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His Majesty graces the Windy City with his presence!

FanAttick 2023-09-13 13:44:19 

The King holds court lol lol lol lol

Look at the demographics here..and then certain peeps from Mudland and TittieLand still have him up in their collective craws…. lol

Halliwell 2023-09-13 13:49:13 

In reply to FanAttick

‘Sir Wivian’ must have been honoured
But it’s an Indian coverage of the event- couldn’t find no Jamaican footage to pelt at dem trini and muddie huh?

openning 2023-09-13 13:50:38 

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sgtdjones 2023-09-13 14:39:07 

In reply to Halliwell

razz razz razz razz

CricSham 2023-09-13 15:26:00 

In reply to FanAttick
All these bogus “Sir” cricketers. The only one is the king himself Sar Gary sobers. I done.

Halliwell 2023-09-15 16:34:24 

In reply to CricSham

Even Richie is a sir big grin

FanAttick 2023-09-15 17:22:26 

In reply to Halliwell

I dont subscribe to the Sir thing. That’s why for me it is and will always be King Viv lol

Halliwell 2023-09-15 17:45:13 

In reply to FanAttick

big grin big grin big grin