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12-year old boy taking out trash detained

JahJah 2023-08-15 11:26:29 

...just because

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Is that a West Indian accent (Jamaican to be exact) coming from the father(Michael Bernard) know, just in case bottom hound VIX gets hard...ah mean goes hard and starts complaining again about threads he doh want to see on a West Indian message board.

Emir 2023-08-15 11:36:16 

The issue with cases like these is this: These type of "errors" never happen with Euro Americans as the victim, and moreover, almost-always the victims are native African Americans and the police persons involved are Euro-American.

cricketmad 2023-08-15 12:18:56 

Nothing coming out of America regarding police treatment of black people can shock me any more. Just look at the number of cops surrounding an unarmed 12 years old innocent boy.

Chrissy 2023-08-15 13:13:47 

In reply to JahJah
Yuh learning bro. Nuff progress


VIX 2023-08-15 13:40:58 

In reply to JahJah

where's the news there? Isn't that typical of the delusional misfits' great h'america?

JahJah 2023-08-15 14:26:43 

In reply to VIX

Does the post meet your criteria? Black Jamaican, I presume. Or would you rather it be someone from Maui?

Brerzerk 2023-08-15 14:57:47 

That's how Mr. Castile lost his life. The cop said on the radio 'He has a wide nose' (match the suspect of a robbery earlier in the day) this was about 12 hrs later.
Castile being a law-abiding citizen declared to the cop he had a legal firearm in his glove compartment. That was enough to panic the cop who yelled don't reach for it
while popping-off 9 shots. His girlfriend and tiny tot step-daughter being in the vehicle meant nothing to that cop.

birdseye 2023-08-15 15:54:19 

In reply to JahJah Sometimes I wonder if they select the stupidest people to be police – either that or their training turn them stupid. Their behavior defies credulity. I see video of them shouting at suspects who are lying on the ground to – GET ON THE GROUND! – and the suspect have to saying: I am on the ground!

Brerzerk 2023-08-15 16:34:47 

In reply to birdseye
The training in certain professions in Murca have ppl. yearning to 'practice' that training on the 1st 'Guinea-pig' the have a chance to.
Man leggo dog pon suspect kneeling wid hands up even though a person much senior to him told him not to. The yelling is part of 'The over-training' plus nerves.