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Bob Marley movie breaks box office records

FanAttick 2024-02-15 20:22:14 

Big Valentines Day haul

Paramount’s Bob Marley: One Love biopic rocked the Wednesday domestic box office with $14 million, the top mid-week opener ever for Valentine’s Day, according to Paramount. The honor previously belonged to 2012’s The Vow ($11.5 million). Better yet — and despite meh reviews — audiences loved the film and gave it an A CinemaScore.

Curtis 2024-02-15 20:43:01 

I have serious self-doubt as to whether I want to see this movie.

I am afraid it's going to be cringe worthy.

Brerzerk 2024-02-15 22:52:02 

In reply to Curtis

Reviews have been harsh even brutal, but I guess that's aimed for those of us who 'know and not believe' (Ride Natty Ride)
For dem young'uns and others who do not know that they do not know mostly because they weren't yet around may differ on that.

Chrissy 2024-02-16 00:31:29 

They discussed it on Morning Joe today

JayMor 2024-02-16 00:55:50 

In reply to Curtis

Nah, not really. Now, if it was Peter Tosh... LOL.

The movie is too short and should've included much more of Bob's life. I suspect they're setting themselves up for a part 2.

Brerzerk 2024-02-16 02:26:41 

In reply to Chrissy

one of the few mornings I missed it will watch on demand. I think the artistes' 'producer etc. made a decision to focus just on the period that included
the attempted murder and the making of Exodus all in order to show certain character traits such as determination and humanity.

Curtis 2024-02-16 02:34:03 

In reply to JayMor

Tosh is growing on me these days big grin

Bob's life, I think, is more suited to documentaries.

Plus a great actual live concert video will always be better than an actor's rendition.

The personal tabloid stuff is not that interesting to me anyhow.

But if you say it's worth a peep, I might listen ...big grinbig grinbig grin

JahJah 2024-02-16 04:03:47 

In reply to Brerzerk

Some might say Ziggy's (over) involvement might have ruined things a bit.

I heard my artiste Peter got cut from the final edit. I saw a clip where Bob sings "Turn Your Lights Down Low" to Rita. Oh boy... lol

Another thing, it might have been better if Scorcese remained the director or get someone like Spike if you needed a Black director.

JayMor 2024-02-16 04:45:26 

In reply to Curtis

But if you say it's worth a peep, I might listen

It's Bob (and released by Paramount Pictures), so would definitely worth a look-in. I have no prob with the actors, the acting, and what they showed. Just that there was a way to go. I felt unfulfilled at the end. But I suppose part 2...


cricketmad 2024-02-16 19:00:47 

In reply to JayMor

Bro I think you are on to something there . I will be going to see it tomorrow, and plan to not expect too much .

sgtdjones 2024-02-17 00:26:04 

Despite Kingsley Ben-Adir and Lashana Lynch's best efforts, this Bob Marley biopic is flat and uninspired.

'Bob Marley: One Love' Review: Kingsley Ben-Adir Keeps This Biopic Afloat

Despite Kingsley Ben-Adir and Lashana Lynch's best efforts, this Bob Marley biopic is flat and uninspired. Kingsley Ben-Adir and Lashana Lynch deliver phenomenal performances as Bob and Rita Marley.
The script focuses more on Marley as a performer rather than as a person, offering little new insight about his life. The movie is sanitized and plays it safe, lacking the authenticity that a biopic of Marley deserves.

One Love had a lot of potential, and it's clear that there was a mighty amount of passion in developing this biopic. In an intro before the start of the movie, Marley's son Ziggy Marley claimed that he was on set nearly every day of filming. However, it doesn't seem like the production team took notes from him about his father, as One Love doesn't even know where it stands on Marley himself.

JoeGrine 2024-02-17 14:45:01 

Saw the movie last evening. If you are heavily into the life and music of Marley you will give this about a 6/10. Ben-Adir did quite well as I went in bracing myself for an imposter-like performance from him, he exceeded my expectations. Lynch was the best of the lead actors.

No one part of his life was deeply examined and rather than leave the audience guessing. I am not sure a person wanting to know who Bob was would have been properly served watching this movie.

That they would cover '75-'77 of Bob's life is a mystery I just can't express.

FanAttick 2024-02-18 19:32:11 

In reply to JoeGrine

Bob Marley continues to rule the box office

nitro 2024-02-18 20:07:33 

In reply to FanAttick

The Legend is even bigger.

I was shocked my little 11 year old tells me she wants to go view it.

JahJah 2024-02-18 21:12:33 

In reply to nitro

My 11, 13 and 14 year old daughters already saw it on opening day.

nitro 2024-02-18 21:25:10 

In reply to JahJah


cricketmad 2024-02-19 00:01:45 

There is no way under the sun they could do justice to the biopic of Bob in 110 minutes. Bob lives yeah !

JahJah 2024-02-19 11:24:14 

In reply to cricketmad

Well, Kingsley said he shot 4 hours of film, and I don't think he's referring to different takes of the same scenes. Maybe it was a lot of chopping and changing to fit a narrative.

Maybe y'all need to be looking at Ziggy the Zionist on this one is not Brad Pitt dem's doing. big grin

Better dem mek dis a trilogy.

Bob Marley: Rastaman Vibration or Bob Marley: Natural Mystic up next. Finish up with knock out punch. Chant Down Babylon

Or just do a Netflix series instead, like I think someone suggested.

cricketmad 2024-02-19 11:57:19 

In reply to JahJah

The ending couldn't have been more abrupt. As for Zionist Ziggy he is by no means a chip off the old block.

