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T&T..Lawmaking must be grounded in our reality

sgtdjones 2023-09-08 17:54:15 

T&T..Lawmaking must be grounded in our reality

T&T Guardian

The rationale behind the focus on this issue pertains to the presence of foreign individuals permitted entry into Trinidad and Tobago by the respective administrations of Manning and Rowley.It is noteworthy that Trinidad and Tobago has been recognized as the sixth most violent nation globally.

What is the number of foreign nationals who have evaded bail, leading to Trinidad and Tobago being granted such a designation?
The discovered meth lab was operated by individuals of Chinese nationality. Is it plausible to assume that this is the sole meth lab in Trinidad and Tobago?

The Minister of National Security in Trinidad and Tobago, Fitzgerald Hinds, has expressed his anger by advocating for limitations on the freedom of individuals who are prone to engaging in criminal activities. This statement highlights the seriousness of the current situation.The individual in question, being a legal professional, appears to lack an understanding of the fundamental rights granted to individuals, such as the right to bail, as enshrined in relevant legislations.
The death penalty remains a legal provision, however its implementation has not been initiated.The public has seen that the remarks made by the individual upon assuming the position of Security Minister have consistently elicited amusement.If the individual is able to obtain feedback from the opposition, he has the option to introduce a bill to parliament as a means of addressing these issues. 

The current government's insularity highlights the necessity of collaborative efforts.

Currently, you are inquiring about the frequency of public forums organized by the current government over the past eight years.Has any occurred?

T&T form of governance is characterized by a singular governing entity, wherein non-compliance may result in reprimand and derogatory labelling as those of low intelligence. It is regrettable that he fails to recognize the concept of self-awareness and its correlation with understanding others. He asserted his superiority in the field of crushed gravel, despite being excluded from the discussions regarding a quarry by the THA.

The absence of effective leadership in Trinidad and Tobago is a prevailing concern.