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Can ECOWAS Cross Niger’s Redline

XDFIX 2023-08-10 21:30:49 

Will Russia intervene?

NIAMEY, Niger (AP) — Niger’s junta told a top U.S. diplomat that they would kill deposed President Mohamed Bazoum if neighboring countries attempted any military intervention to restore his rule, two Western officials told The Associated Press.

They spoke to the AP shortly before the West African bloc ECOWAS said it had directed the deployment of a “standby force” to restore democracy in Niger, after its deadline of Sunday to reinstate Bazoum expired.

XDFIX 2023-08-11 00:32:11 

Poor Africa - no love shown from the West!

johndom90 2023-08-11 02:10:33 

West African bloc ECOWAS said it had directed the deployment of a “standby force” to restore democracy
In reply to XDFIX

African nations willing to restore Western "democracy" to Niger

Democracy is needed to restore the flow of Niger's uranium and gold to Europe...

Not to mention the natural gas pipeline intended to run from Nigeria , through Niger to Europe.

Democracy for you.........


XDFIX 2023-08-11 13:46:24 

In reply to johndom90

I prefer a system by the people, for the people, and of the people - attached any label to that system, I am happy!

BeatDball 2023-08-11 15:29:50 

Im happy & glad that military officers are taking charge to have clean, green & orderly cities/countries! I would like to give credit to Jerry Rawlings, but, I say, Paul Kagame is the man who should get maximum accolades!

XDFIX 2023-08-11 22:26:53 

In reply to BeatDball

Is that a call for Donald J Trump?

velo 2023-08-12 02:23:21 

All ecowas is doing is tbe dirty work of france and america .trying to restore s sell out government that the people dont want

XDFIX 2023-08-12 08:42:30 

In reply to velo

Apart from Cuba can u name a country not sold out?

Sell out or perish that’s the world system - see Cuba!!

BeatDball 2023-08-12 20:11:24 

In reply to XDFIX Singapore & Rwanda?

XDFIX 2023-08-12 21:22:10 

In reply to BeatDball

Rwanda is beholden to the world bank and IMF

Singapore's economy is intrinsically linked to Western powers

BeatDball 2023-08-12 22:38:38 

In reply to XDFIX Oh skites! That is terribly bad. Gwallang!