Jumpstart 2024-02-19 13:00:18 

In reply to FanAttick

ah hear in the end the gunman apologize........firt time im hearing jim brown did that lol. in fact the Who shot the sheriff documentary says when bob was paid after the concert, jim brown came with the paymaster, and bob asked his friend who was the guy with the paymaster, and his friends says its jim brown. And bob tells him this is the guy who was there the night i was shot.

XDFIX 2024-02-19 14:27:17 

With the removal of the scene of Tosh, big uproar!

StumpCam 2024-02-23 12:14:01 

So, what you all think about how Marley became a Legend.

FanAttick 2024-02-23 12:52:26 

In reply to StumpCam

Its not surprising…its for the reason Martin Luther King is considered mainstream and the face of the civil rights movement and not Malcolm X…

XDFIX 2024-02-24 02:22:40 

Movie is a simple execution - actor/actresses all good! I’d rate it a 7

Raggs 2024-02-24 06:58:21 

It mek to give Rita her flowers before she pass away. Emotional it’s ok when yuh study the connection between Bob n Rita it tells the story well in that department but Bob’s life from that point in the movie it well short.
The guy who played Mortimo Planno was top draw.
I feel seh a Peter Tosh biopic will top this easily in drama and storyline if it gets the go ahead.
By de way, Cindy was right to react a fuss. That movie lie pon her badly.

XDFIX 2024-02-24 15:38:54 

In reply to Raggs

Would you watch it again?

The guy who act as Bob did an excellent job, all things considered! Sorry no Yardie act could be found for the role!

Raggs 2024-02-24 16:47:36 

In reply to XDFIX

On TV yeah otherwise nah

Raggs 2024-02-24 17:36:30 

In reply to XDFIX

Ah tell yuh wat….That period of time dem pick out to showcase ina Bob’s life was the peak period of the Cindy n Bob love affair, work dat out…Ya see de Junior Gong stay clear ah de biopic in promoting it in any form or shape. Plus Cindy lick out ‘gainst it.

XDFIX 2024-02-24 20:56:34 

In reply to Raggs

Why would Cindy seeking to squeeze her self in the middle! She continues to show no respect for Rita or wah?

Raggs 2024-02-24 21:44:57 

In reply to XDFIX

Bob set up house as man n wife wit Cindy when on the exodus exile in swanky part of London …Rita was in another place with other members of the touring entourage…

JahJah 2024-02-25 08:06:31 

In reply to XDFIX

I swear y'all are strange as hell. Do you want the truth or Zionist Ziggy's propaganda? Talk about love letter to him father. That was anything but. More like love letter to him mother. You can't fault him. Every man ride wid dem mumma til di end. big grin

JahJah 2024-02-25 08:10:12 

In reply to Raggs

XDFIX and dem can't handle the truth. Better the movie did focus on Bob's militancy, wanting peace in Jamaica and love/yearning for Africa. They probably should have avoided his messy 'love' life altogether rather than completely lie about it.

Bob was laying pipe all ova di place. big grin

And Rita from all accounts was getting hers too. Just in a likkle more moderation. wink

mikesiva 2024-02-25 09:28:16 

In reply to JoeGrine

I agree with your observations.

I thought it would make me cringe, but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

I thought Ben-Adir and Lynch did well. But again, I'm not sure why 1975-77 was chosen. Is it because he was in London then?

Though the flashbacks did add some background.

Raggs 2024-02-25 10:04:15 

In reply to JahJah

Yuh know seh I always thought that Rita was just a common law ting cuz I used to see interviews TV and radio in Jamaica where Bob used to pass her off as so, just a baby mother like de rest of dem.
I was shocked when I saw a picture a day after his death in the Jamaica Gleaner on the front page of dem now famous wedding picture. Without that image I'd still have doubts about the marriage of those two.

JahJah 2024-02-25 11:59:53 

In reply to Raggs

Exactly. A lot of revisionism ah gwaan. Straight from the horse's mouth bout him nuh recognise (babylon) marriage and how him nuh married to she. She is juss back up singer and all di singer dem have him last name and all sort ah horse dead and cow fat. Looks she agree to because dem did stop having pickney with her at Stephen, and she start having pickney fi nex man with Stephanie. Ah Tacky him name?

Maybe it was a business arrangement in the latter years of the marriage.

Dats why we need fi stay outta people dem bedroom and ting.

FanAttick 2024-02-25 21:33:43 

still cooking at the box office

Curtis 2024-02-26 12:26:51 

I will wait for the play.

Drapsey 2024-02-26 13:17:29 

My Bob Marley story.

Back in the late 70s my favorite hangout was the Merry-go-round Club on Peters Lane in Kingston. It was also a favorite of one of Bob's baby-mothers.

On one of her birthdays, she treated us all to an evening of dining on all the offerings at the club. Jerk you name it, and drinks galore.

Bob had just returned from one of his famous world tours the previous week.

velo 2024-02-26 15:38:09 

i hear some jamaicans question why they choose a white man to play bob and i have to ask does kingsley bin ader look white ? in fact like bob he is also mixed race so it was a good casting.

JahJah 2024-02-26 18:51:49 

In reply to velo

Yeah right. Sure, buddy.

SnoopDog 2024-02-26 20:15:57 

In reply to Lady JahJah

And here comes Lady JahJah - defender of everything Black (including but not limited to: Black outs, Black pudding, and Black Friday deals.) lol