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The ubiquitous Caribbean

Drapsey 2023-08-11 15:01:48 

Historic Mission Will Fly First Olympian and First Female Astronauts from the Caribbean to Space

Virgin Galactic’s seventh spaceflight and second commercial spaceflight, ‘Galactic 02’ will fly three private passengers to space, achieving several historical milestones and furthering Virgin Galactic’s mission of broadening access to space. VSS Unity will carry 80-year-old Jon Goodwin, Olympian and early Virgin Galactic ticket holder, as well as Keisha Schahaff and Anastatia Mayers, a Caribbean mother-daughter duo who won their seats in a draw that raised funds for non-profit Space for Humanity.

She could lose those piercings though.

Drapsey 2023-08-11 15:06:08 

“When I was two years old, just looking up to the skies, I thought, ‘How can I get there?’ But, being from the Caribbean, I didn’t see how something like this would be possible. The fact that I am here, the first to travel to space from Antigua, shows that space really is becoming more accessible. I know I will be changed by my experience, and I hope I will be able to share that energy and inspire the people around me – in my role as a life coach, a mother, and as an ambassador for our beautiful planet.”

Antiguan to boot.

Curtis 2023-08-14 22:37:21 

Not me bosey