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No way!

StumpCam 2023-09-23 00:47:18 

That’s out! Ball bounces into glove!

Emir 2023-09-23 00:48:53 

In reply to StumpCam

Azam Khan should be banned for dissent, really poor sportsmanship.

StumpCam 2023-09-23 00:49:43 

In reply to Emir

And you should be banned for stupidity!

natty_forever 2023-09-23 00:52:42 

No way, not one over from happy feet. Smh!

Dukes 2023-09-23 00:54:24 

In reply to StumpCam

That was an atrocious decision and Badree is as blind as a bat.It seems that the 3rd umpire is a bat.


I have been saying to all who would listen that KARMA is a BI$%^

GAW, since the debacle last week with that young man are under the pump.

Emir 2023-09-23 00:57:32 

In reply to Dukes

big grin

But Badree is not the umpire and Azam's has to obey the rule, right or wrong, he cannot show dissent.

StumpCam 2023-09-23 00:59:21 

In reply to Dukes

Both Badree and Ganga wanted that to be out desperately!
Or, They are probably watching on a Cathode Ray Tube!

WIfan26 2023-09-23 01:12:09 

In reply to StumpCam

It was Basserath those two couldn’t throw a fellow Trini under the bus lol

cumberland 2023-09-23 03:24:00 

that umpire should not do the final. Generally the umpiring this CPL has been indifferent.

imusic 2023-09-23 03:29:32 


Beat up on TKR fans when yuh lose

De umpires teefin even when yuh win

Cuss out de umpire when decision doh go your way

GAW “fans” and players showing some serious colours

Thankfully not all of them are like that

But enough to mek yuh go hmmmmm

De pressha of eternal bridesmaids is potent

Jumpstart 2023-09-23 03:39:40 

In reply to imusic

Exactly. They’ll self destruct on Sunday. The pressure, the self induced pressure is telling on them

imusic 2023-09-23 03:48:25 

In reply to Jumpstart

I hope they don’t. Looking forward to a good game.

And obviously I want TKR to win. But if GAW pulls it off, I’ll be happy for them. They’ve been among the top 2 teams since CPL was formed.

Raskil 2023-09-23 14:08:40 

That ball was taken cleanly. The two small fingers on the bottom of the right glove were under the ball.

Had the ball touched the ground it would have bounced higher and possibly away from the gloves completely.

sgtdjones 2023-09-23 14:12:28 

In reply to Raskil

That's what I saw

why all the gnashing of teeth. He was out.

sgtdjones 2023-09-23 14:14:24 

In reply to Jumpstart

The pressure, the self induced pressure is telling on them

The Captain said they were nervous in his interview last nite...
Ice cream man will plan , Pouty will remind them of such... cool