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Dont Recall This Topic Ever Being Discuss

jahmekyah 2023-09-05 00:35:00 

Are there any legal competitive shooters on this forum.
My favorite hobby, although an expensive one

I enjoy the sport .... right up their with cricket.
and do you have a favorite EDC or competitive Pistol
Care to discus

XDFIX 2023-09-05 00:55:49 

In reply to jahmekyah

Isn't that yardies' hobby?

big grin big grin

jahmekyah 2023-09-05 00:58:03 

In reply to XDFIX


big grin big grin big grin
the illegal ones

jahmekyah 2023-09-05 00:59:49 

In reply to XDFIX

but I also shoot in New jersey and Atlanta

big grin

culpepperboy 2023-09-05 02:35:45 

In reply to jahmekyah

Nuff people on here does shoot off dem mout.

jahmekyah 2023-09-05 20:38:58 

In Reply to culpepperboy

big grin big grin

googley 2023-09-05 22:03:57 

In reply to culpepperboy

Some does shoot shit from their mouth lol