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PM Rowley ...8 years shows no advancement....

sgtdjones 2023-09-13 18:59:46 

PM Rowley ...8 years shows no advancement;Cabinet’s golden opportunity

T&T Guardian

In response to your Editorial today Prime Minister Rowley made the decision to convene a cabinet retreat in response to the outcomes of the Local Government Elections.Could the lack of progress in important ministries by his ministers be a contributing factor?Additionally,he encounters challenges with the THA subsequent to the 14-1 outcome.The connectivity between the marine and air routes to Tobago is a matter of concern.Various challenges have been seen by the populace in the domains of finance,education,water,electricity,infrastructure,landslides,and healthcare.Retreats that address complex subjects tend to be the most efficacious.Such possess the capacity to be extraordinary and transformative occurrences when leaders and personnel actively engage in candid and transparent talks concerning the present situation and suitable courses of action.In order to optimize the likelihood of a favourable outcome, it is crucial to engage in thorough preparation and strategic planning for the retreat, rather than regarding it as an isolated event.

No noticeable advancements have been recorded in a previous retreat,except for a rise in occurrences of poor results.The Sports Minister has frequently employed a confrontational manner when addressing issues within her jurisdiction. Similarly, Mr.Imbert has engaged in persistent email disputes and has blocked media personnel seeking information. Additionally,Energy Minister Stuart Young recently exhibited arrogance by steupsing a journalist's legitimate question of public importance and walked away.Furthermore, National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds has repeatedly implied that he lacks authority in combating crime.These actions collectively contribute to a perception of a lack of compassion and openness within the current administration.

There is an undeniable assertion that the current administration has had significant shortcomings in the realm of crime reduction.Prime Minister Rowley appropriately recognized the pressing need for solutions and emphasized the crucial role of legislative support from the Opposition in facilitating the process. 
However, the persistent exhibition of his faith in Hinds implies that he possesses either a greater understanding of Hinds' capacity for efficacy than we do, or that he is disconnected from the prevailing public opinion.Prime Minister Rowley demonstrates a preference for maintaining the presence of Hinds rather than yielding to popular pressure, indicating his aversion to being instructed or influenced.Retreats are often regarded as separate from regular work, existing as discrete events. Consequently, the integration of retreats into the administrative activities is not being successfully executed.As expected, this occurrence leads to the frequently observed "Monday morning problem," in which individuals prefer to dismiss the insights acquired during the retreat upon their reintegration into the workplace, opting instead to revert back to their customary routine and approach to work.Governments can derive benefits by strategically addressing problems that hinder optimal performance, innovation, and morale.Retreats are frequently employed by proficient leaders as a strategic method to advance their objectives and augment their impact within the community. These leaders usually participate in regular deliberations at these retreats.

Regrettably, in examining the preceding 8-year period and observing minimal or negligible advancements, the absence of any discernible improvement indicates a government lacking in innovative thinking.

sgtdjones 2023-09-15 01:03:22 

I copied this also..