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Metaphors along Canada’s highway of tears

Barry 2023-09-06 20:05:23 

Totem pole to be raised on B.C.'s Highway of Tears to honour missing, murdered Indigenous women

Dangeli worked alongside his father and brother under a tent in the family's Terrace backyard to create the 7.3-metre pole, which has layers of meaning.

The main figure is of a young woman in face paint and red dress. At the top is a matriarch figure and at the base, bearing the weight of the totem, is an orca to recognize the pole will be on Kitsumkalum Orca Clan territory.

"It is a watch person in the metaphorical sense that our ancestors and our people will watch out and create a safe and sacred space," Dangneli said. "We're hoping the whole highway becomes a safe and sacred space."

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Barry 2023-09-06 20:07:25 

For Caribbean people seduced by a wicked country

The Highway of Tears is a 719-kilometre (447 mi) corridor of Highway 16 between Prince George and Prince Rupert in British Columbia, Canada, which has been the location of crimes against many Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) beginning in 1970. The phrase was coined during a vigil held in Terrace, British Columbia in 1998, by Florence Naziel, who was thinking of the victims' families crying over their loved ones.[1] There are a disproportionately high number of Indigenous women on the list of victims.


Barry 2023-09-06 20:16:20 

231 steps in the calls for justice

There are 231 steps that need to be taken by governments and Canadians in order to end the genocide against Indigenous women and girls according to the final report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

The report says these are "Calls for Justice."

"It must be understood that these recommendations, which we frame as 'Calls for Justice,' are legal imperatives – they are not optional," the report reads.

Barry 2023-09-06 21:06:00 

Do immigrants care for the indigenous? confused

Barry 2023-09-06 23:24:12 

No, not the taker of lead pipes sad

Barry 2023-09-07 03:36:46 

The stench of death
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Barry 2023-09-07 03:39:33 

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1 year ago
I live in Prince George , British Columbia where many of these women lived . This is one of the saddest unsolved cases in my province . It’s very isolated around here , and is a perfect breeding ground for serial murderers .

1 year ago
I'm German and I am shocked that after all these years none of these horrible crimes have been solved 😢. My heart goes out to all the families and I hope some day all of their questions will be answered.
May all these girls and women rest in peace 💔! I am so sorry for what has happened to you 😢

Barry 2023-09-07 03:40:02 

Is this really a first world country?

KTom 2023-09-07 11:26:59 

Canada's Council for Murderous Indigenous Men and Boys are conspicuously quiet.

Barry 2023-09-07 15:55:22 

Do you care, Sarge?

Barry 2023-09-07 15:57:47 

Buy this book

For years, the missing and murdered women and girls of the Highway of Tears received little attention. Local newspapers could take days, and sometimes weeks or months, to mention the victims — precious time when fresh tips from the public might have potentially helped catch the killers. Promising leads were never followed up on; key pieces of evidence were misplaced. While the RCMP has maintained that race never influenced their investigations, the victims' families recall a predominant attitude of "just another Native" tainting efforts to find their loved ones. Canadian journalist Jessica McDiarmid's new investigative book, Highway of Tears, out now, seeks to right decades of indifference by putting the female victims front and center at last. The result is urgent and eye-opening, and one of only a few book-length efforts to understand the epidemic. Its conclusions are uncomfortable at best, and damning at worst; it is easily one of the most essential works of nonfiction of the year.

Barry 2023-09-07 15:59:05 

National inquiry deems murders and disappearances of indigenous women in Canada a genocide

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Barry 2023-09-07 19:56:19 

Send snoop rat lol

Barry 2023-09-07 21:36:13 

Murders in TTO can never erase Canada’s sin cool

Barry 2023-09-08 17:30:05 

Girls don’t hitchhike
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Barry 2023-09-08 18:26:13 

ny laws for the highway of tears?

Barry 2023-09-09 10:42:04 

So many deaths, so many millionaires confused

Barry 2023-09-09 17:53:18 

They hate the indigenous confused

Barry 2023-09-10 16:13:17 

Completely marginalized

Radek said she isn't aware of anyone from the area who was asked to attend the AFN gathering in Vancouver.

"It really bothers a lot of our families because they're never invited to certain functions," said Radek, who is Wet'suwet'en and lives in Terrace.

"If they're discussing our cases, why can't we be involved?"

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Barry 2023-09-10 19:27:26 

The fruit pricked only care about the indigenous if he can lay lead pipes… evil

Barry 2023-09-11 09:35:56 

The problem remains despite retreats confused

Barry 2023-09-11 18:24:11 

Did Trudeau discuss this issue in his retreat? confused