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Rishi Sunak’s approval rating slips

Halliwell 2023-09-04 07:05:01 

Jeremy, everything you touch turns to coal?

After an Indian Summer in the UK, even the most rightest wingness he and Suella could muster still not enough to feed the hyenas?

like a lead balloon

mikesiva 2023-09-04 13:05:54 

In reply to Halliwell

Roast breadfruit them get eat for breakfast.

VIX 2023-09-04 15:25:07 

In reply to Halliwell

Who was the last British PM to have a positive rating? lol

big grin

Halliwell 2023-09-04 15:49:40 

In reply to VIX

Maybe with racists

Chrissy 2023-09-04 15:49:48 

In reply to Halliwell
Jeremy gwin fix dat


cricketmad 2023-09-04 21:12:26 

In reply to Halliwell

I didn't know he has an approval rating.

sgtdjones 2023-09-04 22:22:14 

In reply to Halliwell

Still wearing your Boris haircut huh?..
Ah doh tink he is coming back... razz razz razz razz