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The Case of the Missing Doggie

Drapsey 2023-08-24 14:37:53 

A woman says Delta Air Lines lost her dog after she got deported by US border control

A woman who traveled to the US from the Dominican Republic has accused Delta Air Lines of losing her dog.

Paula Rodriguez spoke to the television station Atlanta News First for a story published on Wednesday. Rodriguez told the outlet that she arrived at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport last Friday but was denied entry to the US by customs officials.

"They told me very kindly, 'We're so sorry, but you don't meet the requirements to enter the U.S., you've been denied entry, and you need to be sent back home to Santo Domingo,'" Rodriguez said. She was also told to spend the night at a detention center, where she would be separated from her dog.

Oh, poor little doggie! cry

Brerzerk 2023-08-24 20:00:59 

In reply to Drapsey
Dog more qualified than her to enter and stay in the US

Drapsey 2023-08-24 23:24:02 

In reply to Brerzerk

She must've thought that the doggie's presence was her 'free pass'.

But why would she be so brazen as to travel with a dog if there was any doubt about her eligibility for entry?