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US Open

ray 2023-08-29 02:06:41 

Good one going on...looks like Coco will pull it out

birdseye 2023-08-29 04:32:15 

In reply to ray That was some match. That opponent used all the gamesmanship and tactics that she could think of, plus she has some very good tennis talents, anyway Coco survived.

mikesiva 2023-08-29 07:22:14 

In reply to birdseye

Tiafoe won his first round match in straight sets, while Stephens went out to 19th seed Haddad Maia 6-4 in the final set.

Eubanks also won his match in four sets. McDonald beat Felix AA in four sets too.

Swiatek, Rybakina and Muchova also advanced.

FuzzyWuzzy 2023-08-29 10:56:18 

In reply to mikesiva

What's gone wrong with FAA?

Chrissy 2023-08-29 11:54:33 

In reply to FuzzyWuzzy
The Canadian curse- it isn’t hockey


Chrissy 2023-08-29 11:56:02 

In reply to ray
Good win - glad she responded to the gamesmanship and the umpire.

ray 2023-08-29 21:48:58 

In reply to FuzzyWuzzy
She seems to faded

ray 2023-08-29 21:49:11 

Murray advances

FuzzyWuzzy 2023-08-30 00:27:12 

What is Venus trying to prove at age 43?

number09 2023-08-30 00:54:41 

hope venus call it a nite

mikesiva 2023-08-30 08:35:59 

In reply to FuzzyWuzzy

Alcaraz advanced due to a retirement, and there were wins too for Keys, Sabalenka, and Mmoh, who put our 11th seed Khachanov in straight sets.

Fernandez lost in three, while Jabeur struggled with illness to win her first round match.

CricSham 2023-08-30 13:53:14 

In reply to Chrissy
Chrissy How come you don’t big up the Guyanese girl Vickery. Shame, shame big grin

jahmekyah 2023-08-30 17:10:08 

In reply to Chrissy

Gauff vs Andreeva is Serena vs sharapova all over again.
Will gauff have a better record
but make less money than Andreeva?.

Chrissy 2023-08-30 17:31:27 

In reply to jahmekyah
Gauff with ease.
Taylor Townsend also wins - big win that against di Brazilian

birdseye 2023-08-30 17:44:54 

In reply to Chrissy

Taylor Townsend also wins - big win that against di Brazilian
Yep - love it

jahmekyah 2023-08-30 18:26:06 

Happy for Townsend (new mother) minimum earned even if she suffer a loss the next match $191,000

Kay 2023-08-30 19:12:44 

In reply to FuzzyWuzzy

What is Venus trying to prove at age 43?

No one biting?

Imagine Rune complaining about having to play his opening match on one of the outside smaller courts while Venus (ranked 470 and her opponent #70) gets a prime-time slot on Arthur Ashe. smile

FuzzyWuzzy 2023-08-30 20:54:52 

In reply to Kay

Home drum ...

FuzzyWuzzy 2023-08-30 20:58:02 

Tsitsipas gone...he seems more caught up with his new love than with tennis

ray 2023-08-31 02:24:55 

Ruud gone

FuzzyWuzzy 2023-08-31 11:02:36 

In reply to ray

These Scandinavian players, Rune and Ruud, are very inconsistent given their high ranking.

mikesiva 2023-08-31 13:45:21 

In reply to ray

Convincing second round win for Tiafoe. Wozniacki turned back the clock to knock out 11th seed Kvitova, while Eubanks also lost.

Swiatek and Rybakina advanced as well.

ray 2023-08-31 18:24:27 

Good one with Isner and MMoh right now

ray 2023-08-31 19:12:10 

Mmoh ushers in Isner's retirement...Mmoh real classy guy

ray 2023-08-31 19:15:47 

Isner real emotional

Chrissy 2023-09-01 01:47:39 

Carlos with ease

mikesiva 2023-09-01 10:53:06 

In reply to Chrissy

Also winning their second round matches were Keys, Sabalenka, Medvedev, Vondrousova, Jabeur, and Svitolina, but Monfils lost to sixth seed Rublev.

ray 2023-09-01 21:44:06 

Tiafoe moves on

Chrissy 2023-09-02 01:16:03 

In reply to ray

Fritz too. Paul, Shelton as well

Coco leading 5-0 3rd set
Dis done

mikesiva 2023-09-02 08:32:19 

In reply to ray

Djokovic came from two sets down to win his third round match. Townsend put up a good fight, but eventually lost to Muchova. Swiatek won too.

