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WI squad for the ODI WC-2023 in India

Khaga 2023-09-22 18:04:09 

Have they announced? I must have missed it..Please share details..Thanks

googley 2023-09-22 18:05:49 

In reply to Khaga

Shit stirrer!!!! lol lol lol lol

sgtdjones 2023-09-22 18:06:49 

In reply to Khaga

Who cares about ODI WC, we decided we not going.Its Booky paradise and Fixed.

we busy with CPL and Super 50
More exciting ... razz razz razz

You still around after all that heat in Arizona , huh?

PalsofMine 2023-09-22 18:07:06 

Welcome back, Khaga. I know that we have been too happy for too long!!

WIfan26 2023-09-22 18:07:37 

In reply to Khaga

Don’t worry when you guys lose you’ll see our squad to make yourselves feel better twisted

Lungidi2017 2023-09-22 18:10:35 

In reply to Khaga


Jumpstart 2023-09-22 18:13:10 

In reply to WIfan26

lol lol lol
used WI to lick their wounds following the WTC final beat down(was rooting for them and i really thought virat would score a hundred;got a good second innings ball though)

WIfan26 2023-09-22 18:16:05 

In reply to Jumpstart

Yup agreed!!! Since the Sachin Retirement Party we’ve become their personal punching bag rolleyes

Jumpstart 2023-09-22 18:20:22 

In reply to WIfan26

ey somebody hadda do it yuh know. they could at lest let the games into four days though

WIfan26 2023-09-22 18:21:49 

In reply to Jumpstart

Against the Bajandies impossible lol

Jumpstart 2023-09-22 18:22:56 

In reply to WIfan26

lol lol lol lol

imusic 2023-09-22 18:24:39 

In reply to Khaga

Look on de Barbados board cool

doosra 2023-09-22 18:25:04 

In reply to Khaga

yall better win it

doosra 2023-09-22 18:25:05 

In reply to Khaga

yall better win it
big grin

Raskil 2023-09-22 20:15:47 

On Monday the South American squad will be announced cool