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T&T President Kangaloo’s call goes beyond crime

sgtdjones 2023-09-15 16:11:23 

T&T President Kangaloo’s call goes beyond crime

The Editor
T&T Guardian

For the editorial titled "President Kangaloo's call goes beyond crime," I would like to express my thoughts.
The crime situation in Trinidad and Tobago is a cause for concern,leading to an investigation of the factors contributing to the government's extended period of ineffectiveness,lasting for a duration of eight years,in demonstrating its commitment to resolving this matter.The Prime Minister adopts a reserved position, while the Minister of National Security emphasizes that his principal duty involves distributing resources to organizations under his ministry, as specified in the budgeted allocations, rather than directly focusing on crime-solving endeavours. Is any of this comprehensible to the general populace?Could someone provide a detailed explanation of the factors that influence the public's decision to elect this government?

The incumbent President,who assumed office through political processes, issued a statement to the Parliament in which she called upon both leaders to convene and address the urgent matter of crime.The speaker placed emphasis on the fact that the general population is currently experiencing considerable distress as a consequence.The ex-President posited the remark that our societal fabric is marked by a pervasive presence of violence.

Did the administration and Prime Minister Rowley neglect the fact that Trinidad and Tobago holds the sixth position in worldwide crime rankings?This statement was issued several months ago.What measures has he implemented to mitigate the situation?The decision to remain silent does not result in any beneficial consequences, and this inaction is clearly seen.In response to President Christine Kangaloo's call for parliamentary cohesion in tackling the matter of crime,Prime Minister Keith Rowley has expressed his commitment to proactively engage in discussions with the Opposition. The narrative concerns a leader who seems to lack effective suggestions, given that the number of casualties under your tenure,Mr.Rowley,has exceeded 3500.What is the anticipated number of supplementary casualties that may be ascribed to the activities of the government,and what mechanisms can be employed to establish their responsibility? Furthermore,it is vital to contemplate the influence of poverty as a contributing element to criminal conduct.

Upon assuming the position of Prime Minister,Rowley made contact with the Opposition leader in order to develop a framework that would foster conversations characterized by mutual respect.The prevalent lack and deterioration of respect are prominent issues afflicting our country.What pejorative terms have been used to refer to women inside this country,and what was the nature of the comment made about the leader of the opposition political private anatomy? An uncouth comment you made Mr Prime minister.

Over the course of the last eight years,the government has repeatedly assigned accountability to the opposition party whenever unfavourable conditions have emerged.What achievements has the government accomplished throughout the preceding eight-year period that exemplify improvements in the standard of living for its populace? Trinidad and Tobago,has historically been recognized as a significant and influential presence in the Caribbean region.Nevertheless, in the current day,the once significant standing of the subject has experienced a notable decrease,leading to a drop in both its influence and overall significance under your leadership PM Rowley.

Trinidad and Tobago why have you transformed over time?sad

sgtdjones 2023-09-15 16:33:54 

Comment from a T&T Citizen

Rowley's PNM 2015 Manifesto excerpts:

"The UNC-led Government has been an abject failure at controlling crime and ensuring the security of our citizens. One of the reasons for its failure is its decision to dismantle the national security apparatus painstakingly put in place by the PNM."

The PNM will adopt a whole-of-government approach to national security. All Ministries and agencies will thus share responsibility and be accountable for the security and safety of the State.

Our porous borders are a major source of the proliferation of illegal guns and drugs, which are primary drivers of crime in Trinidad and Tobago. To address this threat, the PNM will:  Establish a Joint Border Protection Agency that will manage the security and integrity of Trinidad and Tobago’s borders; 9 Ensure that appropriate military assets are acquired, deployed and maintained;  Utilise information, integration, and rapid response of all agencies to meet all external threats".

Space does not permit adding proof of more false promises. But suffice it to say that a highly  unqualified individual with a long reputation of truth manipulation sought and obtained a CEO's position claiming to have all the answers to all the country's problems. But after 8 long years, blaming the opposition continues to be his plan of action with no positive results to show. Can one be awarded a lower grade than F?
This man is a disgrace not only to T&T, but the entire human race. And to think that the president of Howard University used reciprocity as the reason to honour him in total contradiction of every criteria for the award.

Now after blaming the opposition leader and insulting her about her vagina and all the other nasties, he wants to open talks..

sgtdjones 2023-09-16 00:56:58 

Where are the idiots that claim I post negativity about T&T...
It's simple refute my claims, instead of writing crap..
The ones that welcomed independence tells me that T&T has regressed
since that date...

One is having a melt down on his bible thread...
So religious but look at his comments ..what a Fraud.