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BeatDBalls, Maj did you donate?

googley 2024-02-17 21:44:38 

BeatenedBalls, Maj and other Trumpets, please donate. lol

googley 2024-02-17 21:46:10 

Almost $100K donated at this time.

Come on guys, save your hero! lol

sgtdjones 2024-02-17 21:47:22 

In reply to googley

Read this he needs approx. 500 million cash

googley 2024-02-17 21:48:56 

In reply to sgtdjones

Over 2.5 Maga supporters already donated. If yours in that count? razz

sgtdjones 2024-02-17 21:49:58 

In reply to googley

Ah gats two Indian rupees that I don't need...razz
I was going to give them to barry.

googley 2024-02-17 21:52:22 

In reply to sgtdjones

One person donated $5 just to say this:

DJT has been convicted of sexual assault (grab 'em by the puzzy), settled fraud to tune of $25M for bogus Trump Univ., closure of DJT non-profit foundation for corporate malfeasance. Six bankruptcies, not paying contractors and vendors working on his properties/projects. He has told on the average 21 lies or mistruths a day while in office. [redacted] I wouldn't trust DJT with my dog, let alone running this country again--he turned a divide in this country into a chasm. Don't vote for Trump again. I will not!!!


sgtdjones 2024-02-17 21:55:51 

In reply to googley

He needs swifty...

That looks good on the Donald resume...razz

Just got back from India will write a blog about it , my third visit...
India has changed...

googley 2024-02-18 19:45:07 

In reply to sgtdjones

I guess BrokenBalls is almost $300,000.00 lol

Maj currently counting the money from his jars!

Meanwhile Vix says its "Merica's problem" lol

StumpCam 2024-02-18 19:49:21 

In reply to googley

I have to take a drive down Liberty Avenue and look for the guy with the Trump HighToplollol

sgtdjones 2024-02-18 19:49:48 

In reply to googley

The Donald needs over 400 million in donations to escape bankruptcy...

The red necks cannot raise such an amount.razz

sgtdjones 2024-02-18 19:52:16 

In reply to StumpCam

A buffoon , uncouth classless act of desperation by an American idiot.
Look at what the Presidency of America has come down to...sad

googley 2024-02-18 19:52:44 

In reply to StumpCam

At $399 per pair, Mr. Balls probably bought a few! lol

sgtdjones 2024-02-18 20:00:51 

In reply to googley

That will cut back his western movies subscription large.


googley 2024-02-18 20:03:58 

In reply to sgtdjones

Rather bigly!!!! lol

BeatDball 2024-02-18 20:44:01 

I have donated $669.69! Fools, run off.

googley 2024-02-19 14:42:02 

In reply to BeatDball

Getting close to the half $mil mark! Take out a 2nd mortgage and help the man!

carl0002 2024-02-19 15:26:38 

In reply to googley

Never mind donate I think Maj outbid beatwhatever at $9k for that god awful trashy, tacky, absolutely hideous sneaker.

sgtdjones 2024-02-19 15:41:54 

In reply to googley

"It's notable that it has raised less than $0.5m in three days. That won't even cover the interest he owes. While any decision on whether he has to pay up could well be held up in the appeals process is Trump's lawyers can find sufficient reason to persuade the judiciary to return his cases to court—by no means a given—he will still have to deposit much of what he owes in escrow. He'll need much more than faithful MAGAs to meet the court's demands."

Theoretically, for Trump to be able to pay the $355 million with just his sneaker profits, he would have to sell approximately 889,725 pairs of the "Never Surrender High Top" sneakers. There is a more moderately priced athletic shoe at $199. The former president would need to sell about 1,783,920 pairs of the athletic shoes to pay off his fine.

googley 2024-02-19 21:02:23 

In reply to sgtdjones

Air Jordan is no match for Air Trump!!! I bet many in Richmond Hill now wearing Air Trump, even while watching westerns!! lol

sgtdjones 2024-02-19 21:19:37 

In reply to googley

So how many pairs you bought?

nick2020 2024-02-20 12:57:29 

Is Maj still around?

googley 2024-02-20 15:39:34 

In reply to nick2020

He was on a few weeks ago complaining how the site is boring. lol

He probably stocking up on sneakers now!

googley 2024-02-20 15:40:29 

In reply to sgtdjones

I can't afford and even if I could, there are many many better things I could use my few dollars for.... wink

JayMor 2024-02-20 18:04:58 

In reply to BeatDball

I have donated $669.69!

Why the sixty-nines, boss, re you giving to Chump?


carl0002 2024-02-20 20:25:51 

In reply to googley

Air Jordan is no match for Air Trump!!!

You are so right, there is more hot air in Trump than what you can find in air jorden

googley 2024-02-20 21:19:30 

In reply to JayMor

Why the sixty-nines, boss, re you giving to Chump?

Hahahaha! Competition for Stormy! lollol

sgtdjones 2024-02-21 00:15:41 

In reply to googley

So BeatDball is a sneakerhead now huh?razz

googley 2024-02-21 14:03:58 

In reply to sgtdjones

De man buying cologne nowlol

sgtdjones 2024-02-21 15:37:13 

In reply to googley

Ah heard your friend Snoopy , purchasing all that he can.


VIX 2024-02-22 16:45:00 

In reply to googley

They gonna have to donate to Mike Lindell too!smile

Mike Lindell, the CEO of bedding company MyPillow and an ally of former President Donald Trump, has to pay $5 million to a man who debunked Lindell’s false claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election, following a failed attempt to get out of doing so.