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WI still looking for a quality spinner?

anthonyp 2023-09-10 17:51:29 

lol lol

Well bowled Motie... Was calling for him since de 16th over.

StumpCam 2023-09-10 17:54:20 

In reply to anthonyp

Why is Kevin Sinclair not playing??? Is he injured or can’t make the side???

anthonyp 2023-09-10 18:06:38 

In reply to StumpCam

Kevin was on the field today so nothing is wrong with him... From de start I was saying Kevin or Motie will be on the bench for most of the season.

When Gurbaz joins the squad they will continue to play Junior... Once an emerging player in the XI they could play 5 overseas players.

Arlo 2023-09-10 18:19:40 

In reply to anthonyp

Each team has to play the emerging player for 5 prelim games. In a game where the emerging player plays the team can play 5 overseas plays. Junior has played 3 games, so they have 2 games left where they need to play an emerging player. After those 2 games, Kevin should get some games.

After those 5 games with the emerging player are done. They won't be able to play 5 overseas players even if they continue playing Junior as the emerging player.

doosra 2023-09-10 18:20:36 

In reply to anthonyp

when Jr gets his 4 out the way Kevin will get a look in...esp at Providence

Gurbaz will replace Khan behind the sticks

PalsofMine 2023-09-10 18:22:13 

In reply to doosra

But Khan is a quality player. Not easy to drop him unless he opens with Ayub. That second opening batsman has basically been the only weak point in Amazons team this tournament

googley 2023-09-10 18:25:46 

In reply to PalsofMine

Gurbaz will fill that opening spot. Khan will remain in the team

doosra 2023-09-10 18:25:55 

In reply to PalsofMine

Gurbaz will give stability at the top and either he or Ayub can achor the innings thru...and Khan has been scrambling a bit behind the sticks...

Arlo 2023-09-10 18:26:36 

In reply to doosra

It's 5 games not 4. But yes, Kevin and Junior should get 2 games each at Providence and Kevin should be there for the playoffs.

Azam Khan looks like he would have to make way when GAW have to play 4 overseas players.

bird 2023-09-10 18:37:58 

In reply to Arlo

Unfortunate if Khan has to be left out, he is very dangerous

Arlo 2023-09-10 18:52:17 

In reply to bird

Yes, I agree. Ayub has batted well at the top and Gurbaz should partner him and keep. Pretorius gets the 3rd spot for his seam bowling. Of course Tahir plays.

Khan is dangerous but looks the most likely to sit out.

googley 2023-09-10 18:52:27 

In reply to bird

I think Odean will be sitting instead of Khan, if Junior plays

cumberland 2023-09-10 18:55:19 

In reply to googley

The most likely scenario.

Arlo 2023-09-10 18:59:46 

In reply to googley

Yes, likely scenario for the next 2 matches. But once Junior plays 5 matches as the emerging player then only 4 overseas players can be in the XI. For the playoffs only 4 overseas players too. One of the overseas players will have to sit out then.

tops 2023-09-10 19:30:12 

In reply to Arlo
U C Y I didn't bother with the FL?
Too much headache. I don't have time for that.
But come the WC, I will beat U in that. big grin smile

Arlo 2023-09-10 19:39:09 

In reply to tops

See you at the WC FL my friend. big grin big grin big grin

googley 2023-09-10 20:23:48 

In reply to Arlo

then that will most likely be Khan...if Gurbaz produce runs. If not Gurbaz sits