to hubert

Oh well
Poms fair and square sad

Chrissy 2023-08-12 12:50:45 

In reply to Halliwell
The goalkeeper’s error at the end of the 1st half was the turning point.

FanAttick 2023-08-12 12:58:30 

In reply to Chrissy

Agreed. Tough luck to Colombia

nitro 2023-08-12 13:48:55 

Switched to the Gunners match but you could see the emotional blow after the GK error. That is where great coaching is required. A coach that can manage moments in the game.

Brerzerk 2023-08-13 05:47:55 

In reply to nitro
The man could'nt even move Linda ti inside lef' or as ole timers say link. Coach was like Holder an' Kraigg. Cannot deviate from the plan

Chrissy 2023-08-14 23:02:02 

Spain v Sweden early morning lol

hubert 2023-08-15 05:59:06 

In reply to Chrissy

No dog in this fight..just hope for a wonderful game and at this point, I backing the Matildas to take care of the Brits and win it all.
Miracles do happen


hubert 2023-08-15 08:49:45 

Even at the break 0-0..typical all-European duel with neither side with an advantage although Spain has had
more attacking intent early and Sweden looking more dangerous towards the end of the half.

Chrissy 2023-08-15 09:25:52 

In rep to hubert

Same here - lots of chances but no goal,yet.
The Georgia indictments are more exciting than this


Chrissy 2023-08-15 09:43:22 

- great goal - Spain

hubert 2023-08-15 09:43:45 

In reply to Chrissy

lol lol lol lol
You are so right...I nodded off a few moments ago.
and missed the goal.

Chrissy 2023-08-15 09:44:59 

In reply to hubert
Warming up,now
Good response

lol lol

hubert 2023-08-15 09:45:45 

Now Sweden tie it up..wonderful strike from just on penalty area.

Chrissy 2023-08-15 09:46:32 

Damn Spain now from a corner
Fabulous goal

hubert 2023-08-15 09:47:35 

In reply to Chrissy
What the heck...Spain scores..2-1. Similar strike from outside area,,tremendous left footer

I am fully awake now ..7 minutes added time

lol lol

hubert 2023-08-15 09:55:08 

In reply to Chrissy

Spain takes it.
These women left all the excitement for the last 15 minutes...what a game ///
I love the Women's game. Did not realize that Spain is the youngest team in the WC

Happy for them. Just hope Matildas face them in the Final.
Now I can;t get back to sleep.
lol lol

Chrissy 2023-08-15 09:55:33 

Spain wins - good - the better team lol

FanAttick 2023-08-15 09:57:11 

In reply to Chrissy

Congrats Conquistadoras lol

hubert 2023-08-15 09:59:11 

In reply to FanAttick

Conquistadoras vs Matildas ??? Sounds good
big grin

FanAttick 2023-08-15 10:14:17 

In reply to hubert

Ineed lol

nitro 2023-08-15 10:25:33 

Good to see Spain through. Pleasing football.

Chrissy 2023-08-16 10:26:02 

OZ gwin need luck here- Poms in control so far.
Dat said James is looking another card.

Chrissy 2023-08-16 11:11:21 

1-0 Poms at half time
American ref -hmmmmm

hubert 2023-08-16 11:15:16 

In reply to Chrissy

Matildas not playing with authority and conviction and making too many simple

FanAttick 2023-08-16 11:20:56 

In reply to Chrissy

Super Sam Kerr lol

hubert 2023-08-16 11:21:01 

Kerr to the world...almost solo effort to power in equalizer.
Just the moment of inspiration he Matildas needed

Chrissy 2023-08-16 11:21:58 

Goooooaaaaal - a fabulous one to boot. Goal of di tournament from Sam Kerr
1-1 lol lol lol

FanAttick 2023-08-16 11:22:52 

In reply to hubert

The Pommies were knocking it around as though they had already won…they have to get back to playing football again lol

Chrissy 2023-08-16 11:25:42 

In reply to hubert and Faloony
A fabulous world class goal dat.

Chrissy 2023-08-16 11:28:36 

Damn Poms back in front- poor defending dat

FanAttick 2023-08-16 11:28:44 

In reply to Chrissy

Poms back in front

FanAttick 2023-08-16 11:44:08 

In reply to Chrissy

Looks done and dusted for the Aussies

Chrissy 2023-08-16 11:44:26 

That’s it now.
England win with 3rd goal.
Poms are the better team here

Leh we go Spain

FanAttick 2023-08-16 11:45:00 

In reply to Chrissy

Poor defending..missed opportunities

Chrissy 2023-08-16 11:46:26 

In reply to FanAttick
Visible areas of weakness- still great performance to reach the semis

Halliwell 2023-08-16 12:02:42 

In reply to Chrissy

Yeeeccckkkk!!! sad

JahJah 2023-08-16 13:12:50 

The country that conquered Jamaica and wiped the Arawaks off the face of the planet vs the ones who kicked their ass to took the land and the slaves away.