Wozniacki's dream return continues, and she plays Gauff next in the fourth round.

Chrissy 2023-09-02 18:41:34 

In reply to mikesiva
Good win Maddie

Chrissy 2023-09-02 19:08:13 

Brilliant Carlito
4-2 lol

Chrissy 2023-09-02 19:27:26 

Done in four

FuzzyWuzzy 2023-09-02 20:09:27 

In reply to Chrissy

Only Carlos playing in this tournament? wink

imusic 2023-09-02 20:37:01 

In reply to FuzzyWuzzy

You begging like you did with brooks in the front room too? lol

FuzzyWuzzy 2023-09-02 20:49:29 

In reply to imusic

Sorry Chrissy.

ray 2023-09-02 20:52:37 

Stan the man doing well against Sinner

imusic 2023-09-02 21:19:01 

In reply to FuzzyWuzzy

Your feeling hurt lol

FuzzyWuzzy 2023-09-02 21:25:05 

In reply to imusic

No Chrissy

Chrissy 2023-09-02 22:33:52 

In reply to FuzzyWuzzy


Kay 2023-09-03 14:39:02 

In reply to mikesiva

Wozniacki's dream return continues, and she plays Gauff next in the fourth round.

Wozniacki is looking really good in terms of fitness and match readiness. This will be a good one ....

FanAttick 2023-09-03 19:03:31 

In reply to Chrissy

Good win Ben Shelton
Colin Powell Doppelgänger

Chrissy 2023-09-03 19:07:03 

In reply to FanAttick
Really good win but Paul is clearly injured.
That said anyone with that serve who is a lefty can win slams and Ben has been around tennis all his life.
Could be the best of the young US men.

StumpCam 2023-09-03 19:14:42 

In reply to Chriss

Reminds a bit of Nadal!
Love this kid!

Chrissy 2023-09-03 21:33:43 

In reply to StumpCam

Good win Coco
Sinner, Rune, Alcaraz and Shelton - all under 21

StumpCam 2023-09-04 10:07:24 

Swiatek 0-4 against Ostapenko!

Chrissy 2023-09-04 10:37:16 

In reply to StumpCam
She lost
Djoka with ease

mikesiva 2023-09-04 12:24:54 

In reply to FanAttick

Ben Shelton's dad, Bryan Shelton, played on the ATP tour in the 1990s, when, as we all know, there weren't that many male black American tennis players on the professional circuit. Bryan now coaches Ben.

Tiafoe won in straight sets too.

ray 2023-09-04 19:54:28 

Coco v Ostapenko should be good...
Not sure if Coco can beat her

imusic 2023-09-04 21:02:31 

Ostapenko is trouble period.

She doesn’t look athletic, she is a piece of work, but damn…..she hits the ball as cleanly as anybody in the game…..including men….ON BOTH WINGS.

Her biggest weakness used to be her 2nd serve which used to be “just sit up and hit me”.

She’s improved that and therefore is more consistent. She can beat anyone in the womens game on any given day.

Very dangerous player. Nobody likes to play her….either for her tennis, or her on court behavior.

Kay 2023-09-04 22:13:22 

Queen Wen!!!

Come een Chrissy, i know you are a fan smile

Chrissy 2023-09-04 23:38:00 

In reply to Kay

Improving all the time - still needs work on that serve.
The thing about this match is that we know Ons has been ill with a virus so we’ll see.
That said she’s in the QFs - another young one showing real promise.
She may well be the best of the Chinese women to date.

ray 2023-09-04 23:40:00 

In reply to imusic
I enjoy watching her play...she hits the ball real well...her vs Sabalenka should be fun

Kay 2023-09-04 23:55:03 

In reply to Chrissy

Yeah, her first serve percentage is very low. Lots of work needed in that area ....

mikesiva 2023-09-05 08:12:26 

In reply to Kay

Medvedev and Rublev win...the Russians are conquering America!
big grin

StumpCam 2023-09-05 09:04:51 

In reply to mikesiva

What about the British???? lol lol

Chrissy 2023-09-05 14:15:23 

In reply to mikesiva
Now they play each other.

Today Shelton plays Tiafoe. I think Shelton will win.
So there will be a Russian and an American in the semis.

