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Why stupidity is a menace to our very existence

sgtdjones 2023-09-18 22:29:45 

Why stupidity is a menace to our very existence

It is regrettable that a considerable portion of the world population exhibits a deficiency in intellectual capacity, thereby perpetuating a persistent threat to society as a whole.
There exists a segment of the population that occupies positions of power and authority, while another subset has been elected through democratic processes to assume governance over our own nations.A notable disparity exists in the distribution of positions of power among individuals, with a far higher proportion being devoid of such roles.However,it is important to note that despite this imbalance,these individuals still possess the capacity to exercise their voting rights and express their ideas.The notion of "collective intelligence" is widely acknowledged in scholarly discourse.However,it is imperative to recognize the presence of "collective stupidity" as a related phenomenon that exerts a substantial influence on global affairs.One could contend that the present state of affairs is characterized by the presence of ignorance, which presents a significant threat to society's existence.This perilous situation is exacerbated by the active endorsement and propagation of ignorance within specific domains.

Despite the inherent negative or insulting connotations linked with the term "stupidity," it is imperative to acknowledge its scientific value as a conceptual framework that signifies a specific manifestation of cognitive impairment.It is crucial to recognize that the notion of stupidity transcends simply intellectual or factual inadequacy, embracing the incapacity to effectively utilize one's cognitive faculties.This suggests that individuals may demonstrate intellectual aptitude even if they have a low IQ or lack expertise in a specific field.The prevailing notion that "remedying stupidity is impossible" is routinely articulated, yet it does not fully correspond with empirical evidence.By developing an awareness of the limitations imposed by our intrinsic cognitive talents or lack of information, individuals can modify their cognitive processes, behaviours, and decisions to accommodate their intellectual constraints.

To demonstrate the concept that intelligence should not be exclusively associated with a low IQ, it is informative to analyze the case of Richard Branson, the highly regarded Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Airlines and a prominent figure in the global business sphere, celebrated for his remarkable accomplishments. Branson has publicly acknowledged his scholastic difficulties during his years of study and has openly declared his dyslexia,a learning impairment that affects reading and the accurate understanding of written language.Nevertheless, Branson encountered challenges beyond just reading comprehension.According to his statement, he encountered difficulties comprehending mathematical concepts.It is probable that my performance on an IQ assessment would have been subpar.

Many accomplished individuals frequently credit their accomplishments to the deliberate habit of surrounding themselves with individuals who possess a considerable level of experience and remarkable competence.The intellectual prowess of individuals is manifested through their ability to recognize their own limitations and determine the ideal circumstances in which to defer to individuals who possess superior skill or competency in particular areas or endeavors.This suggests that an individual's achievements in life, capacity to make rational choices, demonstrate astute discernment, and have a positive influence on society are not reliant on possessing conventional intellect or wide knowledge.The phenomenon of stupidity can be ascribed to a deficiency in self-awareness pertaining to one's own limitations, popularly known as the Dunning-Kruger effect in scholarly discourse.

The Dunning-Kruger effect is a well-established psychological phenomenon that describes the tendency of individuals to overestimate their intellectual abilities, comprehension, or expertise in a certain field.Furthermore, it is possible for individuals to simultaneously make inaccurate evaluations of the cognitive abilities,specialized expertise, or skill level of their colleagues.In alternative terminology,it can be seen that individuals often demonstrate a deficiency in recognizing their own cognitive limitations.The scholarly community has shown considerable interest in studying the effects of this phenomenon, as demonstrated by several empirical studies.Multiple studies, which have been published in esteemed peer-reviewed journals, have provided evidence and analyzed this phenomenon, specifically focusing on its possible risks in distinct contexts.

There exist multiple occasions in which the failure to recognize one's own deficiency in knowledge has the potential to result in perilous consequences.Take into consideration situations where individuals without medical experience attempt to provide medical advice.While it is true that there exists a subset of persons that can be categorized as fraudulent practitioners,it is important to acknowledge that a considerable proportion sincerely believe that they possess an elevated understanding of health and physiology.A considerable proportion of people rely on self-proclaimed experts, and it is indisputable that some individuals have made the ultimate sacrifice as a consequence. A significant issue related to the Dunning-Kruger effect revolves around the tendency of individuals to be drawn to confident leaders.As a result,politicians are incentivized to demonstrate an exaggerated amount of confidence in their convictions and viewpoints, as well as to amplify their perceived level of expertise.Politicians such as Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene demonstrate a notable absence of self-awareness of their own deficiencies in knowledge, as well as a failure to apply proper diligence when making assertions that could potentially affect the well-being and safety of the general public.Nevertheless, a cause for concern arises from the commendation they receive for their overwhelming self-assurance, a trait that might be associated with a lack of intellectual acumen.The occurrence of politicians with a propensity for exhibiting the Dunning-Kruger effect in their behaviour is rendered less surprising when one takes into account that they are being elected by those who similarly exhibit the Dunning-Kruger effect.

The present importance of the notion that stupidity should not be regarded solely as a lack of intelligence or information but rather as a failure to acknowledge the limitations of one's own intellectual capacity or understanding is of great significance and should not be underestimated.In the contemporary period characterized by intensified political polarization, individuals are progressively inclined to cultivate an inflated sense of certainty in their unsupported opinions.Furthermore,those who exhibit a substantial amount of ignorance often harbor the erroneous belief that their extent of understanding is modest.The present circumstances revolve around a prevalent occurrence of cognitive impairment, which is expected to worsen alongside increasing societal disparities.Nevertheless,it is crucial to recognize that we must not accept intellectual inadequacy as an unavoidable result of deterministic factors beyond our control.To a certain degree, it is a common phenomenon for individuals to encounter the Dunning-Kruger effect, which refers to the limited capacity of individuals to appropriately evaluate their own level of competence or lack thereof. The pervasive phenomenon of individuals consistently demonstrating an inherent inability to accurately assess their own levels of competence and wisdom is readily apparent.
The resolution of the issue pertaining to a lack of intelligence requires the continuous implementation of mental effort, which is marked by being conscious of one's own thoughts and actions, engaging in continuing exploration, and maintaining a balanced level of doubt.By cultivating a heightened sense of consciousness within ourselves and aggressively propagating it to others, we may effectively address and mitigate the challenges posed by this crisis

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sgtdjones 2023-09-19 01:21:08 

Boris jr Halliwell

Did I use my metaphors, similes and concord to perfection?
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Halliwell 2023-09-19 06:08:25 

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Psychonomic Bulletin and Review
Bobby Azarian​ cognitive neuroscientist​

I just find people could take the time to fix stuff like that if they go through all the trouble of dumping a zillion worlds for man to read through… razz

googley 2023-09-19 14:07:22 

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It is regrettable that a considerable portion of the world population exhibits a deficiency in intellectual capacity, thereby perpetuating a persistent threat to society as a whole.

Thats why politicians have been saying how much they love the "uneducated." wink

It makes for a perfect herd following.

sgtdjones 2023-09-19 15:49:22 

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The occurrence of politicians with a propensity for exhibiting the Dunning-Kruger effect in their behaviour is rendered less surprising when one takes into account that they are being elected by those who similarly exhibit the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Ah love this line.. lol lol

sgtdjones 2023-09-19 18:07:16 

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At your age , I am trying to help your attention sue me... razz razz