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Treating women’s cricket with equality and equity – Part I

Mon, Sep 11, '23


Media Watch

TODAY, I invite you to step into the realm of possibilities, to embark on a journey that challenges the status quo and defies the limitations of the past.

Cricket, a sport traditionally dominated by men, has long held women in its shadow. But, what if we could reshape the narrative? What if we could ignite a revolution that propels women’s cricket to new heights, where it stands shoulder to shoulder with men’s cricket? Let us imagine a world where women’s cricket is as competitive, exciting, and celebrated as its male counterpart.

In the 21st century, we find ourselves in a time of transformation and enlightenment, where the boundaries of gender roles are being pushed and redefined. Within this context, we must turn our gaze towards women’s cricket. We have witnessed glimpses of its potential, moments of brilliance that have captivated hearts and minds. But these moments remain sporadic, overshadowed by the might and legacy of men’s cricket. Can we imagine a world where men’s and women’s cricket stand shoulder to shoulder?

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