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Message to GAW!

googley 2023-08-21 20:36:22 

from a fan! lol lol

SnoopDog 2023-08-21 21:05:21 

In reply to googley

lol lol lol

Ah wonder what she thinks about the Wondies. lol

netgrouchy 2023-08-21 21:31:03 

In reply to googley

Hilarious.........spoken with heavy heart .... big grin big grin

Kay 2023-08-21 21:40:58 

WTF!! smile

velo 2023-08-21 21:50:56 

I dont know wunna does get down like that in guyana for cricket tickets
big grin

anthonyp 2023-08-21 22:34:52 

In reply to velo

A Berbice family slept overnight in front of the ticket office in their car just to get CPL tickets...

Got lots of people who are buying the tickets to sell back too... Right now tickets for the GAW vs TKR match going for USD 100-150 on de black market... They bought them for around USD 10-35.

navindesigns 2023-08-21 23:39:49 

what about these prices?

Jeremy 2023-08-22 02:31:55 

I already mention that guyana amazon warriors needs to hire SARWAN as the chief selector.

Sarwan knows talent.

I don't know who is the selector right now, i think it's coach griffith. This griffith guy is clueless.

I love my guyanese players like sheppard and kemo paul they are good lower order hard hitting batsmen but they are also runs truck bowlers in T20 format.

Odean smith is a runs truck bowler too in T20 format.

Other teams have better seam bowlers then our warriors.

natty_forever 2023-08-22 03:48:58 

In reply to Jeremy

Most if not all fast bowlers in the region are Honey (tm Courtesy). Shep has shown improvement, now we need to see consistency.

Halliwell 2023-08-22 04:37:39 

When will they do this for the ultimate form of cricket
TEST match cricket

Eh culpepper??? Opening closing?

BeatDball 2023-08-22 11:01:31 

In reply to googley CMG's gyul has a vulgar & dutty mouth!

razz big grin cool

bobby 2023-08-22 12:58:54 

Internet, camera phones and technology have made every idiot a star. Filthy mouth and poor acting. Looking for her 15 minutes of fame.
The Warriors problem has always started at the lottery selection phase. The team is unbalanced and on paper will be lucky to make the playoffs. Coach, selectors and captain are irrelevant. They have to play the hand they are dealt.

Jumpstart 2023-08-22 13:44:40 

In reply to bobby

Internet, camera phones and technology have made every idiot a star. Filthy mouth and poor acting. Looking for her 15 minutes of fame.

head to the top of the class sir

SnoopDog 2023-08-22 14:05:43 

In reply to Jumpstart

Internet, camera phones and technology have made every idiot a star.

I think he was referring to Bravo. lol

Jumpstart 2023-08-22 14:16:37 

In reply to SnoopDog

nah boy.....bravo from TT. We usually compartmentalize wajang behavior to carnival. he can't talk properly but he's not crude

Barry 2023-08-22 15:48:55 

In reply to Jumpstart

What is talk properly? With a convent accent like Stuart Young? confused

Jumpstart 2023-08-22 16:30:48 

In reply to Barry

you don't need any accent to speak properly.....20 years ago, trinidadians could do that very well.

googley 2023-08-24 14:13:31 

GAW better win tonight or lawd, more cussing tonight!!!! lol lol

openning 2023-08-24 14:48:19 

In reply to Halliwell

Barbados is a tourist destination and one of the safest place in the world to visit, once there is cricket people people will be there, or will be watching on Tele or listening to every game..

imusic 2023-08-24 15:01:46 

How de fuck Barbados come in this? lol

Nobody eh sleepin overnight at de ticket office to get tickets to watch any Bajan team cool

openning 2023-08-24 15:41:15 

West Indies Cricketers Shimron Hetmyer & Kemo will not play for the GAW if either was named Captain?

Link Text

tc1 2023-08-24 17:11:24 

In reply to openning

look like there is beef between the two.

Kay 2023-08-24 17:25:01 

Who the fack is Linden Johnson?

imusic 2023-08-24 18:30:09 

In reply to openning

Dukes need to get his sons in line

sgtdjones 2023-08-24 18:50:42 

In reply to googley

GAW better win tonight or lawd,

Did you do a puja ? If not you are not winning. razz razz

googley 2023-08-24 23:08:09 

Drop Hemraj, push Hope to open and bring in Kevin Sinclair.

Hemraj is out of form .

Raskil 2023-08-24 23:17:12 

In reply to googley

I Agree
Both Sinclairs should play

anthonyp 2023-08-24 23:35:43 

In reply to googley

Why they playing Pretorius? Got three bits and pieces all rounders in the XI already (Shep, Keemo & runs truck)

Hemraj is a deadweight long now... Zazai the Afghan opener is in the squad... Bring him in.

Drop Pretorius.... Bring in Zazai
Drop Hemraj for Sinclair.

imusic 2023-08-25 00:28:35 

In reply to anthonyp

Drop Hemraj? Especially for Sinclair?

Allyuh want to give Jeremy heart attack? cool

googley 2023-08-25 00:31:03 

In reply to imusic

lol lol lol

If we win the trophy, Jeremy will survive the heart attack

googley 2023-08-25 00:51:22 

Bat shepherd earlier...he is in form. Capitalize on that form.

WIfan26 2023-08-25 01:32:00 

In reply to anthonyp

Coach from SA
Captain from SA
Pretorious from SA

Draw your conclusions bud lol

Jeremy 2023-08-26 04:02:30 

GAW owner is stubborn. He keep sticking to the same coaching staff who cannot get the job done.

Griffith is not coaching material. Two years ago he dropped Motie for the playoff and play sinclair when Motie was doing great.

Team selection has been bad also. Warriors had the best team when Sarwan was the captain and selector.

I wish GAW had chris persaud the jamaica tallawa owner as their owner.

Chris persaud knows cricket. Look how good shiv doing as a coach for the tallawah.

googley 2023-08-27 16:50:34 

In reply to Jeremy

Looks like GAW taking this from. Chris Persaud and boys cool

googley 2023-09-06 02:42:05 

Seems like GAW finally paying attention to their fans! lol

sgtdjones 2023-09-06 02:56:45 

In reply to googley

If we win the trophy,

If , you are correct... razz

doosra 2023-09-06 02:58:00 

In reply to sgtdjones

bai like polly didn't enjoy that one...he seh Alex dem supporting gaw big grin

googley 2023-09-06 03:01:19 

In reply to doosra

that guy is something else! Behaving like a brat when things dont go his way! lol

anthonyp 2023-09-06 03:02:11 

In reply to doosra


Had to laugh when I heard that... Dem man got Badree, Ganga, Bishop and Stacyann in the commentary booth and still complaining... Tits really soft lol

sgtdjones 2023-09-06 03:21:03 

In reply to doosra

bai like polly didn't enjoy that one...he seh Alex dem supporting gaw big grin

Yes I heard that and LOL

sgtdjones 2023-09-06 03:21:56 

In reply to googley

Will send Pouty an email about you... razz

Chrissy 2023-09-06 09:41:22 

GAW looking good

Chrissy 2023-09-06 13:34:33 

In reply to Jeremy
Saving dis post

googley 2023-09-10 15:19:04 

Next game send Hetmyer to open the batting with Ayub. We have enough big hitters down the order.

Halliwell 2023-09-10 15:32:04 

In reply to googley

Mayers wants to see Sheppy bat lol lol lol

googley 2023-09-10 15:34:34 

In reply to Halliwell

Myers forget they said only White men can't jump! lol lol

googley 2023-09-10 17:40:00 

GAW cappo, why Paul only bowled 1 over (for 2 runs and took 1 wicket)?

Was he injured?