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Professor Cudjoe asks Rowley this question?

sgtdjones 2024-02-20 17:18:16 

Professor Cudjoe asks Rowley this question?

Professor Cudjoe is asking the Prime Minister and Ministers to declare what was their wealth in 2015 and now to see if increased wealth resulted from crime escalations?

Cudjoe said the UNC’s anti crime conversations are positive and the PM’s dismissal of them as “pappy show” was the linguistic control and intellectual dishonesty of his approach to the important program and a lack of respect for civic engagements.
Cudjoe said he stands in solidarity with the UNC not because he loved his party and political leader less but “because I love my country more”.

T&T Guardian

Two Sundays ago, Prof Selwyn Cudjoe wrote, “Keith Rowley and his Government will not solve our growing crime problem. Rowley is much too arrogant, indecisive, ill-disciplined and un-inspirational to lead such a vital national effort.”

sgtdjones 2024-02-20 17:36:37 

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Johnatan Jardin

“Great is the UNC and it shall prevail.” I can’t believe she said that….!!!

�� �� �� �� �� ��…… Trying to copy greatness will just be a great COPY…dUNCes


JJ your uncle cudjoe a stunt pnm supporters of the pnm all his life realise his own people is being murdered by the pnm now turn unc it is not to late follow him before one of your siblings are force to go there down and under

He cudjoe realise rowley is a fugazi a subhuman now they running from him


How much Dummer can you get all over the world it's being said but you just don't get it. You never complain about present Crime corruption drugs and guns etc. Once PNM in govt that's all you know an satisfy with your stupidity which cannot fix.

Johnatan Jardin

When the the dUNCe party every day it…. It has been a specific PNM mantra since 1956 ….Kamla NOW get a slogan..that is used ALL OVER THE WORLD… ��

Name the places and political parties using it as their slogan?

I waiting on you dUNCe….

so typical thieving in allyuh blood … ��


Yea right all over the world seeing who rowley really is and what he turn this once beautiful island to pig head
Eric Williams started the thiefing ..O'halloran, prevat...oh how we forget.

Valentine Smith

Crime is a people thing. The Black intelligentsia has supported the initiative. African Slavery and East Indian indentureships another form of slavery suffered the same way at the hands of the Whiteman. We are in thi crime thing together. Wake up and smell the COOFF. Before T-T become a Fale state like HAITI.