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St. VincentÂ…

WIfan26 2023-09-22 17:09:59 

This Pressi bold face bai twisted twisted rolleyes

InHindsight 2023-09-22 18:24:51 

In reply to WIfan26

It's so sad you are insular thinking


WIfan26 2023-09-22 19:22:03 

In reply to InHindsight

In hindsight I don’t think it is based on the fact that Kishore Shallow is from St. Vincent but I do hope I’m wrong!!!

doosra 2023-09-22 19:24:35 

In reply to WIfan26

Arnos Vale is a good venue, no?

Jumpstart 2023-09-22 20:02:39 

In reply to WIfan26

most probably....i doh think anything was as traumatic and the hunte/hillaire and cameron years.