StumpCam 2023-09-05 17:15:45 

In reply to Chrissy

Coco the giant killer! wink

mikesiva 2023-09-05 17:41:21 

In reply to StumpCam

That was a tactical masterclass from Gauff.
Don't engage Ostapenko in her favourite game, which is hit the ball hard and harder. Instead, Gauff used an accurate, defensive ploy of hitting the ball long, with pace and topspin, to push Jelena back, and take her favourite counter-attacking punch out of the game. Once the rally went beyond five shots, Gauff was always favoured to win the point. Ostapenko was so starved of her favourite shot in the first set, that the Latvian started to snatch at it, and make errors in the second.

Gauff 6-0,6-2. On to the semi-finals.

ray 2023-09-05 18:53:42 

In reply to mikesiva
that was excellent from Coco, thought she might lose

Chrissy 2023-09-05 20:53:08 

In reply to StumpCam
Excellent match for Coco.
Djoka was too good for Fritz

Chrissy 2023-09-06 02:03:39 

Ben won Set 1 against Frances.
Dis youth will win slams.

Kay 2023-09-06 03:18:24 

Even steven so far ...

Chrissy 2023-09-06 09:12:13 

In reply to Kay
Ben in four.
Hope he beats Djoka.

mikesiva 2023-09-06 13:59:39 

In reply to Chrissy

Exciting match!

Shelton has one hulleva lefty serve, on first and second. Like his pal Eubanks, he goes for it on his second, so he gets lots of aces, and lots of double faults. Risk and reward. And what a forehand!

A semi-final against Djokovic has probably come a year too soon, but Shelton is clearly one for the future.

Kay 2023-09-06 15:03:52 

In reply to mikesiva

Shelton has one hulleva lefty serve, on first and second. Like his pal Eubanks, he goes for it on his second, so he gets lots of aces, and lots of double faults. Risk and reward.

I am afraid he will have to be more economical against Djokovic who makes his opponents pay big time for unforced errors.

He will mature with game time and is definitely one for the future ...

Chrissy 2023-09-06 17:29:40 

Sabalenka wins with ease- 1st woman to reach semis of all four since Serena.

Chrissy 2023-09-07 00:50:55 

Keys wins in two lol

StumpCam 2023-09-07 12:22:18 

Shelton’s Legacy

mikesiva 2023-09-07 13:33:09 

In reply to StumpCam

Interesting read.

Women's semi finals today

Gauff vs Muchova
Keys vs Sabalenka

Two potentially tough encounters.

nick2020 2023-09-07 14:06:42 

In reply to mikesiva

Would love to see Coco win it all.

Chrissy 2023-09-08 00:00:09 

In reply to nick2020
1st set Coco 6-4


imusic 2023-09-08 01:52:07 

In reply to Chrissy

Dis youth will win slams.

Reminds me of Shapovalov and has a big game like Shapo does

At a similar stage in his career, they said the same thing about Shapo

I wouldn’t be surprised if Shelton follows a similar career trajectory as Shapo

Time will tell

Chrissy 2023-09-08 01:58:02 

In reply to imusic
We’ll see

And Coco wins - fabulous rally

ray 2023-09-08 02:02:43 

In reply to Chrissy

Sure was

FanAttick 2023-09-08 02:05:37 

In reply to Chrissy

CoCo..CoCo…CoCo lol

Chrissy 2023-09-08 02:51:50 

In reply to ray
Keys leading 5-0

Chrissy 2023-09-08 02:54:35 

Bagel dat

FanAttick 2023-09-08 04:57:42 

In reply to Chrissy

Keys mentally unlocked

Chrissy 2023-09-08 05:20:26 

In reply to FanAttick
Fi real.

imusic 2023-09-08 06:04:07 

In reply to FanAttick

Keys mentally unlocked

Instead of chatting about keys mentally unlocking, give credit where credit is more than due.

That was champion character AND GAME displayed by Sabalenka. She wasn’t at her best and still found a way to win.


FanAttick 2023-09-08 11:14:56 

In reply to imusic

I tend to reserve judgement on players from that part of the world until their pee samples are fully evaluated…as Buju Banton said.. mi nuh trust

ray 2023-09-08 11:23:36 

In reply to imusic

I left that game in the second set thinking Keys had it...shocked that Sabalenka came back the way Keys was playing

Chrissy 2023-09-08 12:02:18 

In reply to ray
Maddie has a history of dis

Chrissy 2023-09-08 12:03:15 

Coco v Sabalenka
Record 3-2 Coco. Sabalenka won their last meeting but dat was pre Gilbert.

