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Reggae Girl Tiffany Cameron: What an inspiration!

FanAttick 2023-08-19 19:27:24 

A wonderful ambassador

nitro 2023-08-19 22:20:01 

In reply to FanAttick

Love her. She has such a great personality.

Da-Vincy 2023-08-19 22:48:00 

In reply to FanAttick
Came her and saw this thread…right after listening to the interview and saying i had to send it to my daughter.
Very nice.

Brerzerk 2023-08-19 22:56:35 

In reply to Da-Vincy
Two wonderful Caribbean women, interviewer and interviewee

Da-Vincy 2023-08-19 23:19:06 

In reply to Brerzerk
Yeah…though I sometimes cringe at the interviewer’s affected diction.
Wasn’t too bad in this particular interview. But definitely comes out in her regular intros.