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imusic 2023-08-20 12:03:28 

Chrissy sayin Dat is all lol

Chrissy 2023-08-20 12:15:33 

In reply to imusic

Yuh done know! lol lol lol

Halliwell 2023-08-20 17:22:37 

In reply to imusic

Took it in while in a pub and lovely to hear cussin, cryin, moanin…then wanted more than 13 mins injury time

Just yesterday the FA was saying she would be considered as a candidate to replace Gareth Southgate
Today they asking if she take these girls as far as she can lol lol lol

Chrissy 2023-08-20 21:32:32 

In reply to Halliwell

lol lol lol