WIPA acquires image and IP rights to 75 Windies players

Fri, Jun 27, '08


West Indies Players Association

The West Indies Players' Association has acquired the image and intellectual property rights of 75 of its members as set out in a formal assignment agreement between the players and WIPA.

The rights include the player’s name, nickname, assumed name, likeness, image, portrait, picture, photograph, caricature, voice, signature, signifier, representation or reproduction of same in any form whatsoever, logo or other identification, statements, quotations and biographical or other detail, and all associated  fame, reputation and goodwill associated with him together with any registered or unregistered trademarks associated therewith or other intellectual property rights, rights or publicity and/ or personality and other rights of whatever nature as may exist in addition to the same in any jurisdiction from time to time.

This initiative is very much welcomed by WIPA and its members as WIPA seeks to exploit and maximize the full commercial potential for the use of the players’ intellectual property and image rights and to stringently monitor its usage globally to ensure that there are no unauthorized exploitations thereof.

"WIPA has fought many long and tough battles in recent times including those to protect the intellectual property and imaging rights of players and we are quite pleased that the parameters are now much clearer in relation to such rights. One would appreciate that the imaging and intellectual property rights are one of the most valuable asset and resource of a player," said WIPA president/CEO Dinanath Ramnarine.

He said the deal with the 75 cricketers follow the emerging trend of similar arrangements between cricket players and their associations as in the case with the equivalent groups in South Africa and England.