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World’s fastest growing economy?

db 2024-02-16 21:50:59 

Guyana, per Bloomberg News. Congratulations. Now you just need to control any resulting inflation

Chrissy 2024-02-16 22:20:14 

In reply to db
Ignore dem people yuh hear. They used to say Ghana

XDFIX 2024-02-16 23:15:45 

Where is Jeremy when we need him? The last time I checked 'twas India!

StumpCam 2024-02-17 00:13:25 

In reply to db

Yet, teachers can’t get a livable wage!twisted

db 2024-02-17 01:43:46 

In reply to StumpCam

I guess the government is trying to keep inflation down.

dayne 2024-02-17 02:19:26 

The economy might be growing fast, but most of the growth is going into the pockets of the Oil Companies that are extracting the oil. Hopefully whatever leftovers the Guyana government is getting is being used to raise the standard of living in the country, I heard the nurses are going on strike and many are leaving the profession because of low wages. The Government is importing nurses from Cuba.

nick2020 2024-02-17 14:20:18 

In reply to Chrissy

Chrissy lewwe go back to d motherland big grin