What wonderful choices. wink big grin

The Spanish FA clean up that monkey chant problem yet? For decades they said black people should get over it. Hopefully that has changed, although I don't think it has.

Chrissy 2023-08-16 13:27:49 

In reply to JahJah
Mi nuh have a horse in dis racist race but mi hate di Pommies more

hubert 2023-08-16 13:45:38 

In reply to Chrissy

Endorsed .
Got called away just as the Poms went ahead...Matildas will be back as glaring weaknesses in defence
showed up.hope they win the bronze tho..Have hosted a fabulous tournament.
Their soccer as come a long way and headed in the right direction.

nitro 2023-08-16 14:56:20 

I think Spain winning this.

FanAttick 2023-08-19 08:57:43 

3rd place playoff
Half time: Sweden 1, Australia 0
Poor refereeing…big collision at the end of the 1st half - Sweden player got a cut…Aussie player got a co co

Play should have been stopped 2 minutes earlier

5 minutes of added time. Injury happened in the 7th minute..not sure why the Ref didnt end the half

Chrissy 2023-08-19 09:09:08 

In reply to FanAttick
Mawning - just got up for the 2nd half.


Chrissy 2023-08-19 09:28:43 


FanAttick 2023-08-19 10:34:39 

In reply to Chrissy

Sweden was the better team on the day…The Matildas acquitted themselves well..

hubert 2023-08-19 11:53:56 

In reply to FanAttick and Chrissy

Missed the game except for the last 10 minutes or so..Friday nights have
not changed ..much

lol lol

FanAttick 2023-08-19 11:55:35 

In reply to hubert

You gotta take it slow bro… lol

These days I throw in the towel no later than 9pm…early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!

nitro 2023-08-19 11:59:46 

In reply to hubert

Missed it too. Friday night was a great night

hubert 2023-08-19 16:09:51 

In reply to nitro

lol lol lol

Chrissy 2023-08-19 16:30:45 

Hubert, Faloony & Nitro
Sweden is way ahead of OZ.

Brerzerk 2023-08-19 17:00:08 

Showed off to my brother how I was gonna watch the game and WC because I’m 3 hrs behind him. Last phone call ended 10:30 woke up @12:50 and pulled the covers tighter
lol lol

FanAttick 2023-08-20 10:11:37 

In reply to Chrissy

Go Spain lol

Chrissy 2023-08-20 10:30:43 

In reply to FanAttick
Yes - di remote wuking overtime between dis and di World Champs

lol lol lol

Chrissy 2023-08-20 10:31:30 

And Spain scores lol lol lol
Cappo in dem pweffen

hubert 2023-08-20 10:32:12 

In reply to Chrissy

Same here. Good Morning...Spain up 1-0

Chrissy 2023-08-20 10:32:39 

In reply to hubert
Mawning bro


Chrissy 2023-08-20 10:49:30 

Half time
Spain controlled the half

hubert 2023-08-20 11:01:28 

In reply to Chrissy

Anybody but Englund


nitro 2023-08-20 11:05:55 

In reply to hubert
A repeat of Friday night but I am up! Damn, sports is great for the mind ain't it!

Chrissy 2023-08-20 11:23:18 

Penalty dat. - clear hand ball

FanAttick 2023-08-20 11:25:55 

In reply to Chrissy

Indeed lol

Chrissy 2023-08-20 11:26:15 

Penalty for Spain

nitro 2023-08-20 11:27:42 

In reply to Chrissy

Clear penalty. Deliberate

Chrissy 2023-08-20 11:28:39 

Saved lol: lol lol

FanAttick 2023-08-20 11:28:42 

In reply to Chrissy


Chrissy 2023-08-20 11:31:03 

In reply to FanAttick
Poor penalty - stewwwps.

nitro 2023-08-20 11:33:59 

To think that about 10 of Spain's best players walked away from this team because of the coach..yet playing the best ball at this world cup.

Chrissy 2023-08-20 11:35:09 

Good shot dat from James

Chrissy 2023-08-20 11:36:25 

Huh re dat yellow card

Acid 2023-08-20 11:37:40 

In reply to Chrissy

Poor penalty - stewwwps.

That goal keeper mouth dutty

hubert 2023-08-20 11:38:12 

In reply to Chrissy

Poor of course. They are losing their shape too in midfield and need to regain their composure
or Brits will score

nitro 2023-08-20 11:42:47 

James has made the difference. That's a middle finger to the British press who claim England plays better without her.

