Towards West Indies cricket improvement

Tue, Jan 10, '23



PLAYERS ARE the end product of a cricket organisation, be it club or country, and their performances on the field of play, whether good, indifferent or bad, is very much representative of the strength, mediocrity, or weakness of that organisation. Therefore, all judgement is cast on the players, as they are the visible ones in that arrangement.

However, there are many facets of such an establishment. There’s the administration that creates the rules under which the governance of the system shall prevail. Hence, we have in Cricket West Indies (CWI), the guidance of West Indies cricket in order for their cricketers to be serious competitors on the world stage.

To do that, the current administration must have some idea on what is required and if they themselves are lacking in such knowledge, they ensure that they surround themselves with those who have that understanding. Or put another way, to attract those with at least a modicum of cricket intelligence.

It gives me no pleasure to write that in the light of WI’s bad and inconsistent performances in the past six months, CWI must review their administration standards in order to decide if their policies are substantial towards improvement and steady development for better cricket.

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