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how that lied Tit plagiarist get to post again

sudden 2023-09-25 19:57:30 

Halliwell 2023-09-25 20:47:56 

In reply to sudden

You hankering for ah nex lawyer letter?!!
Carry on!!! lol

sudden 2023-09-25 21:01:10 

In reply to Halliwell

stil havent received the first.

perhaps Bravos did big grin

Halliwell 2023-09-25 21:05:02 

In reply to sudden

Here we go! smile

sudden 2023-09-25 21:18:16 

In reply to Halliwell

that is your mate big grin

two tite tits

Barry 2023-09-25 21:38:42 

In reply to sudden

I have no idea. Perhaps he sold one of his patents and purchased shares on the message board. He now claims to have a “PEng” and scales up “plants” (I assume design and production services) even for according to him Oxford… if ah laugh, ah fart Barbies razz razz razz lol

sudden 2023-09-25 21:42:33 

In reply to Barry

you hear lies big grin

nick2020 2023-09-25 22:50:20 

In reply to sudden

bravs has gone missing. maybe he in court?

Barry 2023-09-25 23:17:23 

In reply to nick2020
Or maybe the Archbishop have fatman in court... ask him, nah


sudden 2023-09-26 00:13:38 

In reply to Barry

What about the tablets? big grin

Barry 2023-09-27 21:59:49 

In reply to sudden

Another fraud perpetuated in addition to jamgirl and the street sign lol

Barry 2023-09-28 02:03:14 

In reply to sudden
thiefing threads now--He ain't easy

Barry 2023-10-01 16:37:24 

This man obsessed with me…. sad

Barry 2023-10-01 17:05:51 

Soon Black will arise from Texas lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

WestDem 2023-10-01 21:11:20 

In reply to sudden

Aliens did hijack our planet fuh sure!

Just look at the one that tek over CC.Com, he also have other sidekicks. All social media platforms are in trouble.

As a human , and a Sergeant of our “Free us from Aliens group”…

big grin big grin big grin

WIfan26 2023-10-01 22:43:21 

In reply to sudden

Conde why don’t you try to fix Barbados cricket first rather than worrying about!!!

Barry 2023-10-01 22:55:22 

In reply to WestDem

He has so many handles…. confused

Barry 2023-10-03 17:37:00 

Update on one of his notorious threads

Three men who police believe are responsible for the quadruple murder of the Peterkin children as they slept in their home in the Heights of Guanapo, are now in custody.
The men were held in a police exercise in the Heights of Aripo on Monday evening.

Dem better than Canadian Mounties shock