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During your tenure approx. 6,000 citizens will die PM Rowley

sgtdjones 2024-02-18 17:36:18 

During your tenure approx. 6,000 citizens will be murdered PM Rowley

It has been eight and a half years of killings in Trinidad and Tobago. Thousands of citizens have been murdered. And counting. As early as 2017, I recorded: “every day, our front pages are drenched with blood from street slaughters and home invasions”. In December that year, headlines screamed “RAMPAGE, 16 people killed in 96 hours, 25 double murders” as the toll reached 1,051 persons murdered in two years under Dr Keith Rowley as Prime Minister! “Death is everywhere,” said one citizen. “How many more must die?” Rowley asked, publicly. “Thousands,” I said, “unless you do something!”

“Really, Dr Rowley?” asked an Express editorial; while the Guardian was baffled, writing “the Prime Minister is only now convinced a document drafted under his Government seven years ago is the golden compass to the way forward”. The paper called on Rowley to “tell citizens why his Government failed to see its importance before and why it takes precedence now, only after the horse has already bolted”. Indeed, at present speed, around 6,000 persons would be murdered during this prime minister’s tenure.Recently, he built up expectations with announcement of a news conference to report on his US visit and meetings with the FBI and CIA. People expected concrete, effective action; strategies and solutions.

But they got a 2017 manpower audit of the Police Service that Rowley had commissioned himself and from which the recommendations were never implemented. Unbelievable contempt for this besieged nation!Two Sundays ago, Prof Selwyn Cudjoe wrote, “Keith Rowley and his Government will not solve our growing crime problem. Rowley is much too arrogant, indecisive, ill-disciplined and un-inspirational to lead such a vital national effort.”

But don’t hold your breath, folks. The arrogance will remain unshaken and the contempt undiluted. While thousands are murdered.