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T&T Another political tragedy in the making

sgtdjones 2023-09-02 17:10:11 

T&T Another political tragedy in the making

The Editor
T&t Guardian

In response to your Editorial Opinion

The preceding eight years of governance have been characterized by a political disaster. Your interest lies in the consolidation of opposition parties?Why?

Rowley's character is perceived as compromised, since he has been accused of exploiting the nation's Parliament by initiating the Emailgate scandal without substantiating it with any concrete proof. The charges encompassed an alleged criminal conspiracy targeting DPP Roger Gaspard and a purported scheme to carry out the assassination of a journalist. The case was concluded as a result of insufficient empirical evidence. Rowley utilized the country's legislative body to provide unsubstantiated accusations of Emailgate, relying on an anonymous source. However, he asserts that Farley engaged in misconduct within the Assembly.

Rowley formally petitioned the law enforcement authorities to conduct an investigation into Augustine's alleged engagement in witness tampering and obstruction of justice. Was there any proof tampering by Stuart Young during his conversation with Vincent Nelson on an airplane? Can it be determined whether Faris engaged in witness tampering by offering Nelson immunity without disclosing this to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)? Did Douglas Mendes and Gilbert Peterson potentially commit witness tampering by aiding Faris (former Attorney General Al-Rawi) in the formation of the unlawful immunity?

The current status of Stuart Young's adoptive daughter, who was apprehended with a significant quantity of cocaine, remains undisclosed. It is unclear whether she has been extradited to the United States. What about the incident involving the two children of Faris, who were found in possession of AK47's and engaging in gunfire at regiment grounds. The accompanying image depicts Faris' son aiming the firearm at his daughter. It raises the question of whether this act constitutes a criminal offence.Faris has declined to disclose whether the children in question belong to him, but Prime Minister Rowley has made such a statement.

Faris Children

Rowley's objective is to divert focus from Augustine's accusations against him, and he has now effectively managed to implicate and jeopardize himself to a greater extent.Rowley expressed concerns on the presence of corrupt rogue officers within the T&TPS. He also stated that he had received instructions from the US government and FBI to establish a vetted group in collaboration with said entity, despite the absence of verified information.

The credibility of the T&TPS has been significantly undermined as a result of the presence of rogue officers and instances of corruption. More than 200 members of the organization have been accused, and despite these charges, they continue to receive full benefits, with certain individuals remaining under suspension for a duration exceeding ten years.

In summary, we have PM Rowley, a political figure that has not yet fully recuperated from a significant electoral defeat of 14-1, and is currently engaged in efforts to undermine and dismantle the achievements of the prevailing candidate.

Editor, the criticisms expressed in your statement highlight the insular nature of the PNM.

sgtdjones 2023-09-02 17:34:32 

The opposition parties exhibit a similar dearth of effective leadership and an excessive amount of incompetence, akin to that of the current government. evil

sgtdjones 2023-09-02 18:52:00 

The historical narrative surrounding the involvement of Indians in political parties in Trinidad and Tobago is characterized by a troubling account. The persistent internal conflicts have resulted in the political party known as the People's National Movement (PNM) consistently achieving electoral domination since the country's attainment of independence.

However, this cohort of politicians seems to overlook this fact. The observed behaviour suggests that they engage in strategic manoeuvres in an attempt to gain an advantage over one another, ultimately leading to a state of disorder or confusion. The initial organization of individuals can ultimately lead to their disintegration due to patterns of behaviour and feelings of jealousy. Is there a specific genetic factor that suppresses the tendency among certain segments of the Indian population to exhibit self-doubt and lack of confidence? Ultimately resulting in the presence of egos that are deemed incompatible with collaborative efforts. Why is it that this particular sector of the population in T&T fails to comprehend the importance of teamwork and collective effort in achieving victory?

This lack of understanding may shed light on the reasons why they have been in the opposition for an extended period of time. Is this concept challenging to understand?

sgtdjones 2023-09-02 22:56:29 

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