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Republic Day in T&T, PM what do we celebrate?

sgtdjones 2023-09-25 21:51:22 

Republic Day in T&T,PM what do we celebrate?

Presently,Trinidad is observing the commemoration of its republican status, which was attained through a constitutional amendment in 1976. This change effectively removed Queen Elizabeth as the nation's head of state.The technique was pioneered by Guyana in 1970, afterwards adopted by several Caribbean nations.Antigua and Barbuda,the Bahamas,Belize,Grenada,St.Lucia,St.Kitts and Nevis,and St.Vincent and the Grenadines,King Charles III continues to hold the position of Head of State.Consequently,there seems to be limited impetus within the Commonwealth Caribbean region to promote the adoption of a Republican form of government.The establishment of the Order of the Trinity in 1969 by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago was a significant step towards addressing the matter of national awards.This order was created with the intention of acknowledging the accomplishments of individuals within society, and it includes prestigious honors such as the Trinity Cross,the Chaconia Medal,the Humming Bird Medal,and the Public Service Medal of Merit.

Within the context of our contemporary pluralistic society,the Order of the Trinity came under scrutiny due to allegations of discrimination against those who adhere to non-Christian religious beliefs, subsequently leading to legal action.In the year 2008, before the issue was brought before the Privy Council,the administration led by Manning initiated the establishment of the Distinguished Society of Trinidad & Tobago.The assertion made by Prime Minister Dr.Keith Rowley emphasizes the ongoing development of Trinidad and Tobago as a nation,despite the presence of numerous problems.During the period of this​ United nations administration,the president will be assumed by His Excellency Dennis Francis,the Ambassador of T&T to the United Nations.Previous occupants from the Caricom region have assumed these positions with limited documented impact.In the year 2013,the individuals holding the presidential positions in Antigua and Barbuda and Saint Lucia wereJohn W.Ashe andJulian Robert Hunte,respectively.What were the accomplishments of the individuals in relation to CARICOM?

According to Dr. Keith Rowley, the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, the upcoming president of the world body is expected to be highly challenging, as commentators have described the current moment as the most tense and perilous since the conclusion of the Cold War.The government successfully entered into a significant inter-institutional agreement with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. This agreement aims to facilitate collaborative efforts in the utilization of gaseous hydrocarbons within the Dragon Field, situated under Venezuela's maritime jurisdiction.The PM did not explicitly mention that Trinidad and Tobago has a demand of 4.4 billion cubic feet per day,whereas the current production level of the country is at 2.4 billion cubic feet per day.Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) is now experiencing a deficit of approximately 2 billion cubic feet per day.On a daily basis,the Dragon Field has the capacity to produce 250 million cubic feet of output.
The discussions with BP and Shell for the exploration and production of natural gas in three deepwater blocks over a period of eight years, which the speaker commended as a significant frontier advance.If these businesses are successful in locating gas, the process of gas generation is expected to exceed a duration of six years.Trinidad and Tobago is projected to achieve a production capacity of 4.4 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas by the year 2030. Considering the inability of half-capacity plants to generate profits,it is pertinent to inquire about the potential outcomes at Pt.Lisas.Some plants are being mothballed.

During the United Nations General Assembly,the ​Prime Minister addressed the issue of criminality in Trinidad and Tobago, highlighting the involvement of firearms and ammunition originating from the United States.

This proposition was incorporated within the election program of the PNM party around eight years ago.The People's National Movement(PNM)would adopt a comprehensive strategy towards ensuring national security.The collective responsibility and accountability for the security and welfare of the state will be borne by all ministries and agencies.The permeability of our national boundaries serves as a substantial factor in facilitating the widespread circulation of illegal firearms and narcotics, hence constituting the principal catalysts for criminal activities within the jurisdiction of Trinidad and Tobago.In order to mitigate this potential risk,the PNM intends to implement several measures.

Firstly,they propose the establishment of a Joint Border Protection Agency, which would be responsible for overseeing the security and preservation of Trinidad and Tobago's borders.Additionally,the PNM aims to procure,deploy,and sustain suitable military assets to effectively address this issue.Lastly,they emphasize the importance of utilizing information,integration,and prompt response from all relevant agencies to effectively counter any external threats

​None of the proposed ideas were successfully realized.

Currently,T&T holds the sixth position globally in terms of criminal activity.The current trajectory of our homicide rate indicates that it is poised to exceed the total number of homicides recorded in the previous year.Several Australian coastal vessels were procured,with one of them experiencing a grounding incident,while the rest are currently located in Staubles Bay,necessitating maintenance or refueling.
Following a period of eight years in governance,the government has relinquished its practice of attributing water scarcity issues to the opposition,opting instead to attribute them to acts of sabotage.Access to water is a fundamental necessity for the population,and many regions have experienced prolonged periods of water scarcity lasting several weeks.The citizenry is engaging in demonstrations due to the substantial peril posed by the presence of hazardous roads, bridges,and landslides.The recent breakdown of a ferry utilized for the transportation of goods and services to Tobago has prompted the government to initiate the procurement of a replacement vessel.However,the anticipated arrival of the replacement ferry has been delayed by a period of eight years,with the expected date of delivery now set for 2024.

The National Security minister of this government asserts that his primary responsibility lies in the allocation of budgetary resources rather than the prevention of criminal activities.Additionally,he is acknowledged for asserting that children are not influenced by criminal behavior.Over the course of the previous week,a total of four minors were tragically killed within their residences by individuals engaged in illegal activities, while a small number of children were also reported as being forcibly taken against their will.The rate of growth in business community extortion is sluggish.Rowley further expounded upon his concerns regarding the police force,military regiment,customs agency,and coast guard,highlighting the presence of criminal elements that had managed to penetrate these institutions.

I kindly request the Prime Minister to provide insight into the importance of observing our presence within secure structures constructed with reinforced steel bars in the year 2023,while he is concurrently upholding a state of reserved communication.