Acid 2023-08-20 11:48:44 

13 minutes injury time

Chrissy 2023-08-20 11:52:02 

In reply to nitro

Acid 2023-08-20 12:02:39 

Game over
Spain 1st Time World Champions
England Silver Medal

Ironic Spain beat the European Champs

Chrissy 2023-08-20 12:03:04 

Spain wins - well done
That was fun guys from start to finish lol lol lol

FanAttick 2023-08-20 12:03:31 

In reply to Chrissy

Congrats Spain lol

Parallelogram is my player of the tournament lol

hubert 2023-08-20 12:04:16 

In reply to Acid

Congrats to the young Spanish team. Well deserved. They played some beautiful ball.
Well coached too of course.

Acid 2023-08-20 12:04:19 

In reply to Chrissy

Great thread. Kudos Chrissy!

Acid 2023-08-20 12:05:31 

In reply to hubert

It shows how you have to invest at the grass roots

U-17 Champs
U-20 Champs
And now World Champs

Barry 2023-08-20 12:05:42 

Spaaaaaainnnn lol

nitro 2023-08-20 12:05:45 

In reply to Chrissy

Thanks Prof. Great thread!

FanAttick 2023-08-20 12:06:44 

In reply to nitro

Always great to see the snotty Pommies in tears lol

After Lauren James stepped on that Nigerian player I was rooting for the Pommies to get knocked out

imusic 2023-08-20 12:08:52 

The number 6 for Spain is a serious balla sah

Congrats to Spain. The best team won.

Casper 2023-08-20 12:09:29 

In reply to Chrissy

Spain was the better team. James should have started this match. Expect the Eng coach to resign.

I think she made some strategic blunders in this game

nitro 2023-08-20 12:10:18 

In reply to FanAttick

The Pommies are sore losers. lol lol lol

nitro 2023-08-20 12:11:44 

In reply to Casper
She bowed to the British press to not start James, her best player.

Chrissy 2023-08-20 12:17:35 

In reply to Acid
Couldn’t happen without allyuh knowledgeable and fun folks[

Hugs all

wink wink

Chrissy 2023-08-20 12:18:13 

In reply to Casper
Yep Spain deserved the victory

Chrissy 2023-08-20 12:19:22 

In reply to Acid

It shows how you have to invest at the grass roots

Dat simple

Chrissy 2023-08-20 12:21:27 

In reply to nitro

lol lol

Barry 2023-08-20 12:46:24 

In reply to FanAttick

All is forgotten… colonizers always rise…

We are playing on the world's stage. This game is one of passion, insurmountable emotions, and moments. All respect for Lauren James," Alozie wrote.

In response, James apologized, tweeting: "All my love and respect to you. I am sorry for what happened."

"Also, for our England fans and my team-mates, playing with and for you is my greatest honor and I promise to learn from my experience."

Learn from them cool

hubert 2023-08-20 14:37:24 

In reply to Acid

It shows how you have to invest at the grass roots

Man, you could not have said it better. I hope Jamaica and those
in charge will read this and make serious commitment to the women/girls
football. And indeed all sports.
Glory is bound to result.

Chrissy 2023-08-20 15:12:52 

In reply to Acid
I love dat the only WC England ever won was di one they stole from di Germans

lol lol

Kay 2023-08-20 16:18:41 

Kudos to the Aussies for hosting a well-organized and well-run tournament .... cool

nitro 2023-08-20 16:39:41 

In reply to Acid

It shows how you have to invest at the grass roots

The present government only cares for one sport, that is horse racing. The effort to improve national sports will have to be undertaken by professional clubs and academies. Similar to what MVP Track Club and Racers Track Club did for Track and Field. They moved Jamaica from minor medals to gold medal winners.

Halliwell 2023-08-20 17:26:05 

In reply to nitro

She bowed to the British press to not start James, her best player.

Now ain’t that the gospel truth
But I glad, because if she started might have been a different outcome

FanAttick 2023-08-20 21:57:34 

In reply to nitro

This is real sad

Condolences to Olga Carmona on the death of her father

imusic 2023-08-20 22:54:45 

In reply to FanAttick

Parallelogram is my player of the tournament

Spain’s #6 for me. What a balla!

nitro 2023-08-20 23:09:11 

In reply to FanAttick

WOW. That is damn sad.

Kay 2023-08-20 23:15:59 

Aitana for me too, she won the Golden Ball

KTom 2023-08-21 15:53:24 

Commiserations to the Lesbianesses! There's a new English WSL TV contract coming up and this must have knocked off a few tens of millions of pounds.