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Yes, yes...lead the way,

BeatDball 2023-08-18 16:12:34 

Singapore! Btw, did I hear a Caribbean accent (11:56) in when he said the word - function? I even, called over my 17yo boy to listen...he did concur that there is an accent! These flicking Jewmaycans are all over de place! Steups.

big grin

JayMor 2023-08-19 19:20:44 

In reply to BeatDball

Aarite, Duncey, great share that, sah. Now, if only you'd lose those lunatic fringe right wing-nut tendencies we could think of you really beating ball fe true (on the field, of course, I don't mean self-help). lol

What a great foundation daddy Lee Kwan Yew left that place! Why couldn't we have been lucky enough to have had leaders like that? About that report, can someone say "thinking out the box!"?

Re the host, Shane Campbell-Staton, possibly being of J'can stock, I kind of see what you're saying. The first time he said "function" I didn't hear anything, but the second time (at 11:57) it was clear to me he definitely is from a Caribbean background. Couple other hints: (i) surname is Campbell; (ii) his Wiki page says "He did his BSc in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology...". The Yanks definitely don't call a first degree a 'BSc'. Good catch, me fren.