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PM Rowley sees ‘light at the end of tunnel’ in crime fight

sgtdjones 2023-09-01 19:52:11 

PM Rowley sees ‘light at the end of tunnel’ in crime fight

Look at his wife's face I see why she horning his rass...
Doesn't she look happy...


sgtdjones 2023-09-01 19:55:42 

Is it possible that the illumination Rowley is perceiving corresponds to a locomotive traversing a designated pathway en route to his unintelligent posterior? Fortunately, Trinidad and Tobago does not possess such a capability, which is a stroke of luck for him.
Despite a span of eight years, the individual in question continues to persistently generate additional unintelligent remarks. During such instances, it is customary for a leader of a government to highlight the achievements made during their tenure. However, his address lacked such content. He asserted triumph by highlighting the similarity of current murder rates to those of the previous year.
Did he take into consideration the fact that a significant number of citizens, specifically over 3500 individuals, have lost their lives over the period of time in which he has held the position of responsibility? The government's actions in T&T have resulted in significant disruption, with their most notable accomplishment being the implementation of food cards and hampers.Poverty is the mother of crime.

When a government is unable to ensure the safety and security of its population, it is commonly seen as a failed state.