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Chairman of Florida Republican party accused of rape

birdseye 2023-12-05 00:41:58 

These republicans are something else - and this guys wife is one of those who is pushing banning of books with sexual content....WOW!



Chrissy 2023-12-05 01:56:48 

In reply to birdseye
My Miami sister was telling me about this yesterday.
Dem peeps project all,di time.

googley 2023-12-05 02:04:27 

Gov. Desantis called the Zieglers' his friends, but he said Christian should step aside as chair. The party has no formal mechanism for forcing a chair out.

He will claim that he is the victim....that's why he refuses to step down. Trumpet move..

Emir 2023-12-05 02:19:01 

In reply to birdseye

Three some with another women- devil in their bed and they preach Christianity in public.

Brerzerk 2023-12-05 03:32:33 

What a 'Sordid Affair' (no pun intended). As Joy Reid aptly said The women who rail 'gainst' LGBTQ owns at least
two of those letters; The B and The Q have mercy!

VIX 2023-12-05 12:41:59 

In reply to birdseye

indeed, and its so shocking that only Republican politicians are the deviant ones!!

#delusional #misfits

velo 2023-12-05 16:54:06 

In reply to VIX


Headley 2023-12-05 17:00:34 

In reply to VIX

indeed, and its so shocking that only Republican politicians campaign against the deviant ones!!

Fixed it for you.

Brerzerk 2023-12-05 17:36:55 

In reply to VIX

When s'maddy haffi continuously seh look ova deh suh it mean seh dem dun have a bias and deh pon di backfoot in defense wid slanted bat and squared-up by leg-cutter

camos 2023-12-05 18:20:25 

These MAGA guys are so often sexual deviant, Gerry Falwell's son who was the president of Liberty University had a similar situation, his was he, his wife and a man!big grin

ray 2023-12-05 18:20:52 

nicebig grin