Gujarat Giants couldn't obtain medical clearance for Dottin before deadline

Wed, Mar 8, '23


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Gujarat Giants have issued a statement saying they were not able to obtain medical clearance in time for their allrounder Deandra Dottin, because of which they had to replace her with Australia allrounder Kim Garth for the ongoing Women's Premier League.
The franchise had earlier said that Dottin was "recovering from a medical situation". In response to that, Dottin tweeted: "I really appreciate all the messages but truth be told I'm recovering from nothing but the Holy Ghost anointing thank you #GodIsGood #GodIsInControl."
On Sunday, Giants issued a clarification saying: "Deandra is a world-class player and a wonderful signing for the franchise. Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain a medical clearance before the defined deadline for this season, such clearances are a requirement of all players participating in the WPL.
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