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Emir 2023-09-21 02:32:35 

All season they have had it easy!!!! wins tosses, lots of luck and absent their Paki opener, their batters were not tested and Tahir was simply luck as his bowling was not attacked, all of this went out the window with Polly tactics and his team playing to potential

Emir 2023-09-21 12:05:10 

Now that they suffered a bad defeat, the same people whose daughters shamelessly came out with posters wanting to marry some of the foreign players, are now calling out their team.

I advise they should not get emotional for various reasons: This GAW team is not a Guyana national team, despite what their government is feeding them. It is a franchise team dominated by foreign players and the chosen captain is old enough to be the grandfather of some of the players.

The team remained unbeaten up to last night, and this unbeaten run mask some serious flaws:

1. Tahir is no leader and he was damn lucky in all the matches, the timid batters did not attack his bowling until Pooran mashed him up last night.
2. Tahir did well in all the tosses, save for last night, by batting first he avoided bowling with any dew situation and when faced with it last night, he had no answer.
3. The core of the team is foreign, very very sad the young Guyanese players are no where to be found, Tahir is mid 40's, you mean to tell me no Guyanese player was capable of leading, if so then something is very rotten in Guyana with respect to developing their youngsters.

4. GAW had all the luck in the preliminaries- opposition drop catches, batting last for most matches, and a Pakistani opening batter who carried ther team, but when faced with the tactical acumen of Polly and co, he was rendered neutral and they had no plan B.

Ridge 2023-09-21 12:21:30 

In reply to Emir


he team remained unbeaten up to last night, and this unbeaten run mask some serious flaws:

Looks like you only tune in last night.