FanAttick 2023-09-08 12:04:57 

In reply to Chrissy

Mentally fragile

StumpCam 2023-09-08 12:17:58 

Shelton got the media’s attention.

Overall, Shelton comes off like a kid foil in John Ritter comedy, leaving a trail of mayhem in his wake and flashing a goofy smile all the while. That he could justifiably be described as a brat, though, is the real growth.
Historically, that title has been reserved for the rich white kids who grew up at the country club – the ones who’ve long been able to get away with bucking convention. And yet it’s Shelton - a Black son of the South managed by Federer’s TEAM8 entertainment firm, the youngest American US Open finalist in 31 years - who has emerged as a super brat for the social media age, endorsed by the 1980s-era original himself. “This guy has got more upside than any other American I believe,” John McEnroe, told Eurosport earlier this year. “[He’s going to be the real deal.” Really, the notable thing they don’t appear to have in common at the moment is ego.

Chrissy 2023-09-08 13:40:27 

In reply to FanAttick
I feel it for her - she should have won last night in two.

mikesiva 2023-09-08 14:06:34 

In reply to imusic

Keys has improved a lot since last year. She's become more consistent with her ground strokes, in particular.

However, the semi with Sabalenka revealed that Keys still has some weaknesses that the Belarussian exposed.

Keys second serve is weak, compared to Sabalenka, who fires it down with more pace. Both Keys and Sabalenka have some of the most powerful forehands in the game. However, Sabalenka is also deadly on the backhand, while Keys backhand is not particularly dangerous.

That said, Keys did well to take Sabalenka down to the wire.

FanAttick 2023-09-08 14:39:00 

In reply to mikesiva

I think a relaxed CoCo will take care of Sabalenka with ease only worry is that the weight of expectations of potentially winning her 1st slam will make it very challenging for young CoCo..
I’m hoping for the best though…Talent wise CoCo has a much higher ceiling…

Elsie 2023-09-08 17:49:52 

In reply to FanAttick

Coco is probably shaking in her Boots; at the thought of having to face Sabalenka tomorrow...

Her team was hoping that Madison Keys would so the dirty work for them..

Keys lasted three sets because of her power.... As the match progressed, her hitting power diminished.

ray 2023-09-08 19:26:31 

Shelton v Djokovic on now

ray 2023-09-08 20:27:50 

Joka giving the kid a lesson

Chrissy 2023-09-08 20:40:25 

In reply to ray

Chrissy 2023-09-08 21:38:06 

Ben should have broken and taken the set there

FanAttick 2023-09-08 21:59:47 

In reply to Chrissy

Ben shows promise buts need to tighten up his game

FanAttick 2023-09-09 00:32:27 

In reply to Chrissy

Carlos in trouble here

Chrissy 2023-09-09 00:46:13 

In reply to FanAttick
Fi real
Let’s go Carlos

Kay 2023-09-09 00:57:45 

Medvedev in some kinda zone right now ....

Chrissy 2023-09-09 01:17:59 

In reply to FanAttick

Here comes Carlos


jahmekyah 2023-09-09 01:19:22 

Machismo del Machismo

the epitome of .....

Great match so far

Chrissy 2023-09-09 01:41:26 

Set 3 - Carlos

Chrissy 2023-09-09 02:42:15 

Big win dis Med

FanAttick 2023-09-09 02:43:55 

In reply to Chrissy

Wow..looks like #24 for joker

jahmekyah 2023-09-09 02:44:00 

phenomenal match!

Kay 2023-09-09 02:55:43 

The kids are out, now the men will fight it out ... smile

imusic 2023-09-09 03:23:03 

Didn’t see a lot of this match, but from what I saw, a deeerved victory for Medvedev. Played out of his skin.

Once his first serve is on, he’s very dangerous.

He’ll need to repeat and maybe even do better against Djoka on Sunday

Chrissy 2023-09-09 10:18:32 

In reply to imusic
Yes indeed - he did his homework and delivered.
Carlos first serve was off last night.

mikesiva 2023-09-09 14:28:24 

In reply to imusic

Yes, on hard court, Medvedev has one of the best serves in the men's game. The Russian is poor on clay, average on grass, but on hard court he's up there with Alcaraz and Djokovic. Most times, when it comes to rallies, Alcaraz crushes the Next Gen, such as Zverev. But Medvedev matches him shot for shot in the rallies, to the point where the Spaniard resorted to serve-and-volley tennis, or drop shots to get out of the rallies. The Russian can run all day, and retrieve balls, and send them back even faster!

Medvedev really hurt Alcaraz in the rallies with that backhand down-the-line deep to the Spaniard's forehand time and time again.

Of course, Djokovic is a different kettle of fish, but it's not like Medvedev hasn't beaten him before. The head-to-head is 9-5, in favour of the Serb, of course, but the Russian has beaten Djokovic in the past, most notably in the final of the US Open a few years ago.

Ridge 2023-09-09 21:02:58 

Sabalenka drinking Coco tea.

Chrissy 2023-09-09 21:05:31 

In reply to Ridge

Watch di ride

Ridge 2023-09-09 21:12:55 

In reply to Chrissy
Wants the teenager to win it, but I don't like what I saw in the first set.

Ridge 2023-09-09 21:19:21 

Double fault, Coco gets the break.

Chrissy 2023-09-09 21:42:34 

In reply to Ridge

Set 2 Coco! lol

Elsie 2023-09-09 21:43:26 

Is that the actor 'Leon' sitting near to Coco's Mom..?

Chrissy 2023-09-09 21:52:53 

Coco breaks early

Chrissy 2023-09-09 21:59:58 

Double break now
lol lol

Chrissy 2023-09-09 22:05:36 

4-0 lol

Chrissy 2023-09-09 22:24:10 

And Coco wins lol lol lol lol

jahmekyah 2023-09-09 22:37:03 

Barring injury
Coco a legend in the making. big grin big grin

Elsie 2023-09-09 22:42:05 

congrats to Coco....

she returned every ball...

I wonder how Madison Keys feels right now...

FanAttick 2023-09-09 22:50:54 

In reply to Chrissy

Trouble met trouble and destroyed trouble

Ostapenko is trouble period.

She doesn’t look athletic, she is a piece of work, but damn…..she hits the ball as cleanly as anybody in the game…..including men….ON BOTH WINGS.

Her biggest weakness used to be her 2nd serve which used to be “just sit up and hit me”.

She’s improved that and therefore is more consistent. She can beat anyone in the womens game on any given day.

Very dangerous player. Nobody likes to play her….either for her tennis, or her on court behavior.

Where is Imusic?

Slobbylenka had a mental breakdown under the blazing guns of CoCo Gauff lol lol

imusic 2023-09-09 22:55:45 

In reply to FanAttick

I’m right here.

Coco deserved her victory. Period. Better player on the day won.

And what did I post that was untrue?

Both Ostapenko and Sabalenka are dangerous players

Chrissy 2023-09-09 22:59:39 

In reply to FanAttick
Coco - gymnastics, track and tennis and then along came di mental coach champ Brad Gilbert.
Add di home crowd advantage to dat and she won the biggest three setter of the tournament.

hubert 2023-09-09 23:07:22 

In reply to jahmekyah

Most likely. Congrats to her. I am still surprised at her progress..Have not been following Tennis
as keenly since Serena's left the scene.

But Coco certainly looks the part and Coach Brad Gilbert seems a wonder worker and deserves a lot of kudos too.

USA Tennis is on its way back.Maybe I will be a keen fan once again.

Well done Coco

Chrissy 2023-09-09 23:13:39 

In reply to Ridge

She won in three sets for most of the tournament.

mikesiva 2023-09-10 09:07:02 

In reply to Chrissy

A very good comeback win for Gauff.

Since losing the French Open final to Swiatek last year, Gauff has made significant improvements on here weaknesses back then.

When she served, she often fell away to the side, which took away from her ability to generate power. No sign of that this tournament. Her service motion is more fluid, and she's been able to generate much more speed than she used to.

Under pressure, her forehand used to crack. Opponents would pepper the forehand, waiting for the cracks to appear. No sign of that this tournament. The forehand was a massive weapon.

There's a Big Four now.


imusic 2023-09-11 00:54:51 

Congrats to di Djoka.

24 grand slams and tying Margaret Court is a major achievement. Respect.


The match hinges on that 2nd set tie breaker. Everybody, including his box knew that winning thst 2nd set was key for Djoka. The way his box celebrated at the end of that 2nd set you knew it was a major relief for them. Don’t think they believed their man could survive in 5 against Medvedev if it came to that.