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Chrissy 2023-08-31 22:49:27 

Several fraudulent schemes, nuff more accounts

70 affected accounts. Other fraudulent schemes.
Di is hitting di fan about now says FID.
Other actors will be arrested.

watch di ride

The number of victims in the alleged fraud at investment firm Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) is now 70 and the amount of money fleeced has grown by approximately US$10 million or J$1.5 billion as more fraudulent schemes have been uncovered, according to an update from the Financial Investigations Division (FID).

The FID is the government agency that investigates financial crimes in Jamaica.

In a statement Thursday, the FID said its probe has also revealed "an entrenched culture of gross mismanagement dating back well over a decade" at the 50-year-old SSL, which is now under government management.