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Traveling by boat in Canada - a hazard

Barry 2023-09-01 17:36:24 

The engine broke down frequently. And when the pumps in the hold could no longer keep up with the water streaming through the growing cracks and holes, the crew called in another boat and fled in the night.

"They left us in the middle of the ocean. They just left us and ran away," said Karunatharan Mathushan, one of the would-be asylum seekers. "Everyone was scared, many people cried, many people screamed and shouted."

The hundreds left behind on the Lady 3 were forced to save themselves. Some passengers went down into the belly to bail, while others stood on deck, lighting their shirts on fire to catch the attention of passing ships.

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All of this on the best country in the worl

Barry 2023-09-01 17:40:50 

A bman once said if a ferry don’t have space or breaks fown you are a failed state and have made no progress

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For the second day in a row, people trying to get a spot on a ferry from Metro Vancouver to the Island ahead of the Canada Day weekend were out of luck before the day was over – something the transportation minister described as "unacceptable."
On Friday, sailings between the mainland and Victoria were fully booked by 2:30 p.m. By 6 p.m., sailings to Nanaimo from both Tsawwassen and Horseshoe Bay were also at capacity. This followed a similar situation on Thursday when all routes to the Island were sold out by mid-afternoon.
The demand for travel on a long weekend, which inevitably creates crowds, has been compounded by an unexpected snag in operations.
The provincial ferry service announced Wednesday that its Coastal Celebration vessel had been removed from service for an "unplanned, extended refit," decreasing the overall passenger and vehicle capacity on the most popular route and causing reservations to be reassigned.

Barry 2023-09-01 17:49:07 

The above article
Published June 30, 2023 3:34 p.m. ET
Updated June 30, 2023 10:20 p.m. ET cool

Barry 2023-09-01 22:16:18 

Is Canada not the best country in the worl? lol

Barry 2023-09-01 23:41:13 

What a sh!t country confused

Barry 2023-09-01 23:46:24 

Can’t even fix a ferry
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The 525-foot (160-metre) vessel was built in 2008 and can carry up to 1,604 passengers and crew, and 310 vehicles.

When it went into drydock, shipyard workers discovered a problem with its stern tube bearings and rudder stock. These are critical parts for the efficient and safe operation of the vessel’s propulsion system, BC Ferries said.

The repair is complex. It will require significant crew hours to carry out the repair and test it. Most of that will take place on overtime for staff at night and during this weekend, the company said.

Once the repair is finished, the ferry will head out for a full day of sea trials. It will be near the Swartz Bay terminal at that stage on Sunday. Area residents may hear engine noise for “extended periods of time” as these tests are carried out, the company said.

Barry 2023-09-02 07:08:37 

How is Canada doing compared to TTO- I say TTO is doing better cool

Barry 2023-09-02 17:19:23 

Rowley travels by boat in Canada
big grin