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Missing Jamaican school principal found alive

FanAttick 2024-02-20 08:59:05 

Curious Case

Adams also expressed gratitude to the members of the security forces who found him and confirmed earlier reports that he lost consciousness during the ordeal.

He told TVJ that he had picked up a “pretty girl” but didn’t know what happened after she passed her hand over his nose commenting “Yuh have nice, big nose.”

His motor vehicle was found in a ditch a few metres away from where he was found.

After his rescue Adams was taken to hospital

“I can confirm that he was found and I can say that he sustained injury and was taken to hospital,” Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) President Leighton Johnson told the Jamaica Observer.

Chrissy 2024-02-20 10:39:21 

In reply to FanAttick
Very strange

XDFIX 2024-02-20 13:07:33 

In reply to FanAttick

A "pretty girl" will always get yuh into trouble, especially as a married man with two kids and 1655 students! The good thing, he's a praying man!

FanAttick 2024-02-20 14:58:59 

In reply to XDFIX

A "pretty girl" will always get yuh into trouble, especially as a married man with two kids and 1655 students! The good thing, he's a praying man!

I think he’s more of a preying man!big grin

In this case the hunter became the huntedbig grin

Brerzerk 2024-02-20 19:50:11 

In reply to FanAttick

XDFIX 2024-02-20 20:19:16 

In reply to FanAttick

Let's cut him some slack lol

Chrissy 2024-02-20 21:30:16 

He is also a past JTA president

Chrissy 2024-02-20 21:30:55 

In reply to XDFIX
He's lucky to be alivee - must have picked up some amateurs

Drapsey 2024-02-20 21:41:37 

Wonder what she rubbed across his (big) nose. Those smells (scents) can be intoxicating if I may say so.

...Notice I didn't say odor.

FanAttick 2024-02-20 21:53:10 

In reply to Chrissy

Maverick weighs in on the “Principal and the Pretty Girl”

Chrissy 2024-02-20 21:54:19 

In reply to Drapsey
When I was a UWI student we would go to three miles or six miles and hitch rides to Mandeville to spend some weekends or holidays with my peeps. Was usually me and one of my
My good friends long before we had cars.
We had one rule - nuh hitch wid nuh young man. Dem old men were di best - they’d stop and buy us orange juice, lunch, fresh fruit. One asked us if he could stop home in Porus and tell his wife he was going to drop us in Knockpatrick. Di lady insisted we stayed fi lunch and then sent him with us.
Dis place used to be so nice and safe too.

Three of us hitched all the way around the island once - stayed with different classmates. Those were the days. We returned to Kingston with most of our money - dem decent ole men are di best

Chrissy 2024-02-20 21:56:38 

In reply to FanAttick

Deading wid laugh

cricketmad 2024-02-20 22:27:14 

I don't buy the pretty girl story. I think it was a case of Mr Wray ,and his nephew.

Chrissy 2024-02-20 23:37:01 

In reply to cricketmad

So we have one principal charged fi Murda and another kidnapped while drunk

What a prekeh!

Brerzerk 2024-02-21 03:47:50 

In reply to Chrissy

you nailed it, that used to be our Jamaica. bumming a ride was a common thing for young ladies from high school up and that's all it was a ride by car
to your destination

JoeGrine 2024-02-21 09:58:57 

1. What evidence is there that there was a "pretty girl" and a man, meaning it was a couple?
2. How do we know that it wasn't just a "pretty girl"?
3. Perhaps he lacked inhibition at the bar?

jacksprat 2024-02-21 17:56:43 

In reply to Chrissy

So we have one principal charged fi Murda and another kidnapped while drunk

I missed it: Which principal was charged for murder?


Chrissy 2024-02-21 18:12:49 

In reply to jacksprat

The Principal of Hopewell High school in Hanover, who was taken into custody last week as a Person of Interest following the murder of the school's bursar, has been released. Radio Jamaica News was informed that the Principal was released Friday evening after several days in custody.

Must check and see how this one is going

jacksprat 2024-02-21 18:27:27 

In reply to Chrissy

Oh Boy! Thanks.

Just hearing about this

hubert 2024-02-21 18:53:57 

[b]In reply to FanAttick[/blol

Maverick is something else and as others have said Wray and His Nephew makes the ugly face pretty
after a while...Glad Adams is alive to tell his story.
But that Little Rock called Jamdown has left the realm of comedy Central and is now
Comedy Universal..
I still laughing lol

cricketmad 2024-02-21 19:54:43 

In reply to hubert

Back in the days I knew a few principals who spent more time at rum bars than they did at their respective schools.

Chrissy 2024-02-21 20:24:50 

In reply to cricketmad
And not just in Jamaica eitherlol

alfa1975 2024-02-21 20:44:47 

In reply to hubert

Reading this reminds me of a somewhat eerie situation.
Many years ago I was among a group of nine (9) people chosen to launch and implement the computerization of the operations of a certain bank, in Kingston, where I worked. We were basically seconded from our regular functions for about 60 per cent of our work day until the successful implementation of this system.
It meant a lot of toing and froing to Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Pompano Beach. The person chosen to lead the project spent about 5 or 6 months in Miami.
We were in Jamaica working on this on this project,your day started with it and ended with it.
On returning to work after National Heroes weekend, the leader of the project could not be found. Panic set in. His close friends had not heard from him. Senior Management were in the same boat as us. There was one caveat...We were not going to call his wife, who was a nurse and worked a night shift, as we did not know what she knew or other wise.
The Tuesday night, we eventually heard that he was safe. That he had ended up in Ocho Rios in another version of the pretty face and J Wray and Nephew.

Drapsey 2024-02-21 21:32:23 

In reply to alfa1975

That's a great way to celebrate a successful project.

hubert 2024-02-21 21:59:17 

In reply to cricketmad

It wasn't me ??? lol

hubert 2024-02-21 22:02:41 

In reply to alfa1975

That was scary alright ...and on a project too smile
Wray and His Nephew EXTRA